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Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by KMax, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. I have the following loot for sale, contact me by PM here on forum or contact me in-game Killarious K-Max Maximillion

    Will sell partial stacks of any loot listed.
    Some markups are negotiable, if you have a decent offer say so when you contact me. I tried to list very reasonable markups but hard to do when most markups are way outdated on items.

    Amount__TT_Value_Selling MU____Item Name
    TT'ed all needed the PED, will slowly add items again as I get them.
  2. Added a few more loots to the list and some of the markups dropped.
  3. More loot added and some markups recalculated.
  4. Added many more items to the list, sold a few items and adjusted markups.
  5. Looted some more materials and added them to the list and added Hoplite Helmets Male and Female for sale.
  6. Added more materials, update some markups and added some more looted armors. The Items marked with an * behind them are scheduled to head for the Trade Terminal or going to be used in craft skilling, get them soon or make any offer over TT Value.
  7. Ok, Burned up and/or TT'ed all the mats I no longer wanted.

    List is a lot smaller now, but if you ever want anything just pm me here or in game and I will work it into my schedule to fly back for a trade. I will be off NI for awhile but will keep an eye out on this form for any interested buyers.
  8. Will be flying through NI in next day or so, if your intersted in anything in the OP let me know so we can meet up while I am there.
  9. I am now on next island for today only, will be leaving NI at about 0300ma time today, if interested in any of the items in OP get a hold of me here or in game so we can meet and trade.

    Take Care
  10. Been about a month since last bump up, all the items in opening post are still for sale, prices negotiable, the listed markups are just general percent I'd like to sell around.
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