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Discussion in 'MindStar Media' started by Syer, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Thought I would give you a sneak peek at the new MindStar Media website. It's only the top portion of the site and doesn't tell the whole story by any means. You can see 3 menus that will at least give you an idea of what you have to look forward to. The veil will be lifted on the site and we'll be going live about 2pm or so my time today (East Coast US) - Syer is 6 hours ahead of me and I don't want to do it without him. This was a major labor of love, just like the new MSR website was that we launched on April 27th, and it's only fair that we give birth together once again.

    Speaking of MSR ... we loaded up two of the "Spontaneous Moments" podcasts at the MSR site in the Media section (short but whacky) ... "Twinkies & iPads" (a Jack The Ripper Russell classic), and "The 'doh' in Idols - MSR Edition" (Mac from NBK Elite and Nasty Nuggetz from Irken Invaders) - check them out - we're going to have a lot more of these jewels going forward - we just haven't had the time to convert the recordings into podcasts yet, but after the site is launched, we will. Click the MSR link in my signature to go to the website.

    For now ... MSM is a "read and listen" site only, but may change in the future. I think the community will find it to be different, interesting, and hopefully beneficial enough to bookmark. :)

    And btw ... all 5 planets will be featured and rotating "In The Spotlight" when we go live.

    Oh, and there's a little surprise for Peter on the "Partnerships" page. :biggrin:

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