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Discussion in 'MindStar Media' started by MindStar9, Mar 9, 2012.

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    In case you don't already know it, effective March 30th, the look of Facebook is changing whether you like it or not, and there's an opportunity to publish your changes now instead of waiting. I'm not sure I totally like the new look FB is implementing, BUT ...​
    Spending time with Syer is always creative in one way or another, and it's usually spontaneous unless we have something specific planned. This was one of those spontaneous moments that turned into something quite special, and we had a great time as always.​
    One of the features available with the new FB look is including a timeline banner at the top of the page. After some testing of a few things, I found the perfect Cyrene background photo to fit with the new MindStar Media logo that Syer also designed in the likeness of the MSR logo.​
    At the end of the creative process, Syer delivered once again, and the banner is simply awesome. I added the Planet Cyrene logo as the profile pic and it all blends beautifully.​
    MindStar Media and MindStar Radio are both exclusive to Planet Cyrene, and the MindStar Radio website will be getting a facelift as well, but for now ...​
    Check out the MindStar Media Facebook Page to see the new look.​
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  2. NotAdmin

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    Looks good :)

    FaceBook is still evil. I don't trust them with my private datra any more than I trust Google or the government.
  3. MindStar9

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    I understand perfectly, which is why I don't have a "personal" FB page, just the one for MindStar Media, which will be getting busy real soon, and will keep everyone updated on what's in production. :biggrin:

    And thanks btw for the compliment ... I'm extremely fortunate to have a wonderful partner, and we work very smoothly together. The creative process is also a trip and a half, complete with crazy-ass non-stop laughter because we usually get side-tracked with off-the-wall thoughts that lead us in weird directions. lol.gif

    However, every time we connect, it's very productive. :thumbsup:
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