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  1. Monria, its location in space and all what is around there

    Some white glowing object spotted:

    and it is off map:

    While I made it to the end of the map took a final picture:
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  2. RAZER

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    not a bad location at all
  3. So Monria is a moon with asteroids and a smaller moon? Looks ok but it's supposed to be a moon off Calypso - it's half-way house atm with RT. :dunno:
  4. MindStar9

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    Who said it's supposed to be a moon off Calypso? It has nothing to do with Calypso, and not associated with Calypso in any way - never was - it's independent of any of the planets.
  5. Wistrel

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    A moon with moons? What are those, meta-moons? Is such a thing possible? Heh. Just thought, it would be interesting if MA actually started putting these things into orbit and making them real astrological objects.

    Yes, I still haven't got over how much fun Kerbal Space Program is.

    As for assoc. with Caly... I remember it was a moon but can't remember if it was connected with Caly. Is a moon a moon if it doesn't go round a planet?

    Moving planets and solar systems would be kinda cool. I'm not saying its useful to go all the way as far as worrying about planetary orbits of space craft etc could keep the whole "you get close to a planet and then enter" (although a cut scene would be cool) but having the planets at least in orbit might be kinda fun for navigation.

    What I'd really like to see would be analogue speed control in space, I suspect what I am suggesting though might be be a real can of worms where if you start you end up having to go the whole way.... still, they could at LEAST allow us to circle a planet...
  6. MindStar9

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    The answer to the question as to whether Monria is associated with Calypso or not was answered in The Latest Buzz Q&A a LONG time ago.

    Please re-read my exclusive article at MSM because there are links and it answers other questions. There's no reason to continue discussing whether it's connected to Calypso or not because it's not.
  7. Well a moon is something that orbits a planet, as most ppl understand it. If it's nothing to do with any of the planets, then it shouldn't be called a moon. I just had the impression, due to certain in-game graphics that came about around the time when Monria was first announced, that it was associated with Calypso.
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  9. MindStar9

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    I totally agree that "moons" are associated with planets according to what we know, virtual or otherwise, but this was something special that was a brainiac idea and ended up being called a "moon project" without a planet, which most of us thought was rather strange. I have it on good authority that there's at least one more of these types sitting in the wings waiting for its debut one of these days or years, so maybe this is the new direction that MA is going, who knows.

    I also agree that it shouldn't be called a moon, and I can absolutely appreciate the confusion about it seemingly being associated with Calypso since it was last year's (late) announcement of real estate being auctioned off, like every year before.

    However, MA isn't always conventional in how they do things, we know that too, and this whole moon (Monria) thing is a semi-PP/Marketing agreement between purchaser and MA, and something new they're trying out since whole planet projects seem to be struggling since the platform was introduced except Calypso (that's another story) and Arkadia by all indications.

    Nothing surprises me anymore, but I'll write about that later.
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  10. MindStar9

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    First ... the "S" in MindStar is capital, thank you! :biggrin:

    Second ... there isn't a gun big enough for me to go off on Calypso and MA because they're too busy f*cking everything else up to make one, but you keep your eye out please and let me know when they get there, ok? :tongueout:

    Thank you, bye! :wave:
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  11. That's no moon. It's a trap !
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  12. [​IMG]
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  14. sissi

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    You are thinking on a much too small scale (or humongous, its all really relative). The whole universe is revolving around something which we actually do not know what it is. Big Bang, expansion, gravity kicks in, revolution around anything and everywhere.

  15. so the moon ended up being a planetoid interesting
  16. MindStar9

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    That's a question for either MA or the Monria staff to answer. I only know what MA put into print at the EU website when the question was asked as to whether Monria was part of Caly or not.

    You can check MA's FAQ about Monria here
    (particularly question #10)

    As another point of interest, both Akoz and Mikass stated to me during gathering information about the progress they were making prior to launch for the exclusive I did that they didn't want Monria being referred to as a "Moon" because it wasn't a moon, nor associated with Calypso or any other planet.

    My question then became ... why did MA label it as a Moon instead of a planetoid or asteroid? The Monria staff just wanted me to refer to the 'entity' as Monria and not use the term Moon in order to get the community used to it, but I don't think that happened because most still refer to it as the Moon.

    No personal opinion here, but rather stating the facts. It doesn't matter to me what they call it.
  17. Yes, you kind of got it right. The Planetoid is apart of calypso just as FOMA and CP. But as it was stated in the FAQ, it is not part of the planet Calypso.
  18. MindStar9

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    Sorry, that made no sense to me. Monria is not part of Calypso, FOMA, or CP, and as MA has stated, it is its own entity, which I think makes it quite clear, especially since the Monria Team agrees with that. There is also no teleporter link between Calypso and Monria either. Monria also has its own Space Station, so I am interested in knowing where you are getting your information please.

    However, they did use the Calypso Gateway as a shell for their new player entry at launch, except MA couldn't get the text changed in time to reflect the name Monria, but is set to be changed.
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