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Entropia News: MindArk-s-Upcoming-Blockchain-Project

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. meculus wittrup starfinder.
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  2. Yes Shaun Klein, Aka Blast Blastoise Meculus is an American. Used to be in my old society Odysseus Unbound, which changed into The Ministry. Organised events on different landareas, until he has enough ped to buy his own landarea, then founded Big Industries with two other avatars and acquired several landareas on different planets, made a system where you can earn points and get rewarded for them, worked with starfinder on the entropiatracker and the website entropialife. A lot of my old society mates worked for BIG organising the sweat events for new players on BIG ola 42. There is now even a statue of our former society leader on ola 42, Emy Jenny Bomb, she died a few years back and got a statue for all of the work she did for BIG. Shaun is not the same person as Starfinder. Dig deeper, or simply ask people. Wear tinfoil or be human.
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  3. Cool story bro.
    But maybe you should have digged deeper...

    I already thanked people in this thread for clearing things up...2 years ago (March 2018).
    I even stated that I could be wrong, before it got explained.

    Narfi explained everything in post #106 and I said thanks in post #108.

    Sorry if yesterdays post confused the hell out of you, but thats how I felt back then.
    Keep your tinfoil, it might come in handy for you soon. :)
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Story continued: develops Next Island.
  5. Story continued: worked as an advisor for Mindarks Deeptoken Fail.
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