Melee Damage Assessment

Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by slartybartfass, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. What a night, Landgrab was nice to look on, 2 Globals and a HOF and finally a new skill unlocked:
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  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Gratz on unlocking MDA. :ok: :yahoo:
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  3. :yeah:Huge gratz on the unlock:yeah:
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  4. :yahoo:Gratz on the unlock :D
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  5. Gratz on nice unlock!
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  6. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    What they said LOL. BIG BIG GRATZ :D
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  7. Gratz to the MDA unlock :) nice work !
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