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Entropia News: MindArk-s-Upcoming-Blockchain-Project

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Whoaah!?

    Pre ICO?

    Does this mean when Deep Token goes on sale within EU it will make those ‘Pre ICO’ fatboys rich?

  2. Gawd please, Droops, not this old "deep.gold" scam again. Jesus.
    Those are different people and they have nothing to do with "Chainvine" nor MindArk...
    at least I pray they arent "partners". x'D



    Even deep.gold sounds so bad...I need to post it again :

    "The Deep" is an eternal virtual world based on DPoS tokens to create a decentralized,immersive world that is part game and part social platform.

    The bullshit is strong with this one...no questions aks...take my money

    Also people decided to invest into virtual crypto cats by now, instead of...this fucked up...whatever...
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  3. Sure the ones behind DeepToken(Gold) are different however Chainvine = blockchain service & solution providers.

    Do you seriously believe Mindark will launch its own Crypto/Ico :sneaky: with the name Deep Token/Deeptoken:laugh:


    My job is to advise the Board of Mindark, the company behind Entropia – the virtual universe, with over three million users from around the world. MindArk has been merging the real world with the virtual world for years, and are now introducing Crytocurrencies and Blockchain to the gaming universe with Deeptoken. It is one of the most ground breaking projects I have been asked to advise on in my entire career.
  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Considering the people you're advising, it'll also be the one that will make you throw your hands in the air and seriously reconsider your choices in life...

    Firstly, there are no 3 million users. That's what they keep saying, but that does not make it true. There's 3 million registered accounts, with a maximum of 20k or so still active. If that doesn't yet open your eyes, MindArk has been merging jack shit. MindArk blows a lot of PR smoke, but miserably fails to deliver.

    But I'm sure you've done your research and due diligence, and unlike all the other partners MindArk managed to drive into despair, YOU actually will make this work.
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  5. Dear Droops, I already wrote and explained so much...I think its an insult, asking me now,
    if Id believe that MA would come up with its own ico. -_-

    Still, the co-founder of Deeptoken is now the CEO of MindArk.
    Doesnt make deeptoken a MA product (yet)...yet its called :
    "Mindarks Blockhain Project" x'D...all deeptoken sites beeing down since weeks.

    And just because Oliver N. Oram of Chainvine acts as advisor for MindArk by talking shit like :

    "3 million users !"
    "It is one of the most ground breaking projects I have been asked to advise on in my entire career."

    He is either an idiot or has absolutely no idea what hes talking about (regarding Entropia)
    Probably just another PR-victim of MindArk...as he has never heard of this awesome Entropia before... x'D
    I bet we will never hear from him again.

    Anyway, just because Chainvine might handle 2 different Deep Tokens,
    still means that "deep.gold" has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. At all.

    I cant find anything about "chainvine and deep.gold"...care to enlighten me ?

    same bullshit as : (to suppor...to suppor...in a headline)

    nd lord british advisor1.
    nd lord british advisor.
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  6. nope was just a coincidence, both has nothing to do with each other.
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  7. and you can say whatever you want McC, none of my neverdie tokens disappeared until now. it only seems he, his wallet, and his sideprojects adapted to mindark-time of delivery after his (imho) successful initial start (first wallet release)...

    but sure, we all know about initially good looking projects that turn out to develope rather slow and/or badly over time...

    i stopped caring too much. there's so much more already out there, it don't have to wait anymore until it maybe comes ... whenever :biggrin:
  8. I never said that anything dissapeared...except for the deeptoken sites ^^
  9. In this paper, MindArk will present Deeptoken—a blockchain token protocol that ameliorates upon the earlier design of the Entropia Macrocosm. Deeptoken introduces decentralized governance and incentive mechanisms for ecosystem magnification, and enables incipient features like support for games and enterprise business developers to access deep technology and license their engenderments for more expeditious use. Deeptoken is a major upgrade to the Entropia Macrocosm and, like earlier major technology upgrades, will be proposed as the next immensely colossal milestone in the history of the macrocosm.

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  10. LOL what a load of verbal diarrhoea :)
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  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Alas poor 0x4856639817351ce2ddda054709dc3acbaab7b1ef I knew him Horatio

    I do wonder if all these "crypto consultants" actually do is tailor this sort of horse shit to businesses who want to s̵c̵a̵m̵ ̵p̵e̵o̵p̵l̵e̵ ̵o̵u̵t̵ ̵o̵f̵ ̵l̵o̵t̵s̵ ̵o̵f̵ ̵m̵o̵n̵e̵y̵ start an ICO then make them a cookie cutter website that scrolls down with lots of bouncy whizzy bits...

    Funnily enough I was visiting Az recently and he was trying to help me understand bitcoin et al a bit better. Still not sure I totally get it but a few things became clear. Perhaps most prominently that there are some serious practicality flaws with it that fundamentally come down to the beliefs of those who start it. In order to fix it, you don't just need to adjust the technology but also win the hearts and minds of the fundamentalists who want it to work "a certain way" and be good for "a certain thing". In essence, there is a dead horse in the road and it's too heavy to move, plus besides, everyone is making money from it so they are all pretending not to notice it's dead.

    Anyhow what I was going to say is that, even with his, knowledge, I'd actually propose he knows a lot more than most and also has a fair bit of experience of the mining side of life to boot. I was joking he should offer consultancy to Mindark.

    Anyhow... lets dissect this fella and examine the choice of words. Clearly, if someone uses big snazzy sounding words, everyone will believe they are legit....

    incentive mechanisms
    ecosystem magnification
    enterprise business
    deep technology

    Engenderments isn't even in this site's spell check vocab. Is it even a word?

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  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Holy crap, I think it's time we update our bullshit bingo cards.

    So half the times anything is released by MA, it's written by someone who clearly does not speak English as a first language. And then they hit you with "ameliorates". I guess "improve" just was not pretentious enough. "Support for games" is considered incipient. That explains the MA support team, I guess.

    My absolute favourite item from this word salad, though, is engenderment.

    "v. early 14c., "beget, procreate," from Old French engendrer (12c.) "engender, beget, bear; cause, bring about," from Latin ingenerare "to implant, engender, produce," from in- "in" (see in- (2)) + generare "beget, create" (see generation). Meaning "cause, produce" is mid-14c. Related: Engendered; engendering."

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  14. Macrocosm is some kind of subliminal wish to revert to the days when Marco worked for them.
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  15. Thanks for that Droops.

    I listened to that interview and understand the deep token objective slightly more.

    So, KYC is a way to verify that you are who you say you are. A quicker, cheaper and foolproof way to eg. withdraw your cash or work through who owns what, trades etc.?

    AML I assume stands for anti-money laundering?

    I can see how the above would be useful to MindArk and its customers (in theory at least).

    But it’s the bit about having to purchase deep tokens that I’m unsure about.

    That is, will there be an added cost through having to purchase peds with deep tokens?

    And if so what will deep tokens cost, will the cost of deep tokens rise with eg. market demand and do early adopters get rich (pyramid scheme)?
  16. Get deep tokens 1st, ask questions later ;D
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  17. Yups the blockchain tech is indeed much quicker and cheaper then indeed going through KYC and AML

    (Any law or regulation requiring an institution to perform due diligence on potential clients to ensure that it is not aidingin a money laundering scheme. If the institution does not conduct due diligence properly, it may be held legally liablefor the money laundering activities. These regulations were an important part of the USA PATRIOT Act.)

    Foolproof hmm thats a hard one, several scenarios possible to fuckup but in my experience thats mainly due to 3th parties.
    Only thing you need is a unique wallet adress (or several) so probably MA also will come up with a wallet where we can store Ethereum, Bitcoin, Deep..... and exchange for Peds and vice versa.
    To give u an idea crypto transactions only takes minutes to transfer from for example one wallet to another or from an exchange to your wallet and withdraws depending what Fiat in my experience anywhere between less then 24 hours and 2 days.
    December when there was really a lot of traffic some coins like Bitcoin might take up to several hours to transfer.

    The fees are minimal however this depends per coin http://cryptofees.net/

    MA will come up with a Token that seems sure if its Deepwhatever, Pedcoin or any other creative name is irrelevant which can be exchanged for Peds.

    What the price will be when available is hard to predict but yups if its gonna be a succes prices can rise rapid > https://icowatchlist.com/finished so indeed early investors can make some nice profit.
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