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    There’s something to be said about building a personal network of resources within Entropia Universe, and that includes friends from this globally-diverse virtual environment. “Loren” Lorry Potter, a member of the Irken Invaders society, learned recently just how valuable one’s connections are when on a mission.

    Planet Cyrene announced in their September 4th Release Notes that more challenge missions were added, but the more interesting part of this was the reward that came with completing each mission. The goal was to finish the 1k Dire Weeds and 1k Tide Claws A.R.C. Challenge missions, but the 1k Dire Weeds mission wasn’t active yet, so the focus was on the 1k Tide Claws mission.

    Upon completing the 1k Tide Claws mission, Loren was surprised to see that she had discovered the Enkidd Howler S4 weapon blueprint. While examining the blueprint, it was discovered that it was not only a higher level blueprint, but also a little confusing as to the crafting requirement, as well as whether the weapon was limited (L) or unlimited (UL). She alerted the Cyrene development team immediately, and many are hoping that this newly-discovered weapon ends up being unlimited.


    Loren and others had seen the brief video of the Enkidd Howler S1 at the Cyrene forum and knew it was a sniper weapon, so were very interested in learning what type of stats an S4 would possess. There was now a new mission in play, and that was collecting all of the materials needed to craft this newly-discovered weapon. It was known that “Strong Sinew” came from Mature Rhino Beetles, but had not heard of the “Ycy” ore, so Loren checked the list to see who discovered it and sent the person a private message, who in turn gave Loren a hint and pointed her in the right direction.

    Loren and Beechbum (real life husband and also a member of the Irken Invaders society) mined through the night, but came up empty-handed. However, they finally connected with a claim the next morning after dropping hundreds of PED’s of probes, but the source only produced enough for one Ycy ingot, and the blueprint requires 11 per click. They were quick to realize that this ore was indeed extremely rare and would need help. That’s when a great friend (Grrrrr, from Dark Knights society) traveled from another planet to assist in gathering the materials needed to craft the Enkidd Howler S4 weapon.

    After several days, enough materials were gathered for 4 clicks on the blueprint, but it was now necessary to go outside of their own crafting circle to find someone trustworthy enough to attempt manufacturing the weapon as a result of the blueprint requiring an armor engineer, instead of a weapons engineer. This is where another good friend steps into the picture for the assist, George “Ace” Skywalker (Rangers society), and someone Loren says is 1 of only 5 people she trusts.

    Yet another good friend, Eugenio “Anhithe” Wilde (Planet Express society) provided a free warp service in order to get all the right people and resources together in one place to attempt the 4 clicks on the Enkidd Howler S4 blueprint. The moment had arrived, and the intensity was off the charts. It wasn’t long however, before the hoped-for discovery and reveal of the weapon.


    Needless to say, everyone was anxious to see exactly what the stats were, but it was also discovered that the weapon ended up being a limited, rather than unlimited weapon, and this is attributed to the conflicting data between the Cyrene Release Notes, the blueprint, and the crafted weapon. In the meantime, the stats looked pretty impressive, and the weapon could be likened to the Marber Bravo plasma rifle. The Enkidd Howler S4 is considered to be a Plasma Sniper with SIB at level 48 and some extra range and damage.



    At the end of the day, it was teamwork that got the job done, and a confirmation that friendship is a highly-valued commodity that one should treasure immensely. Entropia Universe opens up endless possibilities in a virtual environment that in many ways parallels our real lives. When opportunity doesn’t knock, we have the option of building a door, or in this case, a network.

    Congratulations to Loren, Beech, Grrrr, Ace, and Anhithe for demonstrating to the rest of us, the true meaning of teamwork. Loren, you are now the sexiest and most bad-ass looking chick in the universe holding that weapon, and I’m envious, but also ready to trade in my Bravo – I like the Arkadia armor too.

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