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Lord British about to hand out advices to Neverdie...

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Aaaaand baaaam ! It will neverend, uh, neverdie.
    Another PR strike in the making :

    While Lord British (Richard Garriot) will hand out advices to team neverdie, the headline is a lot stronger of course:

    Neverdie and Lord British partner to develop VR infrastructure

    or for the Crypto fans :

    Ultima's Famed Lord British Joins Forces with Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs to Unite Millions of Gamers in Ethereum-Based Gaming with NDC and TPT Tokens

    Woot woot x'D



    Just in case it will dissapear from the net one day :
    Lord British 1. Lord British 2.

    And a short comment on this one by myself:

    Lord British has not failed as often as Neverdie (yet), but he defenitely knows how to mess things up (or how to do PR right). Im sure, together these two ultra-humans will be able to prepare one/another epic (VR) fail, not related to Entropia and/or MindArk at all (except it will generate in millions of US dollars) Allready enjoying how "everybody" cheers and will fall for it once again, just to SEE...this...vanishing...over the next months, people slowly forgetting about it, ready to accept NDs next "big idea".

    "Lord British himself will be helping advise specifically on the structure of VR government"
    Jesus Christ...lets rawk, Im ready to enjoy the PR show ! :'D

    I dont want to sound all negative allready, but...Jesus Christ...this got to end one day, doesnt it ? x'D
  2. San


    End what? People selling hopes to other people? It will never end. And wouldn't it be boring?

    I rather foresee cryptocurrency getting killed by governments if they don't get to control it. This will remove everything it was touted to be.
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Interesting article... especially in the light of the one I saw on BBC today about how 2 of those DNM's have just been shut down after having being run by an undercover police operation for the last month since the initial raids.

    Saw another about bitcoin community having a spat over how best to adjust the code base to deal with the size of the blockchain. In essance it had been artifically slowed down to stop the data getting too big too fast but now that is just causing the whole thing to be slooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww. There are 2 camps on how to fix it.

    I've heard that bit coiners can be a bit "religious" in their views (for want of a better term) so I can well imagine this might turn into something of an all out scrap. I'm still not convinced by Ethereum... can't help feeling that half the hype is simply because it has a cool sounding name.
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  4. I fully understand what you mean, but if your hopes havent been destroyed by ND yet, sure, keep getting entertained by his hypes.
    To me, the entertainment value of his news went down to zero, because he never ever really delivered. (also because of "thanks to Mindark")

    This (venture) will get silenced asap. I promise.
    Or it will at least stay (in the news) as long as ppl throw Ehterum at ND, realizing there will be neither any "THE BIG TELEPORTER" nor milions of so called jobs. Lord British wants to pay people for their content ingame (2nd Life already working like that)...well, you better apply for a job at Electronic Arts if you have such nice abilities, creating ingame content. It cant be worse. ;)

    ND created tons of broken promises, lies and hypes. Just like as MindArk. Is that really the stuff ppl need to fight boredom ?
    THAT is boring to me. So repetitive. Did you know other game companies (sometimes) actually deliver what they promised ? ;)

    Apart from the word "etherum", this is Neverdies News once again.
    A steady dreamer who knows to talk. Hes charismatic for sure, but hes a dreamer, living in a nightmare.
    Jumping this train, jumping that idea, grabbing that hype...promising a new era...again and again...just to leave it behind to jump the next thing. What about finishing something 1st ? Well, he learned well from his mentor Mindark it seems. ;p

    But hey, maybe Im wrong this time and ND will create a gigantic teleporter + a new VR infrastructure, based on Etherum, while creating millions of jobs... ;)

    Either that or the bubble will pop sooner or later, as humanity will never be really ready for it.
    Though, this turned into its very own special "stock market"...there will always be ppl using it, just because they can.

    Id also say mankind isnt (will never be) ready for this as a mass product, beeing used on a daily basis.

    Only if the banks would "enforce" it, while crypto would be already regulated and fully controlled by them (which isnt the original idea aynway), it might end up as the new "payment method". Still, its too much specualtion and fluctuation in this, to be "just a payment option" for the average joe.

    It is a religion just as much the "stock market" we already have. You wont be able to convince brokers that it is wrong what they are doing...you will fail. Just like as you would fail telling a religious person that it is wrong what he is believing. No chance. Same for the crypto market, if you cant convince them that it is wrong...dont try it. :)

    Still, most are fully aware, that money is just fantasy...and they love fantasy...
  5. That piece comes from some old interview ("when we interviewed Lord British in the past").

    It's today's 'journalism' (a.k.a. 'presstitution') at its best.

    It works like this (in someone's head)
    "Ugh, another guy I've never heard of..."
    "But I want to seem competent, never mind I'm 19 and been working here for two months..."
    "Archive! Let's search archive!"
    "wtf is this? I don't understand...
    "Oh, deadline! I have a deadline!"
    (sound of ctrl-c, crtl-v)

    Strangely enough, this time that piece they dug out of their archive is somewhat relevant to the topic at hand.
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  6. San


    It was me being sarcastic this time ;) I concur for the most part, meant it more generically. It will not stop though, seriously. It's part of human nature, they're asking for it. Blame the buyers at least as much as the sellers.

    I'm not making a prediction regarding ND's latest project, at least he's been open about that it's high risk. Those who don't listen have only themselves to blame. I don't know who makes these "press releases" though, they are outright cringeworthy and have been totally overboard at least since this fake political campaign. I honestly don't know why he lets this happen, this style is good for making a mockery out of anyone. But to me it doesn't carry much more weight than any other advertisement hype, it's not what I'm spending any time on when trying to evaluate a product.
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  7. Always funny :)) I ve always gone with "wait and see" ...if nothing happens nothing lost...all this talk is so far in the future EU might not be here by the time ND releases something about this again :))
  8. You always loose the time reading all these broken promises, wasting even more time commenting on it, to make others aware of it. ;)
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Ahhh I should clarify my choice of words about people being religious about bitcoin. I guess I just meant stubborn really rather than a faith as such. Sorta imagine a bunch of the worse nerds you ever met... I don't mean the normal people, I mean the total shitheads who look down on anyone they perceive to know less than them about something (typically programming/computers in my experience) they all think they are right about the best way to implement blockchain.... and of course so do the other half and each will claim the other side simply lacks the intellectual understanding they are personally blessed with so yeh... big scrap or at least this is how I imagine it in "Wistrel World" (note the reality may be very different).

    So I guess I'm personally not so comfortable comparing it to religious faith after all, at least there is something tangible/provable with algorithms (best not to talk to me about the godsquad ^_^). As for comparison to money urrrgh well indeed that isn't particularly real these days but at least it is proven to "work" (until the next 2008 of course) - we all know it doesn't really work but with everyone having such short life spans we all just kick the can down the road for the kids to pickup.
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  10. Ah you mean ppl like Brock Pierce ? x'D
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Sounds like him and ND could be best of buds :D Loving this "in the past people didn't believe in the internet or thought it was a passing fad so therefore bitcoin will be awesome too" - sure there must be a name for that kind of flawed logic?
  13. San


    Analogy or analogical reasoning. It has its uses... and abuses.

    Haha, both my parents and our priest did this for me (by trying to achieve the opposite, of course). Within the first year of elementary school I knew they feed you any stories they liked, and wondered about whether to believe all the rest. At least trust was gone for good.

    Faith in future success of human endeavour and basing investment decisions on it isn't much better though. People like Warren Buffet or the late André Kostolany know how to invest, most of the rest is just gambling. Providing risk capital to help someone realize an idea is the positive expression of this, but too few are honest to themselves and the world about it. Then they come whining when their money and time is lost. And buy into the next one like the proverbial kid in the candystore of promises.
  14. You might want to look into Ryzom.

    It bears some similarities with EU (although it's not an RCE). In particular, it's been around for ~13 years and has already bankrupted two or three operators; at some point, it went open-source, and as there has been no development for quite some years, now addicts are starting to make things themselves (see 'Ryzom Forge).
  15. Hehe, I for example felt deeply in love with "Tabula Rasa"...it was fucking awesome !!!!11²²³³³ :'DDDDD

    Tabula Rasa died after 1 year...I would still be playing it, but the community got threatened and the fan-project got shut down.

    Ultima X anyone ? Online for 1 year.

    Ultima 9 anyone ? A disaster.

    Since 2013 "Shroud of the Avatar" tries to arrive...still with a huge warning message on the steam site.

    Well, what I want to say is, Garriot might have some passion left, but many of todays games lack of small, lovely details and immersive feelings. Its as simple as that and you cant always blame EA or NCSoft for "the bad games", can you ? ;p

    Sure, the background on Tabula Rasa seems a bit different and court brought 24 Mio. $ to Garriots pockets, but again, you cant always blame EA or NCSoft if a game fails, can you ? ;p

    It is true, the original "owner" of Ryzom (Nevrax) went officially bankrupt. Then Gameforge bought Ryzom/Nevrax and later "couldnt afford" money to keep Ryzom up and running, while they had other excellent titles up and running.
    But decisions got made. Gameforge is a huge and strong brand in todays world.

    Garriot is for sure "interesting" but...as I said, many games lack of inspiration and you can feel it was a rush job to make some quick dollars. There are good games out there but...here is an article about Garriot :


    Garriot, as advisor, together with Neverdie...it might work out to scam even more moeny out of the players pockets, with huge promises, because players would still put their trust in these..promises...promises, that often got kicked with feet.
    Promises that never arrived or that did not meet the players expectations (at all).
    But as long as words are able to bring in the dollars...they keep talking, without delivering. HelllooOoOoooOo ?!


    Entropia is up and running since 1999 and they already knew how to do PR stunts back in the days, after they got raided for missing software licenses:


    Just 2 examples :

    "Project Entropia site immediately became the world's largest site on the Internet, even beating Yahoo, MSN, etc.," the game developer said."

    "We will sue Microsoft and use the millions of dollars we get as treasures for players to find."

    And one last time...I still think games lack of details and love these days. Money needs to be made...not the virtual world.
    Entropia had to suffer a lot, regarding an immersive world and lovely details, but events and (rich) addicts...sorry, investors...keep this project up and running.

    MA never went bankrupt and everytime it showed up in the "news", people never heard of Entropia before.
    This is a ongoing process since 1999, as MA never ever did any kind of (mass)advertising.

    MA became very very silent with their last "roadmap" and if the MindBank wont arrive asap, chances for a another big "Treasure Island Sale" or similar news...are non existant.

    With his current crypto blah, ND is far from Entropia by now...and only, I repeat, ONLY if ND will be able to make millions of dollars, MindArk will be back and make ND the "king of pop-(en)tropia" (again). This is a mess, seriously...what would the presidnet of Virtual Reality say ?

    But enough of mixing stuff in...I say, this Garriot&ND thing will turn out as just another bullshit hype announcement without delivery.
    Maybe also because people became more aware of his actions.

    And if there will be results, it will be so far away from Entropia, that you will never hear of it again, except you are a high member in the so called "Political Group" of Rocktropia forum... just joking

    But ya, hope dies last...and once again the world has never heard of Entropia before...repeat... ;D
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017

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