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  1. MindArk will hold and "ask me anything" session this month but you will only be allowed to ask two questions also known as #AMABUTONLY2QUESTIONSPLEASE. We'll make sure all the anserted questions will appear here. Just in case you have more than 2 questions just add them to this thread, we'll compile them and ask MindArk to answer them through the official channels.

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  2. Two question then:
    1.Did MA fired dudes who caused a lot of damage to company like cripto dude and dude that forced new user interface with camera, keyboard, mouse usage and sued them for compensation?
    2.When they plan to do it?
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  3. 1st question :
    I had no difficulty to find out that the player Rimmer is a MindArk employee (who should thank a lot his dear daddy to give him a job).
    This person have been insulting me on your own forum, Planet Calypso Forum, hidding his identity and thinking noone would ever find who he is...

    Is this a usual habit for MindArk and their employees to go in forums and insult the players when they share their experience of the game ?

    2nd question :
    How do you explain that I was locked even I could show and prove that I did absolutely nothing wrong during this night, which leaded my account to be locked, unlocked after 3 weeks, and then I was flagged UNFAIRLY making me impossible to HoF for near 7 years ?

    Again I thank the player Ogi Mini for his phone call to your company as he could not believe I never did a HoF for all those years, I could finally get 3 HoF in 2 days when I never had 1 HoF after all my deposists in 7 years, pretty incredible no ?

    It was very easy for you MindArk to know who were the real players using this exploit, as I told in an email I sent to Mr Rimmer's Mindark official adress (this is also how I could figure out), there was 2 known players from USA and Sweden from the society "Menace To Society", another from "Warrants", and the guy who asked me 5-6 times to come during the Night.
    How do you explain that none of those players had troubles, none were locked, even if you knew they have been using this exploit for the whole night ? why me then ???

    There must be no police in sweden...

    Here are other questions :

    1 : How do you explain it took you 2 days to fix the "Loot is claimed by someone else" "bug" when it was remaining for close to 9 months unfixed after all my support cases (support dept felt to say it was not easy issue...) ? (and dont tell me you worked on it for 9 months lol, noone can believe this).
    2 : Why are you moving our avatar when we experience the "Failed to move within interaction range." feature ? - Fucking Hypocrisy.
    And why are we stopping to shoot too, nothing about failing to shoot is said ?
    3 : Why did you modify all creatures selection box to make avatars in situation of "Failed to move within interaction range." ?
    Everything was working PERFECTLY before you introduce this feature, wouldn't you call this an exploit ?
    4 : Why are you writting rules against cheats and exploits if YOU Mindark are never respecting them, and even worse you implement cheats and exploits, and even worse (2) DARE to accuse the players after ?
    5 : When do you plan to lock pirates who use the space exploit ? (so many years it was reported) and players continuing to be robbed...
    6 : Who in the whole world is able to exit the radar limit, and suddenly reappear magically behind quads at the exact X Y Z position to loot people, unless you mindark ?
    * This happened again to a soc mate last week (Joat), I told him to do videos each time he goes to space.
    7 : Are you really sure the 2 ped planet fee was removed to increase interplanetary travels ? or just to feed the pirates ?
    8 : How long will Andrey be investigated , already 1 year and still no answer, and (9) people who lent valuable items (like Rocky) have to wait too since you refuse to give stuff back ? If this was happening to you, wouldn't you feel scammed by unfair people behaviour ?
    10 : Is Entropia Universe a gambling game, or not ? (13yo minimum age with parental authorization, lol).
    11 : Why the loot pill we can buy from trade terminal says it have a range of 20m when in reality it is far less ?
    12 : Why all harvesting tools tell you do 100% success when we constantly get "Harvest attempt failed to generate useable resources." ?
    Why are you affirming things which are not true ? And you sign it, see next question :
    13 : Why did you create wood residue if we are supposed to get 100% success by using the PH-x series tools ?
    13b : By introducing the wood residues showes you knew we would never get 100% success, so why do you tell us we will ?
    14 : How do you explain that all paying features are receiving skill buff bonuses but there are none for the harvesting profession which is a paying feature ?
    15 : Do you plan to introduce Particle Beamer skills and profession, or we can know why the "Particle Beamer Weaponry" skill is still there after 15 years ?. (This skill was there when I started in 2004).
    16 : How long will we have to wait before you decide to fix the avatar stucked on cliffs, walls, ... solid objects ? (easily 10 years people complain and do reports, but...).
    17 : On your website https://www.mindark.com/company/ we can read 'Here the Swedish tradition of excellence" and "a very high bar for quality"... Do you believe you behave this way ?

    18 : When I craft at Arkadia Planet, and particularily textures, that's to find Arkadia BluePrints. Why do I get Calypso BluePrints most of the time and extremly rarely Arkadia BluePrints (and i'm sure this was reported many many times already, so...) ? ...I know you asked us to be polite, but who is the IDIOT at mindark who had this brilliant idea again ? I don't remember seeing Ambulimax, Tezlapod, or Fugabarba at Arkadia, so why are we getting those BP there ? Why do you call this place a Universe if you do all you can to hide (or should I say spoil or cheat) the other Planets and your other partners ?
    19 : Why do you get animal hides in Zombies loot ? :)
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  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    1. The admin of PCF is a scammer, liar and notorious rulebreaker. Have you ever considered having your company forum managed by professionals with a clean reputation instead of engaging in shady nepotism with a shady character?
    2. In your double role as the platform provider to your planet partners and as a planet partner yourself competing with the other planet partners have you ever considered not running something like an "universe-wide" AMA on your own planet forum but on a neutral place out of fairness towards other planet partners?
    3. Your sure love your community, would you consider running your next AMA on EntropiaPlanets.com, a neutral site truly dedicated to the Entropia Universe community for 10 years already?
    4. Over the years EntropiaPlanets.com has sent many many interview requests to Mindark but never got any reply, why is that? Do you really not give the slightest fuck about the community and even less about community sites working their asses off to keep your community entertained and informed?
    5. A medium sized media outlet with for example a 30k subs YT channel dedicated to MMO gaming is currently implementing an additional focus on gaming with guilds organized by the site and therefore was looking for 2-3 MMOs to partner with for bringing their community of 50k MMO gamers while accompanying the operation with articles, livestreams, etc. They've sent you several messages inquiring information about the affiliate program but never got any reply, why is that? Don't you think such opportunities could be more worthwhile than for example a press release about spaceships with a Ferrari painting?
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  5. upload_2019-2-7_14-36-31.jpeg
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Answer: We cannot divulge personal information relating to our employees. (both questions)
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Sneak Preview

    1. How to you plan to implement VR on the Entropia platform when you are still running CE2 (on DirectX 9) which is unsupported?

    A: Oh that was just a PR release to generate interest. We can't really do VR in Entropia. I'm surprised you even remember it? We could use someone with those memory skills, would you like a job?

    2. Have you heard of Akbal or Cimi?

    A: Wasn't he the fish man in Starwars? I'm afraid I've not heard of Cimi
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  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Actually that's something I've considered, getting a list of all the actual questions, so we can play MA and answer them :)
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  9. San


    It may make for a cool satire or sarcastic piece, but doesn't really exude professionalism if you want to pitch your platform as a neutral alternative. We either get this company on the right track again by convincing them it makes business sense, or all the effort is futile, whether on the supportive or the fatalistic side. This is such a small speck in the big gaming industry. You could as well spend your energy on satire aimed at a disagreeable fringe politician on the lowest level. Nobody but a few will notice.

  10. Thats what small (township) communities do...we are such a small community...

    Even the lowest, disagreeable, fringe politician, hands out promises about changing the world, just like Mindark.
    Then never delivers...or completely fucks up, because of missing skills/manpower/influence...or, as in most of the cases, because he simply lied to you...repeat...just like Mindark.

    And here we are, getting broken promises delivered en masse...and only a few care about all these lies, scams and bullshit...the rest got used to this crap and just continues as usual (because they either dont care or turned completely blind...while beeing afraid of loosing their previous "investments")...THAT is the saddest part of the whole system, NOT that it is too small or not worth wasting time talking about it.

    So why waste energy on local bullshit, if you could do it in "virtual reality" ?! *roflcopter, trelelel*
    Get the hint ? ,-)

    What worries me the most is, that there are many questions enlisted, where the "answer" is already known...be sure Mindark will select their fitting questions carefully...as many of them are just wasted time and truly annoying...lol :'(
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  11. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I believe satire or even sarcasm doesn't rule out professionalism. Satire and sarcasm probably wouldn't be seen as appeasement, the latter in most cases is a tool to maximize one's benefits. We've tried appeasement, for years, with a state-of-the-art website with plenty of more features and better performance than "the competition" and a true community focus, with much more content produced than anyone else before, friendly, positive content under a free license, even with a quarterly magazine that was quite professional, it didn't really make much of a difference for the relationship with Mindark, senpai didn't notice.

    I personally have lost all hope in Mindark. And it cannot be our job to get them on the right track and I also fear that's absolutely impossible. It's a company not led by game creators with a specific vision or a great passion for their game or the motivation to make the game really awesome, it's a company led by slick slimy business critters only interested in maximizing their personal benefits with as little effort as possible. They don't give a fuck about the game or the people playing it or community sites like EntropiaPlanets, they'll move to the next more promising host as soon as they can. The AMA is a just a token operation to pretend they care in order to increase their personal benefits.

    There are games released on almost daily basis by people who are quite the opposite of Mindark: passionate about their creation, highly motivated to constantly improve and innovate, thankful that they can live their dream of creating games even if that means they are constantly broke, nice, friendly, communicative people who are thrilled to bits if you give them positive feedback because you like their creation, people like us who happen to make games instead of just playing them. Why should I care about what Mindark does? If Entropia Universe shut down tomorrow I would mourn the missed opportunities it had but I wouldn't really shed a tear.

    The thing is most Mindark employees are people like us too, depending on the income, partially with families. And also there are planet partners who are totally not like Mindark and who deserve success. There are people who still really like the game and who would be sad if it went offline. And finally it would be nice to see more of EUs opportunities being exploited, despite little hope it will ever be a great game. These are probably the reasons why I'm still here and I'm still up for making my contributions, although our other projects are nowadays 200 times bigger than EntropiaPlanets and actually spawning benefits :)

    So all that said, I've heard your call, also thanks for the call, more "professionalism" below this line :)
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  12. LOOoooOoOOOooOooOoOoOOooOOoL....professionalism ³ ! x'D

    As some people already stated on the other forum, most questions were 250% uninteresting crap anyway.
    So the "answers" werent "answers" either. Asking such questions after 10 years of getting raped (without realizing it, as they have stockholm syndrome), says alot about these players.

    But SEEing how some players still get a boner on bullshit copy&paste "answers" like:
    "Its currently not on our list but it might come one day" says a lot about Mindark and those gamers...jesus...

    10 years of bullshit, but...amagawd, thank you so much for copy&pasting in our faces all the time... x'D
    This feels like a long term psychological project to me by now..."How long can we fuck with peoples minds/credit cards"

    I read through 90% of the questions/"answers"...

    View attachment 21201

    Honestly, those disturbed gamble addicts need it this way...they will complain and get enraged...again and again...but they will keep wasting their dollars, as they are afraid of loosing their previous investments. THATs what Entropia is about, since a long time now.

    Those "answers" are one big joke. Mindark knows it, the community knows it, but it has been like this since 10 years now.

    It will never change...but 1 simple copy&paste per year, will make the "believers/gamblers" silent again...sick psycho shit. :'D

    And Mindark isnt even good at "PR gags" anymore...they truly suck...yet there are still people out there with boners, everytime a random, useless phrase gets posted by Mindark.

    I wont say "I have pointed at this problems since 2009" now...because it is not needed this time...

    I hope this AMA has opened some more eyes this time...rofl...
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  13. Guess no action is planed against crypto and camera dudes.
  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I wonder how it would be if as many people who could join in would all withdraw the minimum at once... what was it,... 100ped?
  15. $100 I believe.
  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    ah pants.

    That is trickier
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  17. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Cough. Where is McCormick when you need him (and San also??? ) :)


    San. Why did you not ask about YOUR AMA Q? it was NOT answered was it not? (good Q you asked). Why did they not answer that? (and no I am not tree hugger whatever admins this forum know who I am ( I knew about 'our' spawn new LA purchase) GDPR please :). Forget about spawn and this things. San you asked a GOOD question. Probably the most important. Don't forget about that 1 San. I am an idiot I know I know.

    Any replies on ''other forum'' (Mcc is hero)
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  18. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Enough said. The original guy who gave me MY title of idiot did BEST question ever on this AMA. 0 Reply over 1 month. I ask AGAIN where is Mark when you need him :). We will reply next week hahha over 1 month. I TOLD YOU people 1000s times EP = reason EU is destroyed now. Read my other posts you did not listen :)./ Oh

    Got to protect past AND present investments, right :) ;). COME ON Mark get with the program :). For the record I genuinely hope all investors do well

    AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT F**KING LIE (sorry for swearing ladies)
  19. San


    Thank you for the kind words. I am aware of the lose end and will bump it when I feel the time is right. It's a public forum and there is nothing to stop you from going ahead if it's important to you.

    PS: I do not like the spin you keep creating here, that "I gave you this title". You chose it for yourself. I responded in this way on one specific occasion to a comment which was genuinely insulting. Please stop making it into anything other than it is. You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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  20. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Thank you San but I like my title of idiot so it will stand :) . It says a lot though ?? perhaps one of the most important questions STILL not been answered? ( we all know why...).

    At the end of the day, I will re-iterate. Its people trying to protect past AND present investments (LAs, skills guns etc)

    I genuinely feel sorry for them. A guy called 'boring player' basically said it all in detail. No1 listened

    That $100k invested hope you feel safe with it. I don't mean any nasty thoughts or evilness but has been many many warnings here now. This will be my last. Ill let McCormack take the Mike again I am done.

    Keep trusting Mr Simmonds people who profit enough to send their kids to College, oh I don't have a LA anymore, 1 day after new LA (how did I know THAT btw?? <WINK>).

    Don't come here crying if you lose all you have been warned.
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