Motorhead Sexy Top (F)(C) and Motorhead Ball Cap(F)(C)

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    Selling Motorhead Sexy Top (F)(C) and Motorhead Ball Cap(F)(C) as a matched set for tt+300
    2 sets available on a first come first served basis, I will deliver to any planet within less than 4 days of purchase.

    The Top and Hat have the same Motorhead emblem on them.

    As you can see from the screenshot, the Sexy Top can not be placed in auction, and the Hat has never sold in auction.
    I discovered both prints, and may still be the only one with them.

    Here is a poor example of some potential coloring options, mainly so you can see what the emblem looks like.


    I am sure the right woman will find the exact color and texture combo to look perfect for them.

    good luck and have fun,
  2. I think your going to have a hard time selling those, with the high tt and then adding MU. Lets hope NI doesn't do the same when they have clothing.
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Luxury items always demand a premium. While it would be great to have cheap unlimited customization of your avatar there are benefits to the cost. One is that with a bit of a price tag more thought is put into those customizations before the investments are made, and therefore there actually are unique avatar personalities in this universe. Another very good benefit is that luxury items can sell for a markup without worrying about the eco of killing or defense or decay, therefore the materials can be purchased at a markup, which benefits everyone in the community.

    It is great for crafters to have unlimited supplies of 100.5% resources to craft with, but that doesn't help the hunters/miners. It is the crafters who find the items they can sell for a markup that benefit everyone in the community in the full cycle of economic life.

    As for the price tag on these specific items, The prints are unique and the resources are rare, they will always be rare clothing items, and I don't mind waiting a month or 3 to sell them. The first 2 sold very fast last month. (basically within minutes of each success they were sold)

    Good Luck, and have fun :)

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