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    WARNING: ... long-ass post, but get over it ... you know you expected it. :smile:


    Before I share my "EU State of Mind" ... I want to say, that contrary to how some might perceive my posting to opposing opinions, I really do respect the diversity this community brings to this forum. Different perspectives give us something to think about, because our experiences are unique, but we benefit more if we remain openminded and receptive to that uniqueness. I will do my best to stay in this frame of mind ... I hope others will as well.

    That said ... "how" something is presented is oftentimes more impressionable than the content itself, which is unfortunate (at times), because I honestly feel that even those who are other than constructive in their posting have something of value to contribute. However, the true value of a post can get lost in the "tone" of how it's presented, and I'm willing to bet that it's everyone's goal or intention that MA listen to what we have to say. Therefore, it is my contention that it is "how" we present our concerns that will either get MA's attention ... or not ... but then again ... nothing is guaranteed.

    The point of this is ... that there are many who are quite disenchanted with MA and EU at the moment. This forum is filled with threads and posts that echo like-sentiments with regard to a current "EU State of Mind," and many are quite critical despite the impending CE2 implementation, and partner planets. With only hints of what to expect, it raises many questions with regard to the "dynamics" of our future game play, and whether it's just going to be only about aesthetics, or if something far more spectacular will occur.

    Right now you might be thinking ... MS9 is about to step up to the pulpit to preach, and tell you all to chill out and get a grip, but ... I would liken it more to allowing a culmination of personal experiences and observations to spill over into print in such a way that brings it into perspective for me, so ... let's see what's really on my mind.

    (and I present this with every due respect)

    It's not the same ... nor should it be, but I fully expected it to be more in line with the core concept that I was originally introduced to the beginning of 2005 when I entered this virtual environment. I have always loved and fully embraced the PE/EU concept, and have immersed myself into all that this venue has offered. I waited in anticipation for every VU, wondering where the storylines would take us next, but for the most part, they really didn't.

    What we have instead ... is something quite fragmented to me, with mini-events that really haven't added to, or promoted any storylines, nor benefited the EU community much, other than some form of entertainment to pass the time and perhaps an opportunity to acquire a unique item. Massive spawns appear, and that's fine, but this too does what? ... other than engage a few for a while in slaughtering usually higher maturity mobs that may or may not produce anything other than lag, although that seems to be getting better.

    Then there are other events ... like the notes that have been drawn out for so long that many have lost interest, or continue to criticize them ... similiar to ... ahhh, the egg! The Nvidia gfx cards in loot was a cool idea, and could have made at least 30 people happy, but I feel that MA dropped the ball with this one.

    I have seen ... my skills seemingly devalued over time, and have witnessed the ATH become very commonplace (and expected) among short-term players. Loot (or lack thereof) is a constant hot topic for many reasons, but primarily because distribution seems to be unbalanced, along with less and less available to us.

    I understand the direction MA is taking ... and I certainly don't begrudge them any success they achieve in the process, but at what cost ... or, perhaps a better question might be ... does MA care about that cost if their current path of seductive marketing generates a continued influx of new players who will deposit in search of that elusive ATH ... (as a sidenote ... I just got lucky, and that's all I look at it as), but ...

    My real question is ... what has happened to PE/EU that we, as long-term players, have known it to be ... or that we were led to believe it would continue to be? I'm beginning to get the feeling that we are transitioning into a global market environment where RL companies and entities will not only provide their products for sale, but services, or entertainment venues that really don't play into the theme of what this virtual environment was supposed to be about, and ... my fear is that it will cost us dearly to travel to other venues to explore what ... no really, I want to know.

    Case in point ... is the latest planet partner that by all indications and critiques is nothing but a Ken and Barbie playground complete with a comedy club, but that is yet to be seen. However, how does this type of environment play into the space theme and advancing history of Calypso? What about China's contributions ... will that be nothing more than massively produced products, with planets turned into over-sized malls? It looks as though Creative Kingdom might be the only partner so far offering anything remotely related to our historical journey, but that is yet to be seen as well. Further questions arise from the "$5 Million Dollar Space Pirates" event that ND brought up. We haven't heard anything further about that, nor how we are expected to battle in space for the mentioned unique items with the potential to be extremely valuable in the future.


    I can tell you this ... the EU environment for me has become a means of exploring its most valuable commodity ... the players ... and capturing them at play. My initial roots as a huntress, then a miner, and then a crafter is gone, because even as a well-entrenched mid-level player, it has become far too expensive for me to consciously invest any more other than my time. I will engage in the occasional hunt with friends, but they are far and few in between (not the friends, the hunts :smile:) ... and I now focus mostly on the social scene and events that I can capture for sharing with the rest of the community, either in video format, or through my writing.

    The bottom-line for me is ... I'm in a "wait and see" mode for now. I have no doubt that the implementation of the CE2 will give us amazing graphics, but it's not just the graphics that make virtual environments worth spending time in ... so I'm hoping that MA is going to bring the bells and whistles with the new aesthetics. If Calypso and its future storytelling get lost in the introduction of partner planets and RL product exploitation, as well as become more costly, then my fear is that more long-term players might become disenchanted, and either leave, or alter their game play drastically, and ... if it is MA's intent on working within that 6 month - 1 year retention of players, then perhaps they will succeed after all, because new players won't have the "old time flavor" that has kept some of us active for so long ... until now.

    I really love the EU community ... it's not only incredibly diverse, but filled with tremendously talented and caring people, so for now ... I'm going to take on the profession of "Independent Reporter" and bring you news and activities from within our virtual environment that you might not otherwise know about. It could be something quite subtle, or something more engaging, but know it will showcase the most valuable asset MA possesses ... the players ... and IMO ... this is what MA should not forsake in the process of expanding EU.

    "In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield." ... Warren Buffett

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