MindArk taking advantage of their posittion again ??!!

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by RAZER, May 28, 2012.

  1. RAZER

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    Like many of you I got the following email a while back asking me to give my opinion on the ENTROPIA UNIVERSE.

    So a few days later I finally did and today I got another email telling me about the hunting event.

    Well basically MindArk is misusing the entropiauniverse name and sending out emails out of that name for creating events that are ONLY on Calypso.

    Sure they mentioned that the hunting event would be on Calypso, but in my opinion that is just misleading the players and tricking them to go to Calypso for this event.

    This is only my opinion and not the one of EP in general jada jada jada.
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  2. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Calypso is part of EU. MA are owners of EU the platform as well as Calypso. So there is no misuse going on there.

    To expect them to make events on another platform is just plain ludicrous. They'd be done for all kinds of infringement and meddling in other peoples affairs. How can a PP run their planet if MA are going to start doing what they want on it? I would have thought a PP's freedom to do what they want without any interference from MA is obvious and a fundamental right.

    No one needs to go to Calypso or indeed take part in the competition. Besides older players were born on Calypso as that was the only planet in game then. We are Calypsians even if on a nother planet now :-) Don't forget or deny your heritage hehe
  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    True George, but the question were all about EU and not about Calypso. Also the email was send trough entropiauniverse.com which led me to believe it was a multi planet thing. This has been done before, so that is not hard to imagine.

    The easy solution is to start using the right email addresses and wording for the right situations and clearly mention what it is about. Would the subject have been 'Planet Calypso survey" instead of 'Entropia Universe survey' I would not have taken part in it.

    something@planetcalypso.com for all the Calypso stuff
    something@entropiauniverse.com for all the universe related stuff and competitions. I'm sure even MA can understand that.
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  4. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    It certainly rubs me the wrong way. I answered questions for an Entropia Universe survey that I got from Mindark. I cannot participate in the hunt or have chances at prizes unless I go to Calypso and support that planet. I don't want to support that planet. I want to support other planets. There should be a way for people like me to participate from anywhere in EU. But, of course MA will support Calypso and leave the other planets behind. It sucks.
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  5. I expected something like this i keep hearing how MA dont own Calypso anymore and how Charlie and kim has no more power than any other PP. Its funny how this event comes straight after a big VU update for Ark and RT. They could of done a event like they did for the ul quads concerning all planets.
  6. Well, I'm guessing MA has this planned already, but they most likely be giving all PP a profit share from this event.

    • Hi,
    Guess this here is the point.

    MA, the platform provider, makes a survey. As a "Thank you" the participants are invited to an event that offers quite nice prices. Since the number of recipients of the survey is limited, and since only 18% of those replied & got invited (as I understand this), the chances for a price are rather high.
    A really juicy event that you wouldn't want to miss!

    But, to participate, you have to be on a certain planet.
    Coincidently just the planet owned by a very tight subsidiary company of MA ...
    Coincidently just at a time when one planet has started a few weeks ago, and another planet finally receives his central game mechanic, and has its anniversary events ...

    If you are not a hard core Calypso fanatic your plans might have been to be elsewhere at this time - at the planet of your choice, at Cyrene to explore the new planet, or at Arkadia to check out the new Treasure Hunting, or to celebrate the anniversary.

    Now, to participate, you'll have to change your plans. You'll have to spend time and money to travel to Calypso, after the event you'll have to spend serious time there to get rid of your loot for the return.

    With this move, once again, MA is actively hurting their Planet Partners, IMHO.
    Not only they try to suck players to Calypso again, not only they are strengthening the already established preferential treatment of the Calypsonians, this time they even try to spoil the efforts of their Planet Partners during quite crucial times.

    Would I be a Planet Partner I'd, at least, fire up my legal department, to start a serious kicking of cute/ hairy MA behinds. This time, IMHO, they're gone too far, and wouldn't escape without offering serious compensation. Imagine - the company providing the Platform you pay for actively tries to spoil your work!

    But, for sure, this would happen behind the curtains, we'd never learn about. I'd give my FireForge to be able to spy the communication between MA HQ and the PPs now ...

    How could this have been done correctly?
    1. At least 1 month later, not exactly in a crucial time for Cyrene and Arkadia.
    2. Not on Calypso, but on a separate "Event Planet":
      • Reachable via free TPs during events.
      • No p2p trading, no dropping of stuff (to prevent abuse for easy trade).
      • Only Trade, repair and storage terminals.
    3. Not with Calypso Land deeds, but with a choice - these or an equal value price.
    MA should finally learn to behave as a true Platform Provider - they have chosen this role, now they might behave like one! Competing with their own customers is the worst thing they can do - any potential new Planet Partner watching this will run screaming!

    Have fun!
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  7. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    I have to disagree with you on this one Razer because that is like thinking Ark tricked everyone into traveling to Arkadia for the recent new item gold rush.
    For most people space travel is a minor inconvenience or at most a massive waste of time. Of the accounts created before Jan 2012 I think it is safe to assume a majority of them started on Calypso, so it is natural to have the event there.
  8. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Arkadia did not trick us and neither did Cyrene or RockTropia or Next Island, it is always obvious who is contacting me when any of those do.

    I do not mind if Calypso did a survey, but there was nothing suggesting that it was just a Calypso thing. All questions were about EU in general and the email address they used was @entropiauniverse.com.

    The only thing I'm saying is they need to separate the 2 things they are involved in:
    1. Planet Partner (calypso)
    2. Platform Provider (entropia universe)

    and make it very clear which one is contacting me.

    Now they did get my valuable opinion and I have no chance of getting any of the prizes because I refuse to go to Calypso. Not that I need any of the prizes, but it is the idea that counts.

    I also wonder if this data will be shared amongst the other PP's?
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  9. Well as someone else pointed out on another forum(I think) ,the survey was identical to the one sent about 3-4 years ago...I agree they need to clarify this and maybe at least ask the other PP if they want to participate...
    I will attend that event though :) I like argos (I can do them on rocktropia too ) and I already travel a lot...
  10. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Not "anti Calypso" but pro platform provider's neutrality. It's MA who fail, please don't blame the messenger.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2012
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  11. Hi,
    Anti Calypso? Read again.

    It's not about Calypso, it's about MindArk. Calypso is only affected as it is still property of MA (well, of a fully owned daughter company), and treated in a way that obviously violates the idea of the "Platform of equal Planet Partners". This is the topic here.

    You might love it that Calypso is preferred in so many ways, living there. But you might have a look at the bigger picture - EU isn't Calypso-only anymore!

    The survival of the whole EU is now bound to the fails/ successes of every single Planet Partner, even the smallest ones. If, after the SEE failure, any other Planet Partner would crash, it would have dramatic consequences for the whole system. No more investors, they'd have lost trust finally after all the failures. More bad media reports repelling possible new players. Less remaining players, too.

    You see, Calypso isn't stand-alone anymore, due to the change that MA made with becoming a Platform Provider. Calypso now is a part of system, and its success is tightly bound to the success of the system.

    Regarding this, the current policy of advantaging Calypso is actually shooting Calypsos own foot, together with shooting the feet of all other planets. Calypso will fall with them, if the system breaks. MA unfairly competing with the other planets isn't what any Calypsonian really would want, at least not if the view is a bit above the shortest sight.

    Have fun!
  12. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    That's a really lovely idea. Then players could travel to special events, on Calypso or any other planet, without spending the time to fly through space and risking piracy, creating a higher turnout for events. It would enable planet partners to make events friendlier for newbies and lowbies in the Entropia world, and bring more social players to non-combat events like fashion shows and photo ops.

    (This is my opinion of something that would improve our universe. Everyone who says "Next Island is building free, inter-planetary teleporters" has failed reading comprehension!)
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  13. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

  14. What I found interesting with the timing as well is it was something they put together at the last minute. It was planned so fast that they didn't even have time to create a NEW survey. I found the Survey very odd myself asking me why I'm not spending any money now days.

    I just hope in the future MA plans events like this with WITH Planet Partners. Let all work these types of events as a group. MA, please work on the platform. You are no longer in the planet business that is now up to the planet partners.

    BTW, we the owners, being the CLD, did MA ask us if we could even have this event?
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  15. Really they should have had convo with all PP and made a special spawn of argo on each planet for this specific instance or have a mob that's very similar for each world part of the compo
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