mobs on Next Island

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by RAZER, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

  2. Must be what hached fro mthe egg. Ah! The egg.
  3. Necro Shinobi...

    Anyway..I see that the tail on the 2nd mob is a incredibly 8year old childish fantasy like
  4. Realy? Explain to me how this one got moved to the top as a new thread? My IGN thread on NI was on top. boobytraps like this get me everytime. Soos as I do something decent like a proffesional article, this shit happens.
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    That's actually pretty standard as far as Chimeras go, Knucks.

    And Shinobi, not sure what you mean? We have not altered anything to move posts or threads up or down? Anyway, you can always check a date in the thread and/or post to see how recent (or dated) it is...

  6. It went up because you bumped it with your post?! :headscratch:

    And Shinobi, it's not like you haven't necro'ed threads in the past...
    actually, you've never given a damn whether a thread was from last week or last year...

  7. Actually I never realized. Thought this thread was new cos it got bumped to the top. Any way, I did absolutelly nothing to cause this thread to go to the top. It happened suddenly, after my thread was static on the top for a day. Another thing is...I never check the date if its a post I see for the first time and when it suddenly appears on top as if its a new post on top of a new one.

    As if I wasnt trapped in the past with such subtle tricks on ER, go dig up a bone Wizzszz. you always gotto be number one snarling at me, when I am in shit. Or youre there in a flash always to point out where I am wrong. Its like you know where the hole is, waiting hiding behind a rock, when I walk down that road, ready to jump out at me when I step into that hole in the road. Obviously knowing all along i would just step right into it.
  8. aia


    The first mob looks like a beefed-up Katang (longer tusks and hoofs instead of paws).
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