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  1. Thinking about re-investing in game. Wondering what the going rate is on the purchase price of a shops in each of the malls? I was pretty informed about this type of info about 5 years ago, but these days, I have no idea what the going rates are? Also, do you know of anyone selling at the moment and/or how to get a hold of them? Are there any shop deeds in game somewhere in a shop for sale at a descent price? I probably won't be able to invest for another 2-3 months... til funds are in game.
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    Matters where you are looking to setup.. A shop on Foma is different that Ark or RT..
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    The entire PA mall was on auction last week, don't know if it got sold. Makes me wonder why, since it's practically passive income. Or does the cow not give any more milk? Don't see much traffic anywhere even in prime locations, and many shops look in turn as if abandoned, often stuff on display not even set for sale. Ark is better maintained, but I also hear complaints about not enough sales. I'd do more research before spending money if you've been away for a while.
  4. You could win the next shop decoration competition ! x'D
  5. This is how I value shops:
    Foma shop 2500
    Booth on caly 5k
    Apartment Tower shop 7/10 k
    Deer shop 8/11k
    Mall shop 12/ 20k
    Ark quarry booth 15k
    Ark underground booth 12k
    Ark shop 15/25k
    Monria Tower shop 6k/10k
    Monria hub shop 15/25k
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    I would divide every valuation by the number of days MA takes to process a withdrawal. In the time of instant transfers, everything above 1 is inacceptable. If you want to spend any more, consider it spent on entertainment.
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  7. Man I was making a killing at my shops in Club Neverdie when they first opened...for about 4 months, then MindArk added "item price history." Within weeks, every item was the same price. They must not have liked shop owners actually making money.

    I can't possibly imagine shops being successful these days unless paired with an uber crafter who is able to offer something rare in large numbers.
  8. Foma and cp evaluation: 6-8 k as things are now that space has moved around and they are in safe zone next to the space station.

    Number of item points on foma shops is 200 indoor and 25 outdoor, so there's quite a few more slots than down in places like Omegaton.

    Also, removing the planet entry fee helped. Only problem now is that darn thruster decay, lol
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    It's been a while since I've been in-game, but last time I was in one of the malls, it was all but empty. Are shops still a thing? Does anyone really use them at all? Is anyone buying shops?

    Another great idea that sadly remains forever underdeveloped.
  10. Yeah most of the shops are active now and on all planets
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