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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Knuckles, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Coachman

    Coachman RESCUER

    Even if JBK is John Bates or whatever, he sure dont make clear texts.
    I have a clear conclusion !

    This is my own conclusion to both the EULA and my own belief.
    Knuckles can be:
    1) A pain in the ass
    2) Dont break the EULA

    So what follows is..... I think the ban was very unfair and even ..... (let their be dots)
    So what follows is..... Some people reported him... Nothing wrong with that.
    So what follows is..... Why did MA take actions so late ? If ban was from July accidents?

    But and a big but ! This ban is only a temp ban ? If so I think MA is not all the way out in the blue. And Knuckles you should be happy. All you peds are still there. Im sure ours are not ! :D
  2. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    Glad to see you still have a completely unbiased opinion Knuckles :rofl:
  3. Say what you want. You had a very biased opinion towards this before I even made the thread so I guess we are even?

    I think its good mindark/fpc staff play the game but I think when they play they shouldnt be mixing up playing and working. I am not the most innocent guy in the world but it sure seems odd to be punished for something 5months late. I hope they charge MS9 and John Bates 400-1000ped a hour for the investigation
  4. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    Are we saying that the Press guy for MA had a bearing in getting the support channels to lock an avi? Surely this is purely a support issue. And yes, a long standing case, but expedited by another employee of MA outside of the normal scope of the support structure, purely because he is knows one of the people involved in the case?

    So, this is a case of "who you happen to know at MA" ?

    Dont get me wrong, I feel that Knuckles has over the years has waged a campaign of hate against MS9 and deserves his stint on the naughty step for his crap behaviour.

    Just questioning the process that led to his latest ban LOL
  5. Please correct me if I am wrong here...

    -Knuckles harasses various people in game for years
    -Countless people have complained about Knuckles for years
    -MindArk finally gives him a stern warning with a 30-day temp lock
    -Knuckles joins EP and tries to pretend that he is the victim

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  6. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    Yep, that about sums it up HW

    No doubt the chap needs his time on the naughty step.


    But the way the latest ban has played out has given him ammunition to pretend he is the victim.
  7. Yes he is a victim, but the victim of his own ego and wants notoriety.... But he has not become famous he has become infamous :dunno:
  8. Look who is talking, you are so cute:love:

    1. I actually havent harassed various people ingame. I call it "unpleasant confrontations". I give em and I get em. Fun both ways. I joined EP to post this for a simple reason as MindStar9 posting as herself her compared to ER

    2. Complaints MindArk been shrugging off as minor incidents without warnings or comments.

    3. A warning for something that is way old and already gone and forgotten in my book

    4. Didnt mean to sound like a victim, but in some ways I am since this time I was technically the one being harassed,not the harasser. You know it yourself HardWrath,you were there spewing yer shit around as usual. One of the biggest points here though is that John Bates seem to think insults that discriminate sexual preferences is totally ok

    I personally find it really entertaining when people throw the fag word around and similar when I walk around in briefs n santamask. I think its entertaining to make people get a hissy fit about it and I am 100% straight incase anyone thinks I am gay:lolup:
  9. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    My understanding is ... support issue or not ... the facts are quite clear, as well as the history of harassment, and while my support case with attached evidence was submitted on July 13th, it obviously got lost in the shuffle. There are countless frustrating posts at EF about MA support, so this is nothing new. However, due to the number of attachments that accompanied my support case in July, it could not be sent in the usual manner because the support submission function at the FPC website doesn't accept this.

    Therefore, it was sent via personal email as I was instructed to do. I then got the following response from support ...
    It's a shame that it took another MA employee to witness the continuing and intentional disruptive behavior by Knuckles to get something done. I didn't know that John was at the party, but when he saw what was going on, he PM'd me and I shared the history. John asked me to forward the information regarding the July incident to him since MA said they would take care of it and never did. As you can see, the personal email response that I got even acknowledged my attachments ... or at least access to the private folder where the 33 chat screenshots and 7 videos were, showing non-stop disruptive behavior for well over an hour. MA wants supporting documentation and they got it.

    Obviously John felt it was important enough to bring it to someone's attention in order to get this continuing harassment to stop. Knuckles' ban was not the result of just the July incident, or the Oct 23rd party on the pier, but rather a history of his harassing behavior.

    MA support didn't clear him of anything, and nothing was dismissed ... it all got lost in the shuffle. Perhaps it was due to it being Summer vacation, I don't know, but it doesn't matter, because it was something that should have been dealt with as it's clearly a violation of the EULA.
    I also doubt very much that there is any type of investigation going on for employee misconduct ... especially since the person sending me a follow-up email to once again forward everything I had to them was a top official of MA. Obviously, support didn't do their job properly, and the history of harassment was enough to warrant the ban.

    Knuckles ... you are hardly a victim ... even in this last incident where people were responding to you in the way they were. You have taught people how to treat you by your own actions, and obviously you don't feel you need to be accountable for that. You can label what you do any way you like, but I think everyone gets the message no matter how much you try to throw it off on anyone else. This is not to say that I condone certain comments being made, because I don't, but what you put out there into the universe you're going to get back. I guess that's what they call karma ... and no matter how you twist things to justify the chain of events or your behavior, the result was inevitable as far as I'm concerned, and you have no one but yourself to blame.
  10. I pushed you off a pier a few times. Big fucking deal lol

    HardWrath told me afterwards you were crying irl for being pushed off a pier in corinth. I dont regret the pushing, I just think some people think too highly of themselves and feel offended by small shenanigans:handjob:

    I actually feel sorry for both John Bates and MindArk support for being forced to go through 33screens and 7minutes of video showing me shoving someone off a pier and inventing a reason to ban for it.

    About the internal investigation. You can believe what you want, but I got a message in swedish from Lina saying they are started a internal investigation. She wrote that November 6th

    You sum it up pretty well. I didnt break any rules at either event so that means I cant go wherever I want even in public places. Next LG some screenshot from 2003 will surface and voila. Locked again:clap:
  11. Natasza

    Natasza Guest


    Once i got a friend that got wrong feelings for me and within i think it was 1month he started to get more and more agressive saying so terrible words and lines i would be too embarressed to say them here and it ended up stalking me in er under different ava names pretending to be someone else and i could never figure cos languages isnt my strong side really so i cant analyze who is hidding under what name by finding out similatirys in grammar or whatever.

    To make this short, This was going on for about 3 month and when at the end i didnt respond to his pms in game or forum so he could logg in and follow me around in town and starring at me when i was watching auction and just stalk and follow me all the time when i was doing this standard pretending to be busy route auction-storage-auction-storage trying to block my way and when i was crafting on and off keyboard he was standing 1mm from me no matter if i was here or on afk.
    At one time i bursed in cry and left the game for 2 months because i was too weak and couldnt take it anymore. yes im soft, so what

    Knuckels, he didnt break any eula, he didnt even say a fucking word for the last week but just seeing his name logg in made me freezed to the bone and not to mention the fear i felt when he was near me. He still didnt break a single rule

    What i mean that this is a female/male question

    If some man did to you what you did to mindstar, you wouldt probably even remember him after the first 10 times but a woman reacts more emo to situations like this and i think if you would do this to a man, you wouldnt get banned and this thread woulnt be created, and after thinking this through im not surprised that mindstar take this as a harassment

    I think you and everybody should have in mind that you cant say or do same things to a woman as you do to a man because we are much more emotional and sensitive to things like this
  12. I would like to point out that I dont have MS9 on FL and I dont intend to either. I havent been stalking. Hell for the last 1-2years I have only been near her like 3times
  13. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Like I said ... you can twist this any way you want to in order to justify your behavior, but you did violate the EULA with your consistent, intentional, and non-stop disruption of game-play and activities that were to take place on the pier at the launch of my radio station on July 10th, and the chat screens and 7 videos prove it. It was more than trying to push anyone off the pier Knuckles, and you know it.

    Also, I was not crying irl because you pushed me off the pier, so not sure why Hardwrath would have said that, if in fact he ever did, but ... you were unsuccessful in pushing me off the pier anyway, so your comment is irrelevant. Point being, your intentions were clear Knuckles, and you even brag about it at ER, so what you're posting here is nothing more than trying to make it seem as though you haven't done anything to warrant your ban.

    To Nat ... it's true that women express their emotions more, but it doesn't negate the fact that we can deal directly with situations like this as they should be, without becoming overly emotional about it. Fact being ... I had enough of Knuckle's harassing behavior for over 2 years and wasn't going to let this one slide, and ... when someone intentionally and consistently disrupts the game-play of another in EU, it's against the EULA and should be dealt with ... no matter what parameters Knuckles uses, or how much he pleads innocence ... I think the community basically knows that he's not.

    Knuckles ... it's been more than 3 times and you know it, or did you forget the incident at the last LG when you killed people who were trying to revive me while I was doing live reporting ... as well as all the insults you typed in chat while trying to engage other people to join you in kicking my dead avatar around. Would you please stop with the innocent behavior already, you're just making yourself look more foolish.

    There's plenty of evidence of your harassment of me over the last 2+ years, and enough is enough. Also, you have never given a valid reason for it either, other than blaming me for your permanent ban from EF, which I had no hand in whatsoever, but then ... it's no secret that you don't feel you need to be accountable for your disruptive behavior. You've obviously interfered with other people's game-play as well (no matter what you want to label it), and it's not appreciated, so when you do these things, you need to be prepared to pay the consequences. So man up and stop whining about not doing anything and being innocent, because we both know it's bogus.
  14. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

    I havent seen my "hero" for 1.5 year or so but if he would logg in next to me i would react the same. What i mean is, its not up to you to decide how someone else takes it as you dont have access to that persons personal feelings. A person in EF called me whore in a neg rep box and i think of it everytime i see him twins.....this is 4-5 years ago
    Easy for you to say when you have 100 people backing you up wherever you go, you dont have to say a word, they help you with it like we see on the logs here.
    I was all alone and didnt even had anyone to tell about it exept 3 ppl .
    But if i had your army behind me i maybe woulnt have to escape and i could also say "no need to get overly emo about it".

    Doesnt matter. Point is, we dont have the right to question eachohters way of react because everyone for whatever reasons react different
  15. What a sickening way to interfere with your own product.

    Disgusting behavior, John.

    P.S. Can I join your thought police? :tiphat:
  16. 1. Why cant you just show the pictures from july? I dont think I said anything offensive or hostile besides maybe responding to rude comments towards me. Also the fact that I didnt say any "verbal abuse" in October and still was labeled by you with "intent" to harass or destroy by getting your army of nonfactor imbecills to try and bait for a response is simply just cute

    2. HardWrath said you were crying on IRC, however, I do know HardWrath talks out of his ass alot so I would take your word that you didnt cry

    3. Holy crap. I killed you in a pvp zone...during landgrab. Whoopidoo, you wanna call it harassment to die in a pvp zone? Is that how low your standards is for harassment? Me and the others in TS had a good laugh about it. Dont fucking cry about being killed in pvp

    4. I dont really blame you on my ban from EF. I could infact care less

    5. Give a example on how I have interfered anyones gameplay since my last ban in March 2008. Please do. People interfer with my gameplay on a weekly basis but I dont run around reporting, I am above that because even though some people hate me,I am a straightedged sword that delivers 100% honesty in every word

    I am a grownup, I stand for what I do. I honestly truly deeply consider you a cancer that is corrupting the universe but hey, you can keep having your parties, I wont report you for interfering with my experience. I am simply BETTER than that

    Yours truly

    Knuckles - Emperor of the fucking World
  17. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Knuckles, it's obvious that you're going to use this thread to twist and turn everything to your delusional perspective, because it's clear that you feel your associated behavior with any activity in EU is beyond reproach, and hide behind lame rationale. I'm perfectly aware of what PvP is, and I don't complain about it, but you took the incident at LG out of context with regard to what happened and hid behind the fact that it was a PvP zone to excuse your rude and insulting behavior, which was yet another example of your ongoing harassment of me.

    You can continue to add your dysfunctional flare to your actions however you want, but there's no denying the truth Knuckles. I'm done with your juvenile behavior. Have fun amusing yourself.

    Nat ... I'm sure it's a bit more difficult when your support system is different, and I can appreciate that, but the fact is, regardless of whether you have a support system in place or not, everyone has access to MA support to file complaints. I just got lucky that an MA employee was present at the last incident and it snowballed from there. I submitted my support case with backup in July just like anyone else does, and figured that MA support just couldn't be bothered, which gave me a big message, so I went about my business as usual.

    However, when Knuckles showed up on Oct 23rd with clear intentions in mind to disrupt the party, and John Bates ended up being there, it took on a whole different direction. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary that anyone else does when filing a support case, I just got lucky I guess. I'm sorry that you had to go through what you did without anyone to talk to or a better support system in place ... no one should have to experience that.
  18. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Isn't this exactly the core? The EULA actually asks us to respect each other:

    c. You cannot interfere with any other participant's ability to use and enjoy the Entropia Universe.

    You sit there with a smile, Knuckles, thinking you're a smartass and nothing can get to you. And to you - because game and having friends obviously doesn't mean anything - it doesn't matter wether you make some people angry, sad, frustrated or ruin their game play.

    It seems to me, that you lack the empathy towards other people and that's why you don't care with what you're doing - and that's why you make a thread like this because you hope we, by your explanations, will think MA was doing you wrong!

    But as MS9 said, there's something called karma. I remember even years back when you was standing behind MindStar whenever you saw her, dancing the ugly sexy dance. Yes, it's fun the first time or two, but when it becomes more, it's more sad than fun - and when it becomes an obsession it's harassing. And you even admit that you are doing this to pizz people off because YOU don't get why it's such a big deal! As Nat says, you are not the one to judge wether it is or not. If people tell you it is, you should stop. If you dont, and continue even when being aware of this - you break the EULA.

    A part of me think it's a shame Knuckles! Continuing will make more people angry at you, maybe even more support cases - more bans! I don't get why you think it's worth it? You have a lot of knowledge about the game and even though it's not a popularity contest, I don't get that you use it so destructively! Why?
  19. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    When a person intentionally seeks to behave in a way that is known to cause distress to another, that is called bullying.

    Most of us associate this term with children, but it is a sad fact that this can continue into adulthood. When it does, it displays a chronic lack of empathy, which is one of the crucial traits we need to develop as we mature.

    Those who choose to conduct their bullying in an arena which is perceived to be free from consequence are really the most cowardly of the breed.

    Limiting punishment for bad behaviour to the exact instant of the offence is normally a technique reserved for dog training. Generally, humans can understand the concept of "long term consequence", and learn from it.
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  20. Knuckles, MS9 was never crying IRL and I never told you that she was "crying" IRL. Either you misunderstood me or you are simply trying to distort the facts again.

    The fact is Knuckles, you have a long history of harassing all kinds of people of in EU. For the last couple of years you have tried to literally grief MS9 out of the game.
    You have harassed her in game, in the forums, in chat, and wherever else you can.

    You have enlisted others to help you create multiple accounts on her public society forum in order to repeatedly post the single most disgusting picture I have probably ever seen. You then went on to brag about it in Entropia Reality.

    With just the things you have done to MS9 the list goes on and on but it doesn’t just stop with MS9, it doesn’t stop with random people who you don’t like in EU, you even harass others in your society. How many people have left BAHQ or the BA societies because of you Knuckles? How many left BAHQ and are in a lower BA society because they wanted to get away from you?

    Your soc m8s PM me and ask me to complain to your society leadership about you because they want you out of there. (I never have though). Frankly I don’t see the point. You have a long documented history of being abusive to others in your society and your society leaders don’t do a damn thing about it. Here is the old home page for BAHQ:

    <link removed by admin>

    Jove used to host the BA website for you guys when he was a member but you pissed him off enough that he decided to leave BAHQ, change the website, and then post your girlfriend Felicity’s picture on it. The link on the bottom of that webpage is especially interesting.

    The bottom line Knuckles is that you don’t log into EU for the purpose of playing EU, instead you log into the game for the sole purpose of harassing people. I don’t think that MindArk should have given you a 30-day ban… it should have been a perm ban.

    **All of the quotes above were taken from Entropia Reality
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