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Meet the Compet Development Team, from Lviv (Ukraine)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Sooo, as MindArk never mentioned their "business" partner in public, the partner, that is doing all the work and stuff for Compet...It seems like it is about time, to reveal, who is behind Compet.

    Because, coming up next, Entropia merging with Compet. ,-)

    1st, some random facts :

    -1st game release (closed beta) was in 5/16

    -Kim Timkrans already announced the merging of EU and Compet in 5/2016...

    Game is in steam since 10/16.
    steam graph.


    1238 votes on Android (between 50k and 100k installations)

    Only available in IOS Appstore of Ukraine, Russia and New Zealand (since march 2017)
    No voting, no comments in New Zealand.
    2 comments for Ukraine.
    3 comments for Russia.

    Important market, eh ?

    But wait, this is where the developers are from.......

    Released for Windows and Android, Compet is stuck in the Ukrainian and Russian IOS-Appstore. No more news about further releases, since nearly 1 year.

    So, who is behind Compet ?

    Compet is developed in Ukraine by N-iX Art Productions, currently consisting of 10 "members" for the compet team. On their site it says they exist since 2002 and have 700+ expert software engineers, they can choose from, of their "developer pool". They search for a "Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist" right now in Lviv btw.


    10 members.
    nix people.

    Their slogan is "Art Outsourcing, Game Development and VR Solutions"

    They are "part of a Ukraine based software development company". (?)

    They have 5 offices : (1 in sweden ;P)

    nix offices.

    Here is their official site :


    So, why did MindArk never mention these guys in public ?

    Mindark approached N-IX...​

    ma approach nix.

    Some artstation links.
    Found the profile of "Ostap Onyskv" there :



    For example : (lots of artwork dissapeared already, so here is my backup)
    Ostap Onyskiv's (gamedeveloper from Lviv) artstation site :
    artstudio 1. artstudio 2.

    n-ix-art-production-studio-compet02. n-ix-art-production-studio-compet01.


    n-ix-art-production-studio-trinkets-1. n-ix-art-production-studio-compet-prev. n-ix-art-production-studio-cards. n-ix-art-production-studio-battlepacks-1. n-ix-art-production-studio-05-01. artstudio 1.

    z1. z2.

    As if this isnt already interesting enough,
    N-iX is also into VR and...*drumroll* healthcare... ;D
    So, with Mindarks recent announcement of its "Business2Businnes 3D Platform", I no longer think MA develops it on its own, but as well outsourced this project to "N-iX"...we will SEE...

    nix other projects.

    ...and once again I wonder, why MA does not mention N-iX anywhere. This happened before though, when MA outsourced the development of their android app "Virtual Tycoon" to "Project Whitecard"...Project Whitecard, you know, the guys that won the NASA contest with their educational game back in the days...while MA lost it...but thats another story. Yet you wont find anything about Project Whitecard. Not even in the APK file itself.

    Compet as well as the 3D B2B room seems to be completely outsourced to N-iX.
    And as MA is very selective about "who may look at internal things", this might already explain the "extended beta phase" of Compet, with no payouts of the deeds...no forum communication...no mention of N-iX...at all...

    If you want more names or want to know who is admin or whom of them positively voted for the game on the android market, acting as a normal user ...google it for yourself, Im not a snitch. ,-)

    Hope you enjoyed, what they not wanted you to know. :p

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  2. I know, this is MindArk, you got to read between the lines or consult a lawyer. ;)

    Anyway, they never mentioned this partner in public and thats what this post is about.

    Just because the city of Lviv is mentioned in your link, recently added by MA...still means you got to google a lot, to find out more...as it is supposed to be...a secret. ;D

    Case closed. ;p
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  3. Ok McCormick, slow down here. You really need to start up a Pond Project. :jump: It was well known that MA outsourced the project as they said they had planned to do so with Compets.
  4. This is just about "MA not mentioning their partner in public".
    An introduction to the people, working on it.

    Always feel free to post links with such infos.

    No pond for me...yet. ;p
  5. While the N-iX employee Dithart was happy to SEE this info hitting the daylight,
    Princess (MA) gave me a warning, for revealing real world information and deleted the whole post.

    Any questions ?

    1st warning n-ix.
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  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

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  7. Such a coincidence ;D
  8. Need that Pond. That weekend project could just become your new life. Then again just before I found EU I was looking for a MMO where I could simply dig a hole. :confused:
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  9. "Hope you enjoyed, what they not wanted you to know. :p"

    If they didn't want us to know, then why is it public information?

    ComPet Game Development for MindArk
    • Real-world economy
    • Cross-platform strategy game
    • Turn-based multiplayer
    • VR and AR components
    • City building elements
  10. @Spawn

    You love reading my wall of texts, right ? But did you read the initial post ?

    It is public information, on N-iX side...not on MindArks side.
    So you have to do some googling, before you even stumble across words like the N-iX "team" in combination with Compet.
    MA does not talk about their outsourced Compet Developers N-iX. Because of, reasons.
    But I do...because its public information. x'D
    Gee, come on...

    Which reminds me, that the very same post got deleted on the compet forum...for... "posting public information".


    Your post sounds more like "Ehh, N-iX says they work for MA, case closed".
    Gratz man, but you got to find N-iX first, right ? Jesus...
    Thats defenitely NOT what this thread is about. Guess you totally missed the point. (like OZTwo)

    What exactly do you want to express with your post, by saying "N-iX works for Mindark" ?
    Did you even bother to read the 1st phrase of my introduction post ? Dont scroll up, here it is !

    as MindArk never mentioned their "business" partner in public

    This is what this whole thread is about.
    The introduction of the real compet developer, because MA does NOT talk about them in public.
    Got it ?

    If N-iX mentions MindArk as partner, somewhere on their site...thats a truly different story.

    Your question:
    "If they didn't want us to know, then why is it public information?"

    Woah, seriously ? Religion is public information as well...yet (some) people dont know jack shit about religion.
    Or simply dont want to talk about it or deny its existence.
    Same counts for N-iX...it is public information...yet (some) people dont know jack shit about Team N-iX and MindArk.
    Or simply dont want to talk about it or deny its existence.

    Yet people like you and OZTwo come along and try to be Captian Obvious, by converting my thread into a
    "This was all known before, it (N-iX) is all over the internet, you are doing it wrong McCormick"...while it is the opposite.
    Got it now ? How can I explain it to you 2 guys, without making it any more complicated for you ?

    Roflcopter, did I really have to explain IT like this...or did you really just missinterprete my thread ?
    I hope I made things clear for you now. (and OZTwo and Haruto Rat) ;p

    And let me answer your question..its MindArk....
  11. Don't take it the wrong way, the only thing we are trying to say is that we already knew it was outsourced and that even Kim posted that he was going to join the outsource team to work on the project and would be away from MA for a while. So we are not saying you are wrong, just, again, it's not a big deal and very much understood since well MA doesn't know much about how to make apps on smartphones ( and yes yes yes yes, on pcs as well, but that's a separate topic. :coffee:)
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  12. Why haven't they outsourced Virtual Tycoon and made it a fully functional game where you can do more than just craft and auction on it yet?
  13. Now this is rumor but it was always rumored that MA was using the same company who made Virtual Tycoon.
  14. *cough*
    they did

    project whitecard tycoon app 1.


    Here is the full press release :

    project whitecard tycoon app 2.


    Last update 2013 :

    project whitecard tycoon app 3.

    ...and as always they had big plans and visions for this ! xD
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  15. Sir Spawn,
    this thread is about

    "MindArk NOT mentioning the Compet Developer n-ix in public".
    "The introduction of the Compet Team"

    It is NOT about some external link of yours, of some site, that one needs to register to, to be able to read its content.

    It is NOT about user "Aio", mentioning the Compet Developers some weeks earlier then me.

    It is about MindArk, NOT talking about the Compet developer n-ix in public and the introduction of the team.
    Like, you know how they love to make stunning announcements on their main forums, dont you ?
    Yet they did decide, to NOT to talk about the Compet Developer n-ix in public. Get it ? This is what this thread is about.

    This is not about bits and pieces you got to find via google...it is simply about MindArk, NOT talking about the Compet Developer n-ix in public. Like, on their official Entropia forum, or on their official Compet forum, where they even choosed to delete the very same thread I made here. Because, for some reason, they dont want public information out there.

    I hope things have been cleared up now. But please, dont give up trying to convince me, that MindArk shouted it out in public, that n-ix made the game for them. They never mentioned n-ix in public, neither on their site nor on their forums, like they usually do it. And thats what this thread is about.

    Nice, you know it got outsourced. I also read Kims posts in the past.
    But this thread is about the introduction of the compet development team n-ix, which MindArk never mentioned in public.

    Thank you.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
  16. second line:
    ".It seems like it is about time, to reveal, who is behind Compet."

    But we already knew weeks earlier... soo.. big fuss over nothing, besides the fact that Mindark didn't disclose who the partner was, which wasn't a secret since Kim already stated it would be outsourced.

    "So, why did MindArk never mention these guys in public ?"

    So, why didn't they? Are they involved in shady business? DO they team up with Mark Kostabi for questionable art? Why o why?

    -> you leave that hanging, on the basis that Mindark doesn't mention N-ix on their website.

    "Hope you enjoyed, what they not wanted you to know. :p"

    Why wouldn't they want us to know? -> Do we have to answer your questions?
    Does your first post enlighten us in that direction?
    All I see is a healthy company that develops software..

    Big fuss over nothing.
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  17. Sir, yes sir, Captain Obvious, Sir !
    Sorry I could not enlighten you, sir !
    Maybe read again ? ;D

    Honestly, I dont know what you are trying to achieve here...I only contribute some info the community, that noone else did.
    Oh yes, Aio posted a link a few weeks ago, so sorry I missed that one, as Im not active on the other forum anymore.

    It could have been so much more easy, if MindArk would have made a thread like this...then I wouldnt have to argue with you about a "big fuss over nothing". x'D

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