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    MindArk announced on April 23, 2012 that an updated guideline for proper balancing of mission rewards was presented to the Planet Parnters to ensure a more fair, exciting and challenging experience. It was stated that there were two specific goals in mind:

    • Ensure that missions reward participants adequately and fairly for the associated activity; and
    • Ensure that rewards provided by missions on the different planets within Entropia Universe are in balance with one another
    The new guidelines require that all current mission rewards for attributes and skills must be adjusted for all missions on all planets, and the initial implementation of the mission rewards rebalancing was to take place on August 21st with the then scheduled Planet Partner release. However, on July 10th it was announced that the mission rewards rebalance was pushed back to October 9th. This was due to participant feedback, as well as Summer scheduling issues.

    It was also announced that there would be a new “Attribute Tokens” system introduced with the Planet Partner release on October 9th. The Attribute Tokens are non-tradable, and come in five types: (1) Agility; (2) Intelligence; (3) Strength; (4) Psyche; and (5) Stamina. It will take 100 Attribute Tokens to equal one attribute point, and can be exchanged at an NPC related to the associated attribute for points.

    The benefits of this new system will not only give Planet Partners the ability to create missions that give only fractional amounts of attributes, but in turn will also allow them to increase the number of creatures used with missions to achieve the rewards. The benefits are there for participants as well, because they get to choose when they want to receive the attribute rewards, and are not forced to take them at the completion of a mission.

    Charlie, from the Planet Calypso Team has been hard at work, and on Wednesday, September 19th, he published the long-awaited list pertaining to the rebalancing of the Calypso Iron-Style missions. The list is quite extensive and very detailed, and I’m quite sure that the additional announcement that all Nova Fragments have been removed was definitely welcoming.

    Here is a list of some specific things of interest:

    • Attribute Tokens can be saved and redeemed at a later date
    • — this allows a participant to gain a higher attribute level prior to claiming more attributes
    • Attribute Tokens now have a cost, and lowers the skill value that can be given for a mission
    • — this is based on how many Attribute Tokens are given out
    • An option has been added in all missions to choose “Skills & Attributes” or just “Skills”
    • With “Skills” only, the value is close to what it was before depending on what creature and skill it is
    • You can choose a combination of skills, rather than just one skill
    • A max amount of Attribute Tokens can be given out, but plenty are saved for future missions
    • Rewards are based on all parameters of a creature and not just on hit points
    • A creature with higher damage, regen, aggression, attack speed, etc. now gives better rewards
    • Hit points is still the biggest factor, and Araneatrox will give better rewards than Atrox -
    • — even with the same hit points
    • Skills have been placed in different categories based on usefulness, mark-up and how rare they are
    One particular note of interest refers to the “Seasonal Missions” like the Eomon, Longtooth and Steelbirds. In the past, they produced very, very high rewards as a result of being seasonal missions, but that is about to change. All missions, whether seasonal or otherwise, must follow the same guidelines, and therefore, the extensive rebalancing of mission rewards.
    For further information on the Calypso rebalancing of mission rewards, and to join the current discussion, go here. We extend a very appreciative thank you to Charlie from the Planet Calypso Team for his dedication and what definitely appears to be a labor-intensive process in presenting the list of details pertaining to Calypso’s rebalancing of mission rewards.

    It will be interesting to see what the other Planet Partners release – October 9th is not that far away.

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