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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Knuckles, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Knuckles, even your custom title here on EP is designed to harass and cause grief to others.


    I also have a strong dislike for Shinobi given his past actions however no one gives a shit what I think about him.... just like no one gives a shit about what you think of him. Why can you not understand that?

    People play EU for the purpose of playing the game itself. People participate in the EU related forums for the purpose of discussing various aspects of EU. People don’t play EU and participate in the forums for the purpose of harassing and fighting with people. Only a select few "challenged" individuals are entertained by your perpetual juvenile mudslinging.

    When you eventually get yourself banned from this forum, what kind of nicknames will you create for Lykke and VF? What kind of things will you say about them in order to try to slander and destroy their reputation? Will you go on Entropia Reality and try to have another little pity party for yourself in the process? You are a joke Knuckles… a pure and utter joke.
  2. I dont care about your reasons HardWrath, but I really dont think it is appropriate to post a link to that image here :rolleyes:
  3. I see the Admin has removed it and I understand your point

    I simply quoted Knuckles to show what he did.

    The EU community should really understand the things Knuckles has done to people.

    When I originally heard that Knuckles attacked her forum with "porn" pics I thought it was a bit comical until I saw that picture. Its disgusting and there is nothing funny about it.
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  4. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

    I'm not sure what started all this hostility with MS9, i guess sometimes people just hate each other from the get go due to a personality clash. I do think though you should have let her have her farewell party in peace Knuckles, she is leaving - isn't that what you wanted?

    Sometimes i find you funny Knuckles (i have a fairly dark sense of humour), but like others have said at times you take it to far, waaay to far. I'm not what you would call "in the MS9 fanclub", but on the few occasions i have encountered her in game she has seemed generally a nice person ( she took people down from cnd on her VIP for free once and i was one of those people).

    As for the ban i can understand you being pissed about it, but you must have known the reaction your arrival would cause. I think you had to be there to further enforce this "bad boy" image that you have fostered over the years.

    All in all i just think ya should have stayed away on this one knuckles, it was her farewell party ffs.

    I do find it all kinda funny how emo and worked up people get over the game at times, but i suppose many people feel a stronger emotional attachment to people in game than myself. I wouldn't bother with EU meet ups and all that stuff, people i meet in game stay 99.9% in game, i suppose to keep a defining line between EU and RL and tbh i don't think i need more social ties ( the social life i have is hectic enough).
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  5. Skam

    Skam Bobblehead


    I dont want to discuss this case in particular.. but.. it brought up something Ive been thinking about a lot up through the years.

    Does this mean that support takes into consideration what is going on in forums and other social medias (since that is part of the EULA now) when they decide if its harassment or not?

    I've been harassed a, uh... "few" times in EU and over MSN a lot. Not gonna name names :) But one incident a couple of years ago made me think about getting a IRL restraining order in case that person suddenly was on my doorstep (part of a threat.). The person in question was cyberstalking, and of course that went into Entropia aswell. That person was clever enough to keep the worst stuff in "private", mail, msn, PM's etc.

    During this time I sent a message to support (not filing a harassment-suit) asking if out-of-game harassment would be taken into consideration or if there was anything I could do. I got the answer that no, nothing could be done as long as the harassment didnt take place in-game where their logs would be proof.

    I expected that, and I handled it on my own, even if it was pretty awful threats that was sent. Nothing else to do.
    So its actually a bit of a relief if they do take info from outside sources as well. I see that it could be misused though.

    But yes, this made me think about those who have been stalked, harassed and threatened in real life. What if their harasser would take it to such a place as Entropia? Would it matter to support if you actually handed them a real life restraint order?

    Would you be able to get the harasser banned, or would you be the one forced to leave to get away? The RL/VR border is a bit of a blur sometimes, and unfortunally even if you're in a different world, the feelings are much the same. Having someone stalking you is like having a constant shadow hanging over you, and not the soothing kind.. even if nothing is said, its a suprisingly huge stress-factor.
  6. Short answer = No.

    I have gotten clarification on this point very recently. If it happens outside the game itself, MindArk generally does not get involved.

    Now, with that said... I have seen MindArk get involved when external activities are connected and relevant to in-game incidents.

    For example: A scammer is stealing from people in game and leaves incriminating evidence on the forums. In that case, what is said outside the game has very much to do with what happened inside the game.

    Skam, If you were to give me a death threat here on EP it wouldn’t affect your account in game. However, If you gave that threat to me in game and also on the forum (or somewhere else) then what is said outside of EU would be relevant and of concern to MA.

    This is my understanding of their attitude on this... but I might be wrong.
  7. Skam

    Skam Bobblehead

    I don't know, from this thread it seem that Knuckles' ban was much due to his history, not only in game but also on forums. Knuckles might be 'disruptive' but largely because of what he's said in the past. Most of which have been said on forums.

    Basically, if he was at that party doing the sexy-emote in his santa costume, writing "BYE BYE MS9" and trying to push people off the pier.. it wouldn't be half as bad without his history. If it was some unknown orange that did it, people would just roll their eyes and think little of it.

    (We've had a couple of those noob-types at the Miss Calypso events for example. Pretty much every year. I don't remember any of their names.)

    So my impression here is that Knucks got his ban based on his past doings, amped by his words on forums.

    When having harassed someone so much out of game, the little things does seem large. Like I said, their mere presence becomes an overhanging shadow, its hard to explain unless you've actually been stalked or harassed, and if you have Im sure you know what I mean.

    Its a bit sad though, if its only what is said in the official rooms that is taken seriously. When people send you PMs, mails, msn's in private, you have nobody to back you up.
    I can see that it'd be easy to fake, though :/
  8. I have never been stalked however I have received my fair share of harassment in EU over the years and I do know what you mean. After a prolonged period of non-stop incident after incident, even the most minor thing after that is a flash point.

    Someone pointed out the new additions to the EULA to me. I find this interesting and relevant to what we are talking about:

  9. Yeah you are a class act HardWrath when you went after Sapeian and his kids with harassment in and out of the game. Very very classy.

    I love though how you eat every bait that gets thrown at you though. That is truly funny
  10. I didn’t go after his kids Knuckles. I didn’t go anywhere near any of them. They live on the opposite side of the planet from me.

    I endured 9 months of harassment from Sapeian, for 8 months I ignored him. Finally after enough was enough, I called him out on it in the forums and IRC.

    The fact that you can only respond to my remarks with lies and slanders proves what kind of person you are Knuckles.
  11. I saw it myself on IRC how you were behaving towards him,mentioning his wife n kids several times.

    You always have to butt into everything since you think you are a important figure that people respect. Well I got news for you, you are nothing but a small dot in a big ass grid

    Hell,I would say you are one of my stalkers also. Maybe I should report you for disclosing personal information about a participant, a violation in the current EULA. Suck on that sucker
  12. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    We opened the thread because there where news in this matter.

    We have few rules here on EP - but one of them are that you keep your personal insults to yourself. Obviously this is hard to understand, which is why we have to delete some posts inbetween.

    I'm quite sure the people whos posts have been deleted, are aware that the content was at the edge and further for what we accept on this forum.

    If you wish to discuss these matters, which we give you the possibility to, then do so as adults.

    If any news about the topic comes up again, we will reopen - untill then - seeing the thread now turned into a personal discussion/flaming off topic - it's closed.

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