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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Knuckles, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. I suppose it is meant for the Neurotic Fame seeking ego-trippers using EU as the platform for their glory. LOL Nat! What I wanna know seriously is ever Mindark did clinical Psychological Trials on the long-term effects of Virtual Realities on organic Bi-peds?

    The one way to take on MA is to start a support group for ex-entropians. Depending on the growth and size of the group. They may make use of an International Lawyer for representation and take on MA good and propper.
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  2. I never report anyone calling me stuff since I aint a loser. I take screens for reference for future plans.

    Also think its funny I "delayed" the party by you guys thinking I would actually follow you somewhere remote. I only come to corinth since its close and therefor its a stupid location for private parties

  3. If MS9 s contribution was so great and cos shes such a Fantastic and famous person, why didnt her friends host a better party for her? For example why not the VIP bar on CND? Bar in Jasons? Why so public a private party? I should know cos i was Jon, sodi, pink and Freyers go to guy for a long time on CND regarding events and parties. If you host a party for someone of that status, you do it well, why not this time?
  4. Twitchie

    Twitchie Skillin' Villain

    Nice name dropping. Moving on. Because it was very last minute. #1 She had already announced she was leaving and it was quite unknown if it was even possible to get her ingame for this, much less an all-out shin dig @ CND. #2 I think people wanted her friends to be able to drop in and not have to go to CND or whatever. #3 Corinth was special to her. It was the site of her favorite show and the site she met a lot of great people. It was intended to be intimate, not bonzer or showy.

    Now, I have not had many personal interactions with Knuckles, although I have observed him for a long time. My degree is in social work and psychology so I am keenly interested in people who make it a point to stand out from the crowd for any reason. I enjoy shows about deviant behavior such as the "behind bars" type shows like Gangland or To Catch A Predator. For a long time, I have watched Knuckles seemingly try his hardest to alienate himself from people. Granted EU gives one the opportunity to don a persona of one's choosing. He may be completely likable IRL. Perhaps IRL he has too many friends and has a need to be hated. I have no idea since I don't know him from Adam IRL. But when one acts as Knuckles does, you cannot cry when something like a ban happens.

    I take parents to court multiple times a week due to their behavior involving their children. For the initial hearing, we use a preponderance of the evidence as the evidentiary standard. That means >50% belief something happened. When we terminate a parent's right to the child(ren), it goes to a MUCH higher standard - the highest. MA is not a court and they don't even need that. Knuckles enjoys ticking people off. Well, when you enjoy making others miserable, eventually so much evidence is going to collect that a simple fart in the wrong direction will elicit a relief (legal term there)...or punishment. MA is also able to look at intent. Being passive aggressive and then standing back with a dumbfounded look and acting as the victim fools only 3rd graders. If Hitler showed up to a Holocaust Memorial and stood still, I doubt anyone would appreciate his presence. Now, before people start crying, I am NOT calling Knuckles Hitler. I am simply using his presence somewhere he is not wanted as an illustration. Would he have a "right" to be there if it were in a public place? Yes. "Should" he be there? No. His presence there would only be a poorly disguised, passive aggressive attempt to disrupt the activity. JFK: "Just because we can do a thing, doesn't mean we should do a thing." Knuckles' presence there that night, like his presence at any MS9 event was to cause discord. He succeeded.....at getting himself banned.....again, from what I understand. So it has become obvious even to MA that the Knuckles' victim card has been exhausted and now his behavior will simply be handled. And as a side note, when someone gains a reputation that Knuckels has, their own cries of victimization begins to become less and less credible. It's like getting a witness on the stand and you bust them lying. Their credibility is gone. Not saying Knuckles is a liar, again just using it as an illustration about the concept of credibility. Basically, Knuckles has very little with many people. That is probably something he'll point to as a source of pride. He has treid hard to alienate himself for a long time and now he is enjoying the fruits of his labor. Well done.

    And as far as the MA employee there, I cannot say if that was a personal ava or an undercover one as I have not talked to that person myself, nor was I aware of his/her presence during the party. I only learned about it afterward. However, before people just ASSUME it was a "vigilante MA employee" or their personal ava, an alternative hypothesis is actually the most likely scenario - MA was there to observe the event for themselves, under cover, as they had received so many complaints in the past about Knuckles. Having observed it for themselves, Knuckles farted in the wrong direction and it, as someone else in this thread put it, was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    So, you can call me a fanboi, purple lover, blah blah blah. Doesn't matter. There are nearly 7 billion people on this planet and I don't need to be cool with all of them. I've played this game for 4 years and have built a good reputation by my deeds. You reap what you sow. That's why I get to login tonight and Knuckles doesn't.

    Is MA perfect? Nope. Do they have the best RCE game out there? Yup. Will I keep playing? Yup. Do they make mistakes? Yup. Do you? Yup. Do I? Yup. So either #1 get over it #2 extend the same grace you request of others or #3 buy a helmet because life is tough and there's a 350# lineman standing over you ready for that pipsqueek center of yours to snap the ball. Ever had snot bubbles knocked out of you? (American football term if you need to look it up) Welcome to life.

    I hope that was not attacking someone, mods. If it was, I apologize as my intent was not to attack, but offer my opinion of the events first laid out in the OP. Peace out girl scouts.
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  5. To sum it up I am not allowed to be wherever public place I want in EU since that might offend someone. Thank you

    That rule also breaks swedish constitutional laws for a example.

    Restricting someones right to access public parts of a place is very racist and 1939
  6. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK


    But A online game is not a public place at all. Atleast not if you read the EULA. It was just a comparison Twitchie made.

    But even IRL there is something called distortion of the public order? Prolly wrong translation but I dont really know that dutch frase for it.

    Anyhow it means that you can be arrested, or fined on a judgment basis of the officer if complaints have been recieved but not limited to beeing based on complaints..
  7. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

    What creability has a sexologist that bases his proffesional analysis from watching sex and the city?
    what creability has a kriminologist that bases his proffesional analysis from watching sorpranos?
    and what creability has a musician that bases his proffesional analysis from watching idol?

    oh common Mindstar, dont send sheeps if you want to fuck with wolves, its getting embarrassing. You have to have something better in that fl of yours then this.....
  8. Knucks, just let it go...

    You know that you enjoy being an ass, actually EVERYONE knows that - and every single time you play naive afterwards and pull the "innocent" card. All your past and recent actions only served one purpose: You are begging for a ban, so don't act surprised when your wish is granted (yet another time)

    The only question that really deserves an answer here is:

    "Why didn't they lock you way earlier already?"

    and maybe this one, too:

    "Why do they let you back in again?"

    because we all know you will do it again and again and again...
    and whine again and again and again...
  9. Twitchie

    Twitchie Skillin' Villain

    LOL, that's hilarious. :lolup: And people say you don't have a sense of humor! Thanks for showing you don't take virtual worlds too seriously. Refreshing. You are no more a wolf than you are the sun. Great line. My wife even laughed at that one. A loud bark in an online forum means nothing to people who have a life, which I'm sure you know. I see a whole new dimension to you. I am not an agent of MS9. I am who I am. If you don't know that, then I'm sorry you've been out of the loop for so long. PM me on EF...well I guess it'd have to be here...if you'd like and I'll try to catch you up on current events. And I bet she does have plenty "better" than me on her FL. She knows a lot of folks and I don't know who all is on her FL. Simply...hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. Nice to end the day with a smile. Peace out girl scout.
  10. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

    Yes this is all true! i am usless and stupid and dumb and a sheep. Everybody knows this so you didnt really reinvent the wheel.

    In your company tho, i feel like the incredible fucking hulk :)

    now if you excuse me, i need to go educate myself by.....yes you guessed right, watching Gangland or To Catch A Predator
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    This thread has obviously run its course, and seeing that for certain people it obviously is too much asked NOT to make snidy comments, we're just going to lock it instead.

    Sad, really.
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    We've been given some additional information through E-mail that we feel could be relevant to this thread. Rather than us re-posting this information, we will open the thread again, and thus allow for this new information to be added by the person who contacted us.
  13. EMW


    Awesome stuff! subscribing :)
  14. Support supervisor contacted me some days ago and said my ban is under internal review for possible employee misconduct and that they would review the case this week.

    I know I aint the one contacting admins though :spank:
  15. JKB


    Hello everyone. I am writing this as myself, it's unofficial, but it's definitely me.
    I was at MS9's party with an avatar I use sometimes to just come in as a player and Knuckles was acting worse than he makes it sound in his post. He definitely started the problems. I also know that he has been harassing MS9 for a long time, as well as others. I've met a good number of people over the years in-game and at events, and so forth, and I have pretty far reaching networks. Suffice it to say that it is clear to me that Knuckles intentionally interferes with and harasses a good number of people. It's not just that I've been there, it's the support cases, complaints, and all the rest to which I refer. Like Knuckles or not, he's the cause of his own problems. From what I have seen, and heard from many, Knuckles appears to go after popular, kind and generous players, in particular. Although Knuckes did keep saying he wasn't doing anything to harass people at the party, as people were trying to ignore him or make him go away, it was clear that no one appreciated his behavior. He stole mind essence and other things that had been placed to make decorations (which is clearly different than just dropping stuff in the middle of nowhere and leaving it), and doing the most lewd things that one can do in Entropia Universe, and so on. He knows better and can hide behind a veil of propriety, but his intentions were clear.
    I actually believe that what Knuckles really wants is to be liked, known and respected. However, he seems to go about it in a way that produces pretty much the opposite result. I would love to see what would happen if Knuckles put that considerable energy, creativity and dedication into something that is unarguably productive and kind. I bet great things would ensue. :tiphat:

  16. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    Are you John Bates?
  17. Would help to know who "me" is before we can evaluate the rest of your post.
  18. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    JKB = John Bates.
  19. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    Ain't that a kick in the b@@ls to Knuckles lol

  20. Nope. I would say he doesnt know the EULA of EU/FPC for a starter.

    I will however say I am flattered that he says he was the one making the misconduct in terms of player vs MindArk relations. I am glad he doesnt work for support because god knows what would happen
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