Selling ML-35 Tier 4.7 (Outstanding Ranged Combat)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tt1499, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Selling an outstanding piece of virtual equipment that has brought hundreds of hours of fun, competitiveness and most importantly some very nice sized HOFs.

    The best thing about this gun is not only that it is unlimited, it is its range. I've been able to participate in team and solo hunts on mobs I would of been otherwise unable to. Killing an Araneatrox or Proteron is very easy and you'll likely not to be hit by the mob meaning minimal decay on your armor!

    The gun also allows you to be competitive in team hunts. The additional range means you'll have more shots fired before the mob gets within your teams range! The gun has also been a savior in PVP as opposition players ready their weapons and run towards you, you'll already have them dead.

    Whats on offer:
    Gun (100% repaired, tier 4.7) + 213 Enhancers : TOTAL PRICE 9,300 ped

    Price Includes:
    1 Gun: 230 tt + 8,610 mu
    213 Enhancers: at 170.40 tt + 290 mu (270%)

    Please PM me if you are interested or PM me in game.

    I'm on AEST (East Coast Australia) but will make myself available to make the transaction occur.

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