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    How did it all start ?

    The concept design of Project Entropia was initiated in 1995 and was performed by one group of engineers in Switzerland, lead by Benny Iggland (Value Venture Captial AG), and by one group in Sweden headed by Jan Eric Haldo Welter Timkrans.

    In 1997, it was decided that a new company should be founded with the purpose of implementing the concept designed by the two groups. The company, MindArk AB, was started in 1999, with the purpose of bringing the work of the two groups together, and to finalize the development of Project Entropia.

    Back then you made an account on their forum and downloaded pre VU 3.4 versions from their ftp.

    media room 2000.jpg

    beta application.jpg

    beta application form.jpg




    In 2000 the Value Venture Captial AG did its one and only Investment :

    value venture 1.jpg


    mindark pitchbook 1.jpg

    The old shares list of 2000 :


    profit and loss 2001.jpg

    Early Concept Images :

    concept1.jpg concept_4people.jpg



    Old Employee List:

    Infos about employees, shareholders, developer forum, old Entropia HQ site...


    Patrik Holmsten

    Patrik is the coordinator of the technology group. His main duty is the overall design and co-ordination of the implementation of the game engine. He also works with the detail design and implementation of some subsystems, e.g. the 3D and script systems.

    Andreas Funksj�

    Andreas works in the technology group as an engineer and senior programmer. His main responsibility is the design and implementation of the character subsystem. This is the part of the content engine used to render and animate characters.

    Jonas Bystr�m

    Jonas is a lower-level programmer, involved with databases and communication solutions.

    Magnus Eriksson

    Magnus is the one who makes the creatures think. The question is, does the hormone system of a lobster have something in common with a robot mind? Anyhow, that is what Magnus believes. Some people call it artificial intelligence.

    Bj�rn Olsson

    "Bornie" is a pure hardcore server side programmer.

    Tom Edlund

    Tom implements various solutions in our 3D engine.

    Christian Holmqvist

    Christian is working with the 3D-graphics engine, where he implements various solutions.

    Christian Bucanac

    Christian is responsible for the Database Engine and for the corresponding connections & communication solutions.

    Habil Kantur

    Habil is working with script tools, databases and communication solutions.

    David Nielsen

    David is working with logic- & rules- programming on both the server- & the client- side of the game engine

    Jonas Collberg

    Jonas is involved with various 3D-engine related tasks.

    David Larsson

    David is a low level programmer implementing various systems in the game engine.

    Magnus Martinsson

    Magnus is implementing visual systems on the client �side.

    Game Designers

    John - Anders Pettersson

    Lead Game Designer

    John-Anders, a former magazine editor, works as a designer and is creating rule systems for the different aspects of Project Entropia.

    Sarbasst Hassanpour

    Sarbasst is the Lead designer of the user interaction interface.

    Anders Berg

    Anders is a Rule systems designer.

    Per Edman

    Per is a game rules designer and quest scriptwriter with experience from other companies in the business.

    Computer Graphics Artists

    Daniel Sevo

    Daniel is responsible for the 3D modeling and for the making of texture maps.

    Jimmy Johansson

    Jimmy is our lead animator and responsible for all the characters in the game.

    Niklas Bergsten

    Niklas with his graphics skills make him a top choice for texture mapping assignments.

    Peter Alfredsson

    Peter has been an illustrator/graphic designer since 1981.

    Kajsa H�gberg

    Kajsa, a seasoned artist, is part of the computer graphic artists team. Her main task is to use her creativity and natural artistic skills to create artwork that visually illustrate the different environments of Project Entropia. She also works with classification and illustration of surroundings, buildings, interior design and objects in general.

    Fredrik Andersson

    Fredrik is a talented illustrator.

    Alf Svensson

    Alf is working with 3D modelling, animations and texture maps.

    Daniel Molin

    Daniel is working with 3D modelling, animations and textures.

    Michael Palm

    Michael is working with textures and level design.

    Music & Sound

    Lars Falk

    Lars composes all music and sound effects needed for our game and for our websites.

    Project Manager

    Bernt W�hlin

    Bernt is the Project Entropia project manager and co-ordinator between the technology, design and marketing groups.


    Patric Sundstr�m

    Patric works with marketing of MindArk products as well as taking care of press and media-related issues.

    Web Administration

    Thommie Astorson

    Thommie develops and administrates the web sites for MindArk as well as for Project Entropia.

    Patrik Rydberg

    Patrik developes the web sites for MindArk as well as for Project Entropia.


    Hanna Friberg​

    Hanna is responsible for the administration.


    Lars Hammarstr�m

    Lars is an experienced hardware engineer with documented network and security skills. His main task is to make sure that the office runs smoothly, and that the software and hardware is fully functional with the latest updates on servers and workstations.


    Jan Welter Timkrans

    Jan has greatly contributed to the original Project Entropia idea. He has been involved in a large number of projects in vastly different fields. Jan is the chief virtual universe architect and our keeper of the vision.

    Benny Iggland

    Benny is responsible for our long-term development, shareholder contacts, and investor relations.

    Anders Stenlund

    Anders, with a long and varied background in accounting, financial reports and business control, is our Controller of the Exchequer

    Steve Shannon

    Steve is an experienced marketer, with extensive experience in mass market communication. Steve Shannon is Executive Director, Marketing Services, for GM North America.

    Steve Shannon, Executive Director of Marketing Services for GM North America, adds much needed mass marketing expertise, says Benny Iggland, chairman of the board. “Steve has proven that he understands how complex products can be marketed to millions of potential users around the world. This is essential for the launch of our online ´real´ universe.”

    Other MindArk Associates

    Frank Campbell​
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    nice find, some interesting old info there
  3. Tass

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    Lol, that was the time when Project Entropia was discussed on major gaming sites like IGN and when it was anticipated just like Asheron's Call, EVE Online or almost even World of Warcraft. Then MindArk happened.

    One of the guys named in post #1 became a friend. And one of our first Twitch subscribers. When mentioning EU to him he usually says: don't remind me, it's shit.

    Once we've completed our current project to revive some early EU history *poke @Wistrel * we'll go back even further. I have some stuff from the "Media Room 1.0" but always looking for more official news and announcements, so if you have something please let me know.
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    Thanks for all this history. In spite of its flaws, vulnerabilities, and changes from previous decade, PE still holds a good place in my mind. I enjoy reading the history behind its evolution.
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    aww love this! Gonna come back and have a proper look/read later! Thanks Mr McC!
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