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MMA bigshow and

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by mastermesh, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. I put this stuff in my blog under the 'life after entropia' page a few days ago. Copying it here in case I delete it over there, as I'm tempted to do potentially... It is uh, interesting...
    MMA Bigshow's Rant on Re-entering Entropia a short while

    MMA Bigshow's moved on...

    not sure if he's the same guy they are going on about over here but I suspect that he is...

    especially after I found this interesting interview in a quick google search::

    Jason (aka MMA Bigshow) left that project


    but... I Guess that thing is still happening?


    Now he's moved on to cryptocurrency mining type things lately according to most recent facebook posts...

    Jason Appleton
    23 hrs · Independence, KY ·

    Just filed my first provisional patent for my blockchain tech concept. I'm doing this thang!

    Time will tell what that patent really is for... Wonder if has anything to do with what Neverdie and Lord British are working on with creating a way to TP between MMOs?


    Now it's clear that what he's doing is a bit different than what they were working on... but not completely...


    About The Zempa Team

    Ihor Pidruchny – Blockchain Dev/Lead LinkedIn
    Andrew Zubko – Senior Blockchain Dev/Tech Lead LinkedIn
    Jason Appleton – Marketing/Business Development LinkedIn
    Mykola Kovach – UI/UX Designer LinkedIn
    Lludmyla Svystun – Marketing/Communications LinkedIn
    I've got a funny hunch this eth junk is gonna get abandoned like his other projects in a couple of years, but time will tell?
  2. Home Mortgage, wahahaha, oh fuck...thank you for sharing... x'D
    He should mortgage NDs new house and...steal it as well xD

    Man, how come these guys never end up in jail and keep doing the shit they are doing ? :)

    And the old scammers come out of their holes again. Even with the old name Zempa (from Zempa Universe) xD


    mmabigshow ETH Zempa 2017.

    David Simmonds called me, "Do you want to make a planet ?" It seems like David Simmonds called everyone on phone who deposited money into Entropia asking for...uhm...favours. ;)
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  3. Well, I guess if you trust him...
    Jason Appleton

    16 hrs ·
    So, I've quite literally had $40k offered to me today for investment help in the Crypto markets not counting what I've turned away the past month alone. I think it's become serious enough that provided its not a conflict with my actual job, I'm going to file a new LLC and launch a side service to help everyone. The reality is, Crypto isnt regulated so there is no license for being a "broker" so to speak and there is some liability in doing this, that can be negated with the proper agreement. I know there are guys out there doing this and taking 35-45% of the profits they generate for their clients but I'll be doing it for 20% of profits which also lowers my liability. Financial planners and stock brokers dont know anything about Crypto nor can they actually purchase it which really only leaves guys like me who stay awake until 4am every night researching everything and are part of many groups of crypto traders that know whats going to be hot and what's not. There are two ways of doing this, very formal, I setup client wallet accounts, take your deposits and make the purchases/sell and manage the assets or, a less formal but potentially equally effective approach with less liability in that I help you setup everything you need, teach you how to go about it and we have an agreement that entitles me to 20% of your earnings as I tell you what to do buy and sell, when. I do all of the research and legwork, you just have to send/sell the assets when instructed. Leave your feedback for me here on which you would prefer as an investor and I'll formulate a proper model within the next week. We have 4 days until the launch of one of the major ICO's I'm targeting and 10 days for the 2nd. Time is ticking.
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  4. lol@facebook comments...
    I have no idea what you are talking about and I have no idea about crypto, but Id like to choose option 2.
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  5. Funny thing is, is he still attached somehow to Greed Monger? Jason 4.

    He failed to fund another game though. Not sure if posted earlier.

    Jason 3.

    Also, Twitter feed for Greed Monger is already hijacked. Same with Greed Monger website.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2017
  7. You're right mastermesh...

    So Jason Appleton from Kentucky tried to introduce a new crypto token called Zempa Coin. Compareable to ND's idea.

    Jason's first post on Bitcointalk.org, using the monniker Zempa, was meant to drum up interest in the deal, or ICO as it's called, and posted on August 22, 2017. Luckily it failed and he admitted defeat in a rather telling and familiar manner.

    Zempa Coin is dead for now but he promises to use revenue or profits from another project, called Moonrunner.io, to (partially) offset losses incurred investing in Zempa.

    Moonrunner will be an Excel clone meant to keep track of your portfolio of crypto currencies. Not only that, he also moonlights an an Crypto Analyst called "Crypto Crow", as evidenced in the video below. With well over 7 months of experience! Mind you, Bitcoin is almost 9 years old. He says he has been "pretty accurate" with his predictions investion in Initial Coin Offerings, no proof though (video 1:48).

    Last but not least, you can now also support him directly through Patreon. Because besides being a VP of Sales for Sagamore Home Mortgage, wrecking an MMO, Failing the Zempa Coin badly and desperately trying to set up a portfolio tracker isn't enough. Through Patreon, you will gain acces to a super secret Telegram Group where Jason Appleton from Kentucky will give buy and sell advice.

    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
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  8. -Was a f*cking reseller inside of Entropia and failed.

    -Claimed to have plans to create his own planet and even made announcements about it
    and his "partnerhsip" with MindArk...and failed.

    -Failed with another game project

    -Will fail / already failed with crypto

    -Case closed...idiot scammer. Like Neverdie. Scamming other idiots. ^^

    Failing on kickstarter ? Just announce icos/crypto-stuff and others will throw their money at you...while you will still fail. x'D
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
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  9. He's a hustler .. never in a full-time job but always having more than 3 or 4 'projects' on the side hoping to strike it big in 1 or more. He's a VP of sales for a very, very small Mortgage Lender/ Broker called "Sagamore Home Mortgage". It has an abysmal rating on Indeed. Being a VP of such a small company is like saying you're a king in a country of 2.

    He did have a small MMA company he sold that was 'moderately' successful. And his courses on Udemy are quite succesful as well. Other than that, dude only has failed projects under his belt. I lost the proof (screenshots of FB conersations) so consider it hearsay but his divorce with his first wife was nasty AF.

    But I agree very much so. A scammer. And when he's called out .. very much like on Bitcointalk or PCF .. he blames it on the poster for being a virgin neckbeard with too much time keeping track of his pitiful record in business.

    Speaking of Neverdie .. I've been keeping track of his coin .. Neverdie (NDC) .. oompff... it's cannon fodder with only about 10k $ sales a day and a price which is 1 third from a year ago. I pity the fool who believed Neverdie's crap. Like you said McCormick .. a scammer. Supposedly (added for legal reasons).
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  10. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    No idea who the guy is and I didn't really follow the story, but the majority of his social media followers are bought fake accounts of the cheapest type. Seems like he cannot do anything without cheating.
  11. LooOOooOOOooL, why bump this crap ?

    Anyway...he IS the future (again) ! Invest ! x'D

    appleton bitcoin.

    z0mg...somehow Im not interested to dig deeper this time...sadly this guy is just too boring... :'(

    MA ftw ! x'D
  12. This guy ... x'D

    appleton blockcard.

  13. Crypto Crow.
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  14. "I feel I've done everything properly" Oh noes, he felt he was right ! x'D

    Youtube actually DOES explain to you, what exactly the problem is, regarding ownership and copyright (strikes).
    But if they SEE that you post fishy nonsense for the 11th time, they will act without a warning !

    Hence Mr. Appleton has not done everything properly...and hes either fully aware of all his previous scam attempts or
    his knowledge is just based on scamming...that would be even worse and Im glad youtube had to remind him, that hes fishy.

    What he was experiencing is called, posting scammy bullshit on youtube, for the 11th time.
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  15. Meanwhile.. how about good ol' Jon NEVERDIE?

    It should only take you $23.000 to acquire ALL of the NeverDIE Coins EVER released. As opposed to the more than $10M it would have taken you near the day the COIN was released less than 3 years ago?

    Venture a guess who was the huge profiteer from that failed operation?

    NeverDIE Coin.
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