Money is power – MindArk business model based on (lack of) trust.

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  1. Unpolished diamond, polished dice - Trust

    It will not be a serious exaggeration to say that first-world modern economy model is based on trust. Educated societies are fully aware that money they deposited in the bank are not fully covered, money flows, and no bank can guarantee withdrawal of all the financial resources for all participants at the same time. Bank just simply does not have this money. The exchange ratio between gold and US dollar (so-called Gold Standard) is gone since its abandonment in 1933. That is why so-called “run on banks” is the biggest nightmare in the world of banking – best latest example could be 2012 Cyprus banking crisis. Lack of trust can ruin every economy. Nowadays, the paper you carry in your wallet represents the value of items that can be bought on the market. Technically, it is nothing more than a piece of paper. What makes it a legal tender is you trust. Trust backed by central banks and governments – institutions that supposedly guarantee that piece of papers and chipped plastic in your wallet have real value and can be exchanged to some goods.

    From perspective of a customer, all the money deposited to the bank seem to be bank’s asset. Bank can simply borrow that money to someone and make a profit on interests. In accounting theory everything that can be considered a resource with economic value and can provide future benefit is an asset. As a person with experience in banking/accounting area I can tell you that in banking it works a bit differently. All your money deposited on your account are also bank’s liability.

    When you choose your bank you mainly seek for an institution that guarantees high level customer care, provide convenient solutions and treat you and your money with respect. That’s how trust is gained. You expect your bank to be always up to date with all law regulations and safety rules. It makes you happy to pay your bank small fee. Why shouldn’t you be happy paying for some products? The services provided by your bank are high quality and make you happier.

    But why am I referring to banking area when in this forum we discuss a MMO game? It seems that basic structure of MindArk is very similar to bank deposits. And, as we speak about RCE, this company is also subject for all economical and psychological aspects of money management. In this area, the most important aspect is trust. I have studied recent projects conducted by MindArk (EU itself, Deeptoken, ComPet) and started to think how MA situation looks from accounting perspective. To have clear view I checked their financial report. Some of you probably analyzed the Financial Report already but let me give it a second look and put it between the trust issue and MindArk recent decisions.

    Let’s just book the provision

    Provision (Accrued Expense) in accounting represents the value of expense recognized in the company accounting books which have not yet been paid. In fact, we just recognize some potential liability that may occur in next accounting period to fully reflect the true financial condition of a company.

    As you may expect, MindArk is putting similar provision in their books. This provision covers the money they expect you could withdraw from the game. Since 2017 accounting period, they treat the total value of your avatars as "Unconsumed user holdings". Basing on their 15 year experience they noticed that in long term players usually withdraw approximately 30-35% of the initial deposits. In fact, that is a lot. Financially, they must always be more or less ready to liquify third part of their business. Let’s investigate some MA’s financial data from an accounting perspective, which most likely will provide answers for the questions I have raised in my previous thread.

    All the further figures will be calculated according to MinArk official USD/SEK exchange rate (8,58SEK). All financial data is based on issued 3rd September, 2018 “Annual Report for MindArk – Financial year 2017”.

    To click or not to click?

    Should I buy the product? Should I click “Proceed the payment” or not? Well, it looks like many of you during previous year answered: No.

    Why “No”? Last financial year was a huge disappointment for MA revenues. The sales has dropped by approximately 10% and were equal to 6,698,308 USD. In world of finance, 10% drop is a disaster. Such drop usually indicates that something bad is happening in the company and this seems to be a serious warning for MindArk. You expect your business to grow and develop. Bad managing and thoughtless business decisions lead to such outcome. Some may say that drop in sales was caused by external reasons but it will not be true. Last couple of years have been good for global economy, there were no major threats or turmoil, the prosperity mode was on and people’s wallets were growing.

    As we already know, approximately 30-35% of deposited money is being withdrawn from the game (15 years average figure). Total of player debt (your money in MindArk’s pocket) mentioned in the report is 105,4 million PED (they actually use PED equally to other currencies in their financial report) which equals to 10,54 million USD. Value of allocated provision for potential withdrawals is 29,459,145 SEK (3,433,466 USD). It means that from accounting perspective, they forecast that they will have to be able to withdraw a total of 3,4 million USD. But can they do that? Let’s then try to evaluate the financial stability of MindArk.

    "If you owe the bank $100 that's your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that's the bank's problem."
    Jean Paul Getty

    In the latest 2017 Financial Report issued in 2018 MindArk reported the value of Cash & Bank balance to be 7,760,760 SEK (904,517 USD). They have also short-time account receivables of value 2,285,976 SEK (266,430 USD) . These receivables are usually invoices/receivables issued to customers and their due date is no longer than 90 days. It means that, if counterparty has the money, it should soon reach MindArk bank account. I shall also mention, that the positions mentioned in report “Receivables from payment providers” and “Other receivables” are considered open items – in fact part of those receivables can be disputed or could be even written-off in future. MindArk have not yet received those payments in the moment of report creating. I guess MindArk should shed some more light on it, additional information does not cover full details about those positions.

    Honestly, the whole Financial Report is not very well prepared. That is why it is not easy to retrieve all the required data form the report as it is not detailed and deep enough but still we are able to check the Current Ratio for MindArk (CR Indicator - The Current Ratio is a liquidity ratio that measures a company's ability to pay short-term obligations).

    Before we move forward let’s get familiar also with one simple financial term:
    Liquid Asset - A liquid asset is an asset that can be converted into cash speedily, with little impact to the price received in the open market.

    I will consider the total of current assets as stated in the Report (929,377 USD)

    Current Liabilities will be:

    Accounts Payable - invoices that MindArk must simply pay to vendors - unconsumed user holdings (your money in MindArk’s pocket) are not present here,
    Accrued Expenses (here I bet MA prepares accruals for future expenses related to some vendor invoices),
    Liabilities group companies (those may be related to planet partners – lack of details in the Report),
    Other liablities(all other liabilities that do not fit previous categories).

    The total value of short-term liabilities is 15,234,476 SEK (1,775,579 USD).
    Let’s calculate CR then (Current Assets/Current Liabilities):

    CR = 929,377/1,775,579 = 0,5234

    In theory, CR Ratio below 1,2 indicates that company may have some serious problems with paying their short-term debts and it can directly endanger the financial stability of the company.

    And we haven’t even touched the mentioned 10,54 million that MindArk owes you – players. Mostly because MindArk simply do not treat 10,54 million nor the 3,4 million provision as the current or long-term liability. They just allocate the provision on the “Equity and liability” side of the Balance Sheet. If MindArk is clearly not able to withdraw to you most of the PED’s, not even cover their short term liabilities, how can they repay you if most of you decided to withdraw all the money? This is the moment where we should move our curiosity towards MindArk Intangible and Financial assets.

    MindArk Assets – what do they ‘own’?

    Every company have assets and positions listed under intangible and financial are always interesting. The biggest MA asset is of course the game itself – in the report listed as “Entropia Platform and Entropia Universe” – the value of the game is 53 070 759 SEK (6,185,403 USD). There is zero further information what makes up this value. Clear information what method stands behind the valuation of this asset is not present. Lack of this information in Financial Statement in my opinion is not professional. This information would be very important from investors perspective but only information that we get is:

    The value calculated regarding the intangible asset was SEK 52M. The valuation is based on careful consideration of the future number of users and estimated costs.

    What is even more interesting is fact that they treat ComPet Game as their asset with value of 9 533 760 SEK (1,111,160 USD). As far as I know the project has been announced dead so we can expect serious drop in the value of this asset in future or it’s liquidation in next Financial Report. Note 18 mentions that next stages of the company growth will be based on token sale (Deeptoken). Maybe they planned to make Deeptoken wallet/platform their intangible asset too. Now we know that it will not happen – no deeptoken equals no growth. I guess we can say that all main growth and development plans for company have failed. This may be a serious threat for MindArk in terms of their future business continuity. They will have to come up with new ideas for development – new solid way of acquiring funds and sustainable growth.

    For now, there were no new announcements about MindArk/EU future so we can make clear and simple statement - if you would request all your money to be withdrawn, they would be simply forced to sell their most valuable intangible assets – the game itself and then shut down the company. But still, they somehow are alive…

    Otto von Bismarck model

    Germany was the first country in the world to introduce social insurance program in 1889 for old-age people who are not able to work anymore but still need money to live. Simply, they have invented pensions. Many countries adapted it later also and created a mode in which current generations work and pay taxes so the State is able to withdraw gathered tax money to the old people as a pensions. This kind of socialism also work for MindArk and keeps their head above the level of water.


    Similarly to banks, MindArk would not be able to withdraw all the money they owe to players, not even a fraction of it. As the Current Ratio shows, they may even face serious problems with covering their short term liabilities to make sure their business is still going. I know that one indicator does not fully show the financial state in which MindArk is. But imagine you are MindArk’s accountant, you see the current short-term liabilities to be paid valued 15,234,476 SEK and all you have for now are receivables you must chase and 7,760,760 SEK on the bank account. All you can do is to prey that players will not withdraw too much money. What would you do if suddenly some players requested only 2% of total player debt (approx. 2 million PED)? Most likely, you would have to perform the withdrawals and cover them with the money inflow that comes from current sales (StrongBoxes, Deposits) – here we can find the spirit of von Bismarck. MindArk would probably have to cover current withdrawals for players who do not play anymore with money of players who currently deposit. What would then happen if some players suddenly requested withdrawal of substantial amount of player debt, let’s say 10% or more?

    Money is power – no doubt. You decide if they deserve your trust… and money of course. According to MA Income Statement, Personnel costs (I expect this position to include Salaries, salary-related spending) in 2017 were equal to 27 599 451 SEK (3,216,719 USD). Statement claim that currently they hire 44 employees on average. It means that on average, one MindArk employee cost you 73,107 USD yearly, 6,092 USD monthly. That seems to be nice salary, isn’t it?

    That is why, in my humble opinion, the only fuel MindArk runs on is trust. Your trust. The whole project in fact is in your hands. Life and death of Entropia depends entirely on you. You, as a community, entirely decide if EU servers tomorrow will be up or down. You decide if you want to pay Henrik Nel Jerkot’s salary or not. You decide whether other MindArk employees deserve and would receive their salary or not. Entropia is yours, you can develop ideas, provide feedback, make the most of it and the only role MindArk should play is to be your servant and create the Entropia the way you like it or at least provide detailed explanations why particular idea cannot be implemented. I guess MindArk should think of it in the light of recent events, the Deeptoken, ComPet and other failures. I guess everyone deserves second (third, fourth?) chance. And if chance is given to you, it is good to pick it up and make a brand new start – especially when millions of dollars are involved. Entropia community brings a lot to the table, what will MindArk bring in 2019?


    Additional fact’s – post scriptum.

    In my previous thread I asked community why there is no Marketing and Advertisement of Entropia Universe at all. Report seems to provide the answer:

    Operating expenses amounted to about 58.5 million SEK (last year about 63.5 million SEK), a decrease of 5 million SEK. The decrease is mostly due to decreased marketing.Lack of marketing is intentional. They don’t do any serious marketing to avoid additional costs. By reducing the marketing operations, they saved up to 5M SEK (approx.. 582,000 USD).

    Also, the drop in revenue hit them hard and they admit it:

    Revenues did not reach the company's budget targets. The reason why was largely due to the fact that the active customers have not used their funds to the extent expected.

    Most interesting, how do they explain the 10% drop in revenues? It’s simple – current customers “are not right type”

    Another reason is the difficulty finding the right customers, that is, just that type of player who appreciates Entropia Universe's complexity

    My entire previous post was about new player experience and I provided some details why is it bad and how to improve it. I was not surprised that they know that this aspect is bad and even mention it in their report:

    The company is also working intensively to make the beginner experience more understandable so that new users more easy start spending money.
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  2. NotAdmin

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    I wonder what they consider to be Account Receivables. Other than deposits, they really don't have much else. Every other project they tried failed (including their virtual reality meeting application), and seeing how pretty much every Planet Partner scaled down their operations following the negligence of MindArk to further development of EU while they chased FaiPets and DerpToken, I can't imagine the total of that adds up to over a quarter of a million USD. I might be wrong in that, though. I'll see if I can find out.

    As for covering withdrawals, the general consensus in the community seems to be that the reason withdrawals take as long as they do (3 months) is so MA can cover withdrawals from the deposits made during those 3 months. But as they and you noted, that heavily depends on the existing playerbase to continue dropping money into the casino. It doesn't get closer to a Ponzi scheme than that, and a single year where the players fail to "use" their deposits to the necessary levels for MA to continue paying both their employees as well as the withdrawals could have a serious impact on the cashflow of the company.

    That in itself wouldn't be an issue if the company had sufficient amounts of funds in their coffers, but seeing the last few years every attempt MA made to bring in more money failed to generate an abundance of money, things indeed don't look good.

    More so since their own statement that existing players aren't burning enough PED, and apparently are the "wrong" types of people to play, and at the same time scaling down marketing (which should bring in the "right" types of players, whatever that might be) contradict one another. Moreover, with their inability to offer a decent enough product that somehow entices any new players to stick around, they either need to figure out ways to increase the revenue from the existing (wrong) players, or cut costs (Might I suggest firing Ssimmonds and a bunch of other useless people, for a start). As things look now, the playerbase is stagnant, and unless they bring in new blood, I can only see the MAU decrease over time as people get bored, demotivated, quit for lack of entertainment, hold deposits for lack of trust, or even by players passing away. And without proper marketing, or an improved newcomer experience, there will be no replacement.

    At the same time, they then go and launch something like the CP deeds. Yes, it will lead to a short-term cash injection (maybe) or converting existing outstanding unconsumed money into money actually belonging to MA, but at the cost of future revenue. This means that while the 600k they hope to raise might ensure the lights stay on for another year or two, from the very moment the cash comes in, their revenue will further decrease because deed owners will need to get paid. The pyramid just got a little more wobbly.

    Then again, I've been saying that for years, and somehow the fuckers are still here.
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  3. They will be around as long as community deposits between 6 and 7 million dollars each year. And this is indeed what happens. That is also why they can afford to feed many parasites who do nothing in the company ("Every toilet has its own manager").

    It seems that they rely on 100-200 heavy depositors, a 2000 mid depositors and bunch of small customers who depo no more than 5-15 USD/ month or do not depo at all.

    Players seem to have a lot tolerance and still believe that MA would improve their product - we will see. I hope AMA with new CEO which is promised to take place in early February will tell us a lot about the current state of the game and its future.

    Truth is that many people seem to be simply addicted to this game. It's similar to cigarette industry. Tons of anti-smoking advertisements, high taxation, high price of the product, can cause serious damage - yet many people smoke, and will smoke, and nothing seems to change that.

    I am also sure that some of ubers are afraid to sell out and resign - it would probably cause a chain-reaction and a drop in the value of their gear. They must play - it is a loss-loss situation. To win is not to play or stick to a low budged of 10-20$.
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  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I missed this bit in the OP, and in my opinion, it completely misses the mark. The problem is not to get new players to start spending money. Every new player will very quickly figure out that sweating or collecting dung is even more boring than hunting, mining or crafting. They will very quickly realise they will need to spend money.

    Rather than focusing on making that process easier, how about making sure they do not mind spending money instead? Fix the fucking bugs that even a day-1 newbie encounters. Make the game fun to play. Make sure it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to play.

    Or here's a radical idea. How about MindArk as a company apologises to the partners they raped for the last few years, and gets their asses in gear to help them become successful? That way they might find an incentive to do the marketing for MindArk.
  5. wrong, it was already buzz's revenue, and that was ofc only the part mindark was willing to share from the very beginning, and they got also paid a shitload for it, so basically they received all revenue in advance on someone's else risk. right?
  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Wait. To the best of my knowledge, CP was bought back from Buzz by MindArk, right? As in: Buzz no longer is the owner, and the revenue generated by CP will be similar to how CLDs work, while MindArk "manages" CP as a land area.
  7. sure. the difference is, that they don't use their own money to buy it back, and even charge 50% more than what was paid for it initially. so it's another 50% more for mindark, at zero more liabilities than before.
  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I just reread Buzz's statement, and stand corrected.

    MA is basically just facilitating the sale. There's no mention that they bought it from Buzz. There's no details about any of their involvement, other than "facilitating" the sale and "Valuing" CP.

    Seeing Buzz isn't allowed to reveal more details I'll assume this means that MA will take a cut from the sale revenue, and probably also the future taxes in exchange for their services and advertising (you know, the press release they sent out). But theProphet is right in that they have absolutely no risk or revenue loss in this. That does mean they also do not stand to gain that much, though. Perhaps they'll gain a few more bucks from increased activity, but the bigger problem won't disappear.
  9. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Good post. Also thank you for alerting maybe (1 or 2 hopefully more :) ) to this bs scam. The smart people (many here hehe) cashed out most/all a loooong time ago.

    It was NOT always like this. years years ago (many years) it was a good game. For me and MANY others the breaking point was the casino chips (explosive projectiles).

    Rest now are hardcore fan boys saying ''it takes skill' you need to shoot more. Those saying THAT=

    1 guy said he made a lot of money and sent his kids to college with 'profits'. ON THIS FORUM AND MANY OTHERS.

    What that guy did NOT say is that was many many years ago :) ;) :) :)

    In OLD days you could mine and even 'bad' ores you would always get SOME MU for. Now 90%+ crafters = gambling. Explosive projectives

    Secondly what the guy on this forum said ''you have to skill to be able to gamble EP4''

    Errrmmm. One can just BUY the skills to 'gamble' on that. takes about 2 mins tops. Sorry pal . EP4 NOT gambling. I AM THE IDIOT HERE I ADMIT IT HEHEEEEHEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    The other fan boys are the ones with HUGE investments (the 'real' players I don't mean the fake MA avators, or the ones who get hige ATH Mining ATH when they have a film crew there recording...…. Leelleeehrhehehehhehe) they will (rightfully so oBVIOSULY) try to defend their investments and LAs as much as they can.



    Fan ''Idiot' Boy99
  10. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    I want to say 1 last thing on this as their is life after blah blah -

    On PCF there was a 'petition' to remove Explosive Projectile crafting 1000s players

    Did not happen. Will NEVER happen. It makes them some short term money from Cuntboy reez and other hardcore gamblers.

    Economy is destroyed now these days. Go out hunting mining and its 'luck' to get 100% TT+MU?

    No thanks not for me. Glad we got out.

    I am sure 1-2 fan boys ( :) ) will say oooooohhh you hunting wrong mob oooooh you need to get lucky 144,000 ped ATH with film crew recording ohhhhh.

    It is impossible to 'play' at a normal guy/lady wage on this game because economy = broken completely. That was because of EP crafting.

    Good luck. Be safe
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    These are good points. I never hunted big (and in fact became a wuss who only dares go near puny's most of the time). I'd highlight though that I do spend money where I think the money is a sensible amount for my enjoyment derived from it.

    Let's compare to the price of a new game, say a cheap/short one that costs a fiver. I'll get some decent number of hours play out of it for the cost of what? 75ped? When it comes to a cash cycling activity, to compete (or let's be fair, come within say 20% quality wise of competing - because, you know MMO, bigger overall experience), the 75ped needs to buy me an equivalent amount of play time. I don't know if it does or not these days, it might at the low level hunting (my level) but I suspect not when you go further up the inverted pyramid.

    Then there are the things you can buy. OK there is always the "I can sell this and cash out" thing but we all know it takes ages and you take a hit. But, you know? I actually don't mind buying the odd "cool thing" now and again in game for a few quid or maybe even a bit more. But would I want to buy a virtual item (say, a gun) for £100? even if I have the possibility I could sell it later and cash out? No not really and nor would a lot of people I'd imagine. Besides, is it really worth that £100 (on the "fun scale" I mean) just to have a "slightly more economical gun"? One that likely makes the same sound effects, the same beam effects, looks the same and to all intents and purposes IS the same. I can't even show it off to my in game friends because, until I shoot something with it, or they scan me, they wouldn't even know I had it. Compare that to a friend of mine's "spectral tiger" he lucked on in WoW through some physical card thing, when he got that out, everyone around him KNEW that he had a cool rare item, and, as a pet, it probably had some useful and fun benefits in game too. Pet's are a case in point... OK in entropia some of them look sorta cool... so are slightly fun to have out to show off, but they just eat nutrio bars and don't really have much benefit so why not just pack em away in the inventory? Hardly any of the pets DO anything useful and even those that do do something vaguely even approaching useful cost waaaay too much (on the cost/fun scale) to "unlock" so again, why bother?

    It isn't all bad, sometimes MA get something right in my view (if not others'). Some clothes are a decent price for example and the cost to wear/switch them around is appropriate (if it cost me a ped everytime I switched clothes, I simply wouldn't do it - but a few pec is fine). Another good one is vehicles - both to buy and run is very reasonable. The cost of the cheapest TP chip is OK too but the others seem a bit steep,m just to cut out some travel time. Worm holes, what the actual fuck? Wasn't it about £3 to open a wormhole? (not to mention the cost of getting that skilled) Well screw that for a bag of fish and chips, I'd rather have the chips! Maybe if there was some real benefit of moving a lot of players quickly from place to place, but really? what possible way could anyone recoup that cost for the benefit? I guess it has a "fun" factor the first few times but then what? Possibly if they owned a LA and were moving a lot of people there for an event they would personally benefit from they might get the cash back. I can't think of another way though.

    So yes indeed, when it comes to costs, MA need a modern sense of perspective as to what "the mass public" will spend as opposed to a few Whales. There are a lot more options for how people spend their time these days and I didn't even mention Netflix yet (wasn't around 15 years ago). It needs to be about small worthwhile cool stuff that is fun and enhances the social aspect of the MMO (else why bother being in an MMO?) and getting most players buying these cheap cool things not just a few buying silly expensive things. Yes MA will always be able to sell comparatively (to other MMOS) bigger ticket items because (as I mentioned) there is the "safety" of selling it later and cashing out, meaning people can be more flamboyant in their spending. Most of us won't want Entropia to cost much though. Get the proverbial millions doing the small payments and things will be good. I know though that some concern themselves that the game isn't physically (code wise) up to handling a lot of players. Who knows. As always, interesting to speculate at least.

    As a final point I'd say to MA "leave the camera ALONE".


  12. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Well, ask people who purchased Mod Faps, Imk2 Mod Mercs at the height of their price points if they still feel they can just sell them and take out the money. MA managed to crash the entire economy of pretty much all items. That in itself is to be expected, but back in the days, those guns and faps were worth the effort because they'd allow the user to more easily chase markup drops.

    With Explosives becoming TT-craftable, the value of pretty much every markup drop tanked, and thus the prices of the almost all gear dropped as well. So while you can still hunt eco with the uber gear, it'll take a lot longer to recoup your investment now, because you'll be dealing with substantially less markup to help protect for "bad hunts". Which leads to further devaluation of the gear, and most likely less people buying it.

    Explosive ammunition crafting should be removed from the game ASAP, the number of items ought to be reduced, as should the number of components etc. Go back to basics, establish a few handfuls of items, all used in progressive crafting recipes, and markup will jump up again, meaning PEDs will last longer, and hopefully people will be more inclined to depo.

    Your comparison with Netflix is awesome, by the way. Netflix costs me 10 euros. Per month. And I can watch whatever the fuck I want on it for that 10 bucks. 10 bucks in EU won't get you very far, let alone provide a fraction of the entertainment you buy from Netflix for the same amount.
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  13. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    not sa\ying I know all . or paid for my kids through College (^...^). Way to 'beat the sysem is Very easy'., Some do I ihope others ehehhehaha. When you get big hof/ath. STOP playing on that account. Just log in to keep account active DONT DO ANYTHING EVEN ONC PEC ON THAT ACCOUNT AFTER BIG HOF ATH.

    Use your Sisters/brothers dogs whatever account. Account sharing yes. 100% legal. I asked here 1 lyear ago if its legal. Officially it is. ITs what me and many others do

    After big hof. go on your sister/brother account and play thar (till big hof). repeat :0

    however. the accounts have to be REALl. Real ID etc not 'alts'. Is NO rufe officicially and also THIS forum for account sharing. Gl :)
  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh indeed the world moved on, the MMO being a "new thing" happened and passed too. New entertainments, new cheapness. Social media, swipe left, netflix, next day delivery, steam, gog, humble bundle, mobile phone games. These are all things that are solid competitors for peoples time now.
  15. Good luck getting the hof. Maybe you and your alts Will. Who knows. I wish you all the happyness in the world.


    That Guy who bought his car with ped and put his kids through college with Cld income.
  16. I have SEEn so many "Mindark needs to..." and "What would you do to make this game great again..." or "For how long will this game run..." threads since 2004...often posted and commented by the very same became embarrassing. For the company (that doesnt care) as well as for the community, that turned completely blind over the past decade (and everytime the developer showed up with a super rare communication attempt aka. "PR stunt, bullshit, scams and lies", the remnants of the community kept cheering, believing the same story over and over and over again...natural selection and gamble addiciton par excellence.)

    This game is more about slot machines (crafting explosives) and 1 single avatar getting controlled by 12 different players (to hunt 24/7) than ever.
    On top of that uber items are shared amoung those ubers (to win events)...and it has been like this since ages.

    "Whining", as the fanboys call it, gets silenced (deleted post or banned account) within moments. You usually dont know enough about the game (according to the fanboys and rich fooks) or did it all wrong...always !
    The fanboys will tell you to leave the game, as the only thing they understand by reading your post, is a simple "I dont like Entropia".

    Gamble addiction beats common sense.

    ...but hey, here is another distraction for you. Entropia has a "new" platform owner !!!11

    And the fanboys started to cheer once everything will be better from now on... x'D
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
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  17. So the new guy is virtually calling the shots on EU as a product or more of a puppet for the management?

    He will need to have much power and come up with some blue-sky ideas if he wants to save this game methinks.
  18. Puppet of the "management".
    Its as simple as that.

    By now it should be obvious, that these kind of repetitive announcements, are only created to distract the community from the big problems, this company has. These are not meant to be actually "news" or "great changes" within in the company.

    Pure distraction.

    Those who still dont get it, are still happily (more or less) posting "on the other forum".

    But this particular announcement can only mean one thing...the bullshit is back !
    Bigger ! "Better" ! Stronger !

    MAybe Dennis Antonsson will host the AMA in early february now... ;D
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  19. It's a first step, although the current playerbase Will not be happy.
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  20. A simple summary of who are mindark and how they behave ALL THE TIME since day one to today, and tomorrowz.
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