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Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Wistrel, Jun 15, 2021.

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  2. Thank you guys :).

    I used the CryEngine on 3ds Max some years ago.
    I modeled everything on 3ds max and rendered my scene under VRay, that I learn in same time.
    I do this for my own pleasure.

    The 3D scene I started is originally taken from the GREAT film Passengers, the medical room you can see from this screenshot :


    That's a while that I wanted to redo it, so here is my work.


    Yet not finished.

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  3. I made this a while ago, sorry me if I posted it already...
    Saddly the quality of my video rendered on youtube is not great.

    I always loved computer graphics and dreamt as a child to do this "later".
    Here is one of my oldest favourite 3D video.

    Kid Dreams.jpg
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  4. Wistrel

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    Wow @Akbar seems you have quite a talent! There was me thinking @Jamira was our only 3D wizz here. Well indeed with the stuff demoed here and in CryEngine too, you could certainly upgrade Entropia a bit if they'd hire you, even as a side/home project. I do think MA could benefit from involving the players more in fixing stuff up, especially as the tools are free and these days a fair few people dabble in 3D design/art.

    Just a couple of other things, I wasn't intending here to suggest MA should switch engines to Unreal. I actually don't think there is anything significant to gain from that as you can do some nice stuff in CryEngine with the right people at the wheel. I guess my point more was that, with people being able to get pretty good with the available tools (be they CE or Unreal or Unity or whatever) in just a few months these days (if dedicated) if feels like there should be a wealth of talented people MA could hire to "clean up" the game. Even if someone has got good with another engine, chances are they could adapt/change over and still produce great work far in excess of quality of what we currently see in most parts of the game.

    BTW yes nice videos for UE5. I think I've seen most of those myself and, while I appreciate yes it's looking very photo realistic, we used to think similar of CE2... and look what MA did with it? imported turd for many a year at least and didn't even polish it. Even the GameBryo and NetImmerse engines they never used to their full potential so indeed, another engine is unlikely to help.

    About the revival delay changes. Interesting this was widely accepted to be to do with skilling rather than being able to kill mobs. This surprises me as I'd have thought MA would be more concerned if folks were doing it, effectively to get access to loot that they'd otherwise be excluded from. Skills seem... I dunno... like something MA would be less troubled by. Even if they were selling them, the money to pay for them comes direct from other players rather than MA so it seems something they'd care little about. I could imagine more concern over "unfair draining of the lootpool". That said, from your descriptions I can well imagine people could somehow bot the "revive skilling" and just leave their computer on all day, where as hunting is a trickier one to bot. McCormick has talked before though of the players he finds botting in the game.... so we know they are out there.

    Finally Zychion, indeed one of my favourite places in the game. I remember being very sad to hear that MA were unable to import stuff over from GameBryo but then pleased when it looked like they worked out how to do it (because Zych came over pretty much un touched). These days though, it's quite a sad visit. So much of it is broken now with regard to lighting and so forth and it's even tricky to explore due to Eviscerators. I know I should be careful what I ask for, but would love to see the area get a proper post apocalyptic make over PROVIDED they keep all the key things. I'm pretty certain they could just remake it with the original as a template but make a much more detailed version... you know with plants taking over, crumbling concrete etc etc. It would also be a good area for some story/exploration based missions. Finding secrets of the forgotten city, looking for old data etc etc. There could even be underground stuff.

    Anyhow here's to Zychion, long may it live.

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    Speaking of Engine upgrades.... does anyone remember when this got posted years ago and everyone was like "OMG imagine if Entropia looked like that! How incredible would that be?!!" - my how times change!

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    I used to love Zychion. That place used to have so much character, and really made it look like one of the first cities started on Calypso. I remember it took me forever to run there from Atlas, duye to some stupid troxes. Eventually some soc ran me through.

    As for the engine, at some point MA will have to do something. After the switch to CryEngine, the graphics were a selling point. That is 12 years ago, though, and it's starting to show. The FAP motion is so outdated. When in 1st person, the landscape looks nice, then that pixel art comes in. In general, I think that there's a major issue astarting to show how disconnected things are in the game.

    There's some great looking armour, and at the same time there's some terribly outdated other items. In the old days, what really sold the game to me was the artistic consistency put in. The storyline of the planet was told by the landscapes, the monuments, and the numerous little hidden graphic gems. It somehow felt as if most of the planet was carefully constructed to follow the fight between the robots and us colonists.

    All that went away. We now have what feels like procedurally generated landscapes intertwined with overly polished cities. The different planets don't exactly help in this. The storyline went from something interesting to an endless queue of the same overly done events.

    It feels like EU is currently at the ever-catching-up phase. Some visually (camera, UI change), some probably just to refactor terrible code (iron missions replaced with CODEX). There's nothing innovative whatsoever. I'm willing to bet that THE one thing planet partners want is additional options for creativity. IMPROVE the mission system to allow for more creativity.

    I have no clue as to how much of a limitation the engine is, but considering the terrible track record of MA when it comes to patches, maybe they should consider switching to Unreal and their "codeless" Blueprint, or Unity and their C# code (or perhaps some assets to switch to "code-less").

    The extreme number of bugs in EU is something I'll never understand from a company claiming they "act" like a bank or could get a banking license in Sweden (then again, that might say more about the Swedish regulatory bodies). I currently work for a bank (again). We have extensive procedures and testing mechanisms in place. There is absolutely no way in hell that we would get away with the random bugs MindArk keeps experiencing. The fact they keep hammering on their "secure" system, while introducing bugs *every* *single* *vu* means they don't even have any practises in place to improve.

    I don't think MindArk can afford to do another engine change. The switch to CryEngine probably came on the back of the TI/CND sales, when they managed to get money easily and quickly with big sales. None of that happened recently. They sure tried. The Planet Partner idea fizzled, and ended up in MA selling off 50% of their revenue. Compet failed. The moon sale failed. The ICO failed.

    The financials have been looking worse by the year, and even with them trying to launch themselves on some obscure stock market, the baseline numbers remain the same. EU fails to attract newcomers. The terrible support and mechanics, the lack of dealing with botters or cheaters, the constant devaluating of in-game assets, exploits, etc. etc. etc. will ensure that they will keep losing old customers. And there's absolutely nothing to attract and keep new people (short of existing players parroting this is hot shit in order not to lose their "investment". Which very much reminds me of the activity on some forums prior to the ICO with absolute morons confirming MA's ICO was a safe investment).

    Also, where's this engine switch money going to come from? Do you honestly think MindArk would manage to find a new mysterious investor dumb enough to buy their marketing from 2014 hooha? Is their stock suddenly going to surge because someone on gets an aneurism? Is Jan going to sell his house (He should. That guy should be living in a fucking box). Is David Ssimmonds going to sign some amazing deal (I mean, the guy has an impressive track record of doing fuck all)?
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  7. Ak resurrecting Esme at Zychion
    Esme was a great player and a great friend.
    Many old players left the game saddly...
    Seems mindark loves to ruin the players experience by adding more cheats and exploits... and steal their deposits
    And then display themselves like people with integrity...

    A video I did some years ago again on 3dsmax
    watch in full screen

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  8. Wistrel

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    Love the line art video! That's really lovely and a good bit of preservation in case MA ever ruin these places.
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    Popping back to Unreal Engine 5 for a mo, someone sent me this. I initially thought "yeh yeh another UE5 prettyness vid" but when he started breaking holes in the landscape and having stuff react/adapt around it I started paying attention! That's definitely looking pretty nice and good be a (literal) game changer for game play design in years to come.

    There is also a really good demo of what Lumen is actually doing and also I really like the clouds... they sorta remind me of what the old Entropia skys were like (even though they were just skyboxes back then).

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    Nice art. Even with that level of payment I wonder if he is making enough to cover the time spent creating the works... I'm thinking of a comparison to say watchmakers who will spend a month crafting a watch by hand which is sold for 3 grand... which sounds a lot... but when you scale up you have a highly skilled person earning 36k... hardly a bank manager salary.

    (and that's before you discount equipment expenditure and running costs like workshop space, equipment and utility bills)
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    Well, Akbar has always been a serious 3D wizz here. He helped me and McCormick several times during the past. And I'm just a simple mechanical engineer.

    But lately me and my buddies tried to run an UR4-project for our resurrection of the Dornier Do X together with "Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg". Unfortunately there was not enough time to bring it to a good end. But now we are up to cooperate with Microsoft to integrate our beloved Do X into Flight Simulator. I can't do all the stuff for that because we want to build her in RL in 1:1. I just run some VR-projects for our PR and make renderings and such. But we found one who can help us. Tor Lillqvist from Finland. He used our 3d-model for some very early tests. That's the path we should go:

    Regarding MA should use help from players ... it's not worth the effort. Everyone works with different programs. It's hard to integrate all this different data into a running system. And even if player content is offered for free, there is usually a lot work to do to implement it into the game finally.

    And yes ... Zychion. With so much potential (like a few other places like Howling Mine). What a waste! I was part of Cat's epic "Battle Royale" at Zychion long time ago. Forgot the name, but this woman from Sweden won the deadly fight without a single kill. LOL! That was a great player event and MA sent two stuff members to take part wich became temporary mortal. Epic even.
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  13. Wistrel

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    'Wow the plane model is looking superb in the Flight Simulator game. So glad that this is going to happen. Then many many people will be able to experience your work as that game seemed to be very popular and well received. Yes I remember the Battle Royale even but alas wasn't in it. Glad to hear it was won by someone with no kills.

    I remember a car race I was in that was covered by Atlas Haven radio. Was so cool to hear the commentary live when I fell off the track XD. It was a great course too... ran all round and through the space center but later MA made it a "no vehicle" zone and killed stone dead an already abandoned area of the game. Cretinous.
  15. San


    Now everybody head over to that place for the latest news.
  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well... with today's news... they should definitely hire the guy! He's likely cheap and they'll need all the cheap labour they can get! XD
  17. Wistrel

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    I'm already casting the shadow of reality on MsPudding and Chums
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  18. Admittedly, I am a positive supporter of Entropia, a "glass half full" type of person. I also have a fair bit of money invested in the game. I do not hide or conceal that fact. Please note, one did not come as a result of the other.

    Rationally, one would assume having a vested interest in the platform skews one's view of the platform. I am very likely guilty of a bit of this. Aware of this realization, I try my best to stay grounded and objective.

    I think its important to point out, though, that I have always been a positive supporter of EU, years before I began acquiring properties in the game. If anything, acquiring the virtual properties and creating the content I have for my events and website, came as a result of my increased trust in the newer team at MindArk, and the direction I saw the game going in.

    EU has flaws. I try my best to avoid becoming so blinded by my investments that I make decisions lacking objectivity and open-mindedness. I share many of the frustrations and critiques voiced here, that EU has its many challenges.

    Like others, I have my reservations about this engine migration, and I can see why others are hesitant to go through another upgrade. The transition to CE2, like you have pointed out, has had its many bugs, issues, and challenges.

    I have not played EU as long as many others, I joined this community as MsPudding back in January of 2011. During my time here I have had differing amounts of trust and hope for this RCE platform. I've become frustrated with the game, myself, my progress and the creators decisions along the way. I disagreed with the Compet investment, the DeepToken offering, and have felt discouraged seeing many others around me cheat and exploit without punishment.

    The newer MA team, and direction and feel of the game and its goals has been a positive one for me. The past 3-4 years, I've felt, the team at MA has a renewed focus on Entropia, the RCE platform and is working to make things better. I don't hear about castles, cryptos, side projects and big unfilfilled promises. The current team seems more grounded and realistic in the message they send us, than previous teams. It's not all "glitz and glamour" with this team, and I respect that. These guys are focused to fix bugs, improve my experience and listen. The recent communication from these guys has been well received by me, I'm so happy to hear and see the people creating the game I love. In all of its flaws and shortcomings, I love Entropia. I love the sandbox environment, where I'm free to pursue my goals and dreams in game how I see fit. I love the RCE element, where decisions have a real impact on the choices you make. EU has been my hobby and passion for quite some time. Its a fantastic stress reliever for me. I really love how open ended the progression system is.

    As you can tell, and have noticed, I like the game. I like where its going, and I see the transition to UE5 as an investment in the future.

    I'm glad to see those in charge at MA HQ are investing towards the future. I'm glad they're planning to continue to support and improve the game I love.

    My hope is that this transition to UE5 is all for the best. My hope is that they keep many of the elements that make EU what it is, make their way over to this new engine.

    I can respect your opinions, and appreciate that you do such a good job voicing them and supporting your concerns with screenshots and specific examples.

    I may not post on this forum often, but I try and browse many of the threads and consider a lot of the opinions expressed here. I realize that many people here do not appreciate the stricter moderation at PCF. Many of those here find refuge in the freedom to freely express themselves without censorship.

    I have realized over the years that people are very passionate about EU. Even its most harshest critics. There are some that frequent the forums, not depositing or playing the game in years, continuing to comment and share their opinions of how they think the game should be ran or what direction it should head.

    Amidst others frustration or support, I see passion. I remain hopeful and optimistic for EU's future.
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  19. Wistrel

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    Well that was interesting @Rachel MsPudding Hawkins welcome to EP. I didn't know you were a heavy investor in the game just saw you were someone who always seemed to be (what I'd personally consider to be) confusingly positive about Mindark on PCF. Still, each to their own and you are right. The day we really have to worry about Entropia is the day people actually stop caring. I believe Mindark themselves have also said similar. Anyhow, good post, I'm glad you like the game. I do too, I guess, even though these days, more frequently other hobbies and some other games hold my interest more frequently. I suppose Entropia is a bit like a good book I read when I was younger that got turned into a somewhat disappointing movie remake (The Dark is Rising would be an excellent analogy in fact) I still enjoy occasionally rifling through the pages.

    Out of interest, what sort of investment do you have in the game? I appreciate it must be very difficult to voice dissent when you "have significant skin in the game" so to speak, as that would represent something of a conflict of interest.
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