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    This event is a celebration of not only the launching of the MSM website and the new direction we are headed, but also to honor those who have been incredibly patient and supportive of our efforts. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had one of our fabulous and crazy-ass parties, and we just wanted to show our appreciation by hosting a multi-tiered event with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

    Here is the agenda for the event, and make sure you’re on time, because you don’t want to be left behind.

    Part 1
    • Date: Saturday – September 15th
    • Time: 16:00 – 17:30 (in-game time)
    • Location: Planet Calypso — OLA-06 — Shavante TP — Owner: Anhithe
    • Mob: Longu — 2 DNA — maturities will = Young to Alpha and maybe Old Alpha
    • Event: Highest Single Loot — 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place win prizes as shown below
    • Tickets: FREE — see Syer, MindStar9, or Anhithe on Calypso to get your free ticket
    • Registration: must register with ticket at the Landmarker on the Land Area
    • Broadcast: MindStar Radio will stream on the LA to allow listening to live broadcasting
    1st Place — Herman CAP-202 (L) – (donated by 88 Os 88) + 60 PED — Total Value = 120 PED
    2nd Place — Aakas Instance Key-1 * – (donated by NoReMorse) + 30 PED — Total Value = 50 PED
    3rd Place — Aakas Instance Key-1 * – (donated by NoReMorse) + 30 PED — Total Value = 50 PED

    * Keys have been fully repaired and ready to use.

    Part 2
    • During the above event, everyone will be added to the Yamato Mothership guest list
    • After the event, everyone will be beamed aboard the Yamato
    • Once aboard the Yamato, we will navigate to the “Victory Room” to celebrate the winners
    • While celebrating the winners, we will be warped to Planet Arkadia for Part 2 of the event
    • It is my understanding that the designated pilot is a little strange, so be forewarned
    • However, the pilot will place us in Arkadia air space for easy flight access to the planet
    • (sorry Pirates … perhaps another day)
    • TP option is available as well, but let’s have a brigade of Quads arriving at Celeste Harbour
    • After we have all arrived at the main Celeste Harbour TP, we will head to the Aakas TP
    • If you don’t have the TP, we will get you there, and there may be a wormhole involved
    • Once at Aakas, we will form teams – Anhithe, Syer, and MS9 will be Team Leaders
    • Each team will run a Level 7 instance — lead person of each team at the end wins a prize
    Part 1
    • After the instance event, we will navigate back to the main Celeste Harbour TP
    • We are reviving the “Total Chaos” PvP ring event — TT weapons only
    • Everyone will use the same TT weapon in each round
    • Last person standing in each round wins 50 PED — # of rounds to be determined
    • For those who don’t wish to participate, there is a nice viewing area available
    • Not to mention the Moonshine Bar close by

    I think this will keep us active for a while, and if you need transportation back to Calypso, we can make sure that you get there at no fee, but it will have to be after the end of the “Total Chaos” event. If you appreciated the designated pilot from Calypso to Arkadia, then I’m sure we could probably talk him into escorting you back to Calypso.

    This is our way of celebrating MSM, and saying thank you for the support. After this evening’s events, we will be moving on to Cyrene, and will be designing a whole new event for Saturday, September 22nd, so stay tuned for further details.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to share a bit of good news:

    — We are very pleased to announce that Anhithe has joined the MSM media team, and his Mothership Yamato has now been christened the official transport for MindStar Media. Syer and I are in partnership with Anhithe to support the needs of the MS. As pilots of the Yamato, we have full travel access in order to facilitate our media operation needs. This also means that the gathering of news by our news staff will be more time-efficient.

    — We have nearly completed the private Newsroom site for the news team that we are developing, and we are happy to report that we already have two people that we will be bringing on board, and the announcement will be made very soon. We will also be announcing the details of becoming an MSM News Team member, which is not voluntary, but paid, with a few perks.

    The MSM team is working feverishly to complete reorganization of not only this main website, but the entire operation, and working toward becoming a significant Entropia Universe news service. We invite you to keep us bookmarked and to check back frequently, because the evolution of MSM is traveling in a more precise direction, and you just don’t want to miss it.


    Article banner created by Syer
  2. It was loads of fun!!! Total Chaos at the end!!!! Thank you for the laughs and fun!!!!

  3. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    The MSM Celebration Event activities on Saturday were so crazy fun, and I'm glad that everyone enjoyed themselves. I don't think anyone will soon forget the trip from Calypso to Arkadia aboard the Yamato MS and our really weird pilot. :whistling:

    I will be doing a follow-up article at MSM later or tomorrow.

    I saw Softy's photos on her FB page of her acrobatics at the IFN ring on Arkadia when Wildman went wild with his rocket launcher - unbelievable - the photos are awesome.

    We're working on our next event that may be on the 22nd since there's no WoF scheduled for that weekend, or the next as a matter of fact, so we may be making up for lost time due to being so busy with the website. :biggrin:
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