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[Mar 6, 2013] HU Event: Atroxmania! (Prizes messed up...) Thu 7th March @ 20:00 (Calypso)

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Zap, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Zap


    Event with a twist...
    Prizes reversed as winner of HSL events is very lucky anyway, so spreading the love a bit here, as You all should do :grouphug:HU Event Crew and Manuel presents new (old) weekly event:

    HU Event: Atroxmania!

    With the party tunes by Atlas Haven Radio :afro:

    When: Thursday
    Time: 20:00 MA time (90min event)
    Where: North West of Akmuul LA40 (tax4%)
    Tickets: Tickets available via in-game event list and at Landmarker (23400, 28000)
    Costs: 1 ped to keep spam registrants away :nutkick:

    1st: 50 ped
    2nd 100 ped
    3rd: 200 ped

    Random prize: ½ of ticket income to some participant outside Top3 :eyecrazy: Other ½ will be used for promoting and towards future HU events...

    Rules: Highest Single Loot wins, no PvP, 90min. NO Teams of any kind allowed.
    Atrox maturity is mainly provider - alpha
    Hope to see you all there, new and old event junkies

    Zap and HU Event Crew @ www.entropia-events.com
  2. Zap


    Lucky 3rd is the name of the game :)

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