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Planet Calypso News: Merry Mayhem 2017 Preview

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. This year’s Merry Mayhem will introduce various new gameplay elements, rules, loot, as well as a new Mayhem Vendor where event participants can purchase exclusive Mayhem items.

    Event Dates: December 15th to January 15th

    Solo Mayhem

    • The Solo Mayhem event instances have been completely revamped, and can now be accessed globally from the Event List.
    • The Solo Mayhem event now features ten separate categories, each with its own prize pools.
    • Solo Mayhem performance is now time-based, and is measured by how quickly participants can kill a special boss creature located within the event instances.
    • The Solo Mayhem instances can be run as many times as desired during the event period. Participants may only have an active best time in one category at a time.
    • An average Solo Mayhem run should take 20-30 minutes. Occupied instances will remain active for up to 3 hours for normal hunting. Creatures will stop spawning once the instance boss is killed. Instances are reset upon exit or client closure.
    • Each Solo Mayhem category instance restricts entry based on the maximum (unbuffed) health of avatars (see detailed info below).
    • Each Solo Mayhem category instance restricts entry based on the damage-per-second of equipped items and prevents equipping items inside the instance using the same restriction (see detailed info below). This restriction is based on the base damage-per-second of an item, and does not include any amps, buffs or enhancers.

    Solo Mayhem Categories

    Category 1
    Max Health: 110
    Max Base DPS: 34

    Category 2
    Max Health: 125
    Max Base DPS: 48

    Category 3
    Max Health: 140
    Max Base DPS: 60

    Category 4
    Max Health: 160
    Max Base DPS: 74

    Category 5
    Max Health: 175
    Max Base DPS: 82

    Category 6
    Max Health: 200
    Max Base DPS: 90

    Category 7
    Max Health: 240
    Max Base DPS: 98

    Category 8
    Max Health: 280
    Max Base DPS: 104

    Category 9
    Max Health: 320
    Max Base DPS: 110

    Category 10
    Max Health: Unlimited
    Max Base DPS: Unlimited

    Mayhem Token Vendor
    Prizes in Merry Mayhem are now awarded in the form of Mayhem Tokens, which can also be looted from event creatures in this and all future Mayhem-style events. These tokens can be exchanged for exclusive items via the Mayhem Token Vendor.

    Mayhem Tokens can be accumulated to purchase more expensive items, allowing participants to make incremental progress toward their desired rewards over the course of several events.

    Mayhem Tokens are non-tradeable, but the items available for purchase in the Mayhem Token Vendor are tradable. Note that certain Mayhem Token Vendor items may also require special Mayhem Placement Tokens, awarded as event prizes, in order to be purchased.

    FFA Mayhem
    FFA Mayhem (Free for All) instances and structure are the same as last year, where participants loot tradable FFA Mayhem Stars in one of five FFA Mayhem instances, with no time requirements or restrictions.

    Each completed Solo Mayhem instance (killing the Solo Mayhem boss) is rewarded with one Christmas Strongbox, with a chance for up to 10 additional Christmas Strongboxes in loot.

    All creatures in Solo and FFA Mayhem feature enhanced loot in the form of Mayhem Tokens, Christmas Strongboxes and looted-only Limited and Unlimited items!

    Full details on Merry Mayhem 2017 to follow in the coming days.


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