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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Knuckles, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    Ofc they can ask, but that doesnt mean the person has to comply to the wishes of the other communal area users as long it does not directly violate the EULA.

    Ma has to either take a firm stand and state what interfering in the experience is, or follow the rules that are clearly stated in the EULA.

    Which in this case clearly is not the case..
  2. If they dont want people to be there or interfer then they should be smart enough to do whatever they wanna do in a private apartment for instance.

    Whats gonna be next? "Knuckles,you cant hunt in same dome as me at CP. Please leave or I will report you for ruining my experience"

    See the problem? Some people ingame think they can decide who can be where and why, pretty Nazi shit going on there
  3. It was so peaceful here 2 days ago. I just hope it does not become another ER. :rolleyes:

  4. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

    This is not fair because you seem to take for granted that ppl come here from er just to make troubble and i wonder if you would say the same if another more "soft" person would get banned for the same reason and create this thread.
    Dont know your pe age but there are already threads created like this in whoreum on strange bans for normal and innocent people but no one mentions er`ism because they dont use that forum which leave you to just suffer from nothing more then preconceptions ideas.

    This thread isnt about whos side you or me are on but on what grounds people get their bans and even if its obvious who i support in this matter i would be as surprised and "scared" if the other person was banned for the same reason.

    Back in the kommunist countries the cops had this saying when taking in someone without any accusations. - We pick him up now but the paragraph we will invent later.......and this is exactly what has happend here and in i think most of the ban cases in pe

    Personally i really dont care but i find it sweet when ppl on one hand are happy about the planets and ma finacial statments and bla bla all happy about new signups and new diciplies and bla bla spam spam but on the other hand totally ignore issues like this, i mean geez, whats the fucking point recruiting ppl to entropia when then get banned sooner or later for ending up at the wrong public party
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  5. The central issue here imho is again MindArk.

    They are unprofessional, biased and absolutely not neutral.

    MindArk employees attending attention parties with their private avatars, their hosts bragging about having them on friendlists, crying to them in PMs over stupid santas in briefs to get them locked. What's next? Am I getting locked because someone saw me pking Skalman or MS9 or another friend of a MA employee in a pvp? It wouldn't surprise me...

    As a sidenote:
    <Removed by EP Moderator>
  6. Hey, I named no one. I did not monitor this thread live but when I see the number of censures made in the first 40 posts, I guess there is something wrong. The only thing I named is ER because the way this thread go, it make me think about ER where there is more insults than Entropia talks.

    And fyi, I know none of them (Knuckles and MS9). I just never met them in Entropia. I know them on Forums only and it<s enough for me. They are hard to miss to be honest. MS9 usually talk too much and Knuckles seem to really love to fight on forums. That's what I know about them. Maybe I'm wrong but I guess they both act the same in game.

    Anyway, be it Knuckles vs MS9 or anyone else anywhere else, the result is obvious when starting a thread like that. What else can happen when a defendant invites a complainant to discuss about a case like this one?

  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    One ER is enough, Bernz! As is one EF! We would like to be something in the middle ...

    The Black Hole is a place where you can rent more than usually, but that doesn't mean we won't be moderating if there are personal insults, harassment, obscene content etc., because the section still follows the Forum Rules.

    If you for some reason do NOT wan't to see the discussions people have here you are able to exclude the forum section by going to your User CP / Options in the bottom.
  8. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK


    Its about the reasons behind this, not about knuckles, or ms9 for that matter, just how MA handles this and on what facts they have acted...

    With the moderation going on here It will not become something like ER since we have Lykke&VF makin sure the content in posts does come out in a thread like this but the mudslingen, insulting or whatever doesnt.

    So props for that.
  9. Hi all,

    It seems like this is a decent forum and should say my side of the story since I appear to be such a trouble maker:)

    I will say that a few of us spent considerable peds and time making the island nice as possible in a short amount of time for ms9's going away party. It was still way too weak compared to what she deserved for her contributions to helping broaden the player base and helping spread goodwill to all the new players. Knuckles delayed us going to that by almost an hour as I "assumed" that things would not go so well (sorry mate past 8 months proved that). I simply didn't tell anyone it was out there until he left. Well, he finally left and we continued on to have to have a great night with over 50 people coming and going with no problems. Plenty of screenies on the other forum for that. We are here to be constructive and helpful to all, and have never had any other issues with anyone else. I admit to getting pissed off and losing it a bit, and I apologize for my actions and my words. If I get locked I totally accept it with 100% accountability. It's just after so many months of that hot air the blimp exploded, it was a very special night and full of tears for some of us. It's a game but some of the connections you make in it will be so much more, don't waste your time trying to make enemies or friends, just be yourself and others will appreciate it.

  10. Good point! Mindark are the ones to be exposed for who they realy are. Certain personalities in-game have too much power without being Ma-employess. Many big companies in the world, who host competitions and promotions, where big prizes can be won, have strict rules where employees, affiliates and family members are not allowed to take part as a rule and by law. This does not apply to mindark. Was it coincidence that ATH of Divine Vixen Incarnate, or a payoff? A lot of thing in the community where MA is involved, is way out of wack and in your face corrupt. Compare the Mindark from the beginning with the Mindark of now, they have turned into Hostile arrogant brutes towards their clients. Exept for a few goody-twoshoes types.
  11. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Please, keep the thread On TOPIC! :lolup:

  12. A sweet FU in your general direction NeoLykke. :tiphat:

    After 2 weeks this Forum is already turning into EF#2, a place full of idiotic moderating.

    This comment wasn't removed due to violating any rule, it was because it's not allowed to make fun of Staff's friends.

    over & out, V
  13. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    This is not because of 'staffs' friend, Venus but because it is a personal attack, and you know it. And I really didn't see any fun in that part.

    As stated before this is not the place where you are allowed to harass other people or name call. I kept the other parts, but there was no doubt where the one I removed was pointed at.

    As mentioned there are other places where you are allowed to have this behavior. This is not the one! Everyone should be able to join here without feeling they are being attacked, not directly and not indirectly wrapped in what a few might find to be 'fun' comments.
  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The comment was removed because we asked numerous times to keep mudslinging and snidy comments out of the discussion. The removed part classifies as a snidy comment, and therefore, it got removed.
  15. Bullshit.
    Nobody got harrased, attacked or insulted. It was making fun of someone. At most.

    If that fkin comment is considered a violation of forum rules i wish you the best with turning this into a teenie dating wonderland like EF is.

    You got a lot of work to do in that case, but I'm sure it's rather allowed to make fun people not beeing on your friendlist.

    I liked the idea of a middle-thing between EF and ER, but this moderating is obvioulsy based on personal feelings. Makes me sick.

    Just ban me, i just said "Bullshit", bad bad me. :nana:
  16. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    A fun part is only fun if others also find it fun, Venus. And you can go whereever you want, it's up to you. We are not bending the rules just because a few doesn't like it.

    About people on my friendlist, I accept all the requests I get. But that doesn't mean some are getting any special treatment. It's the same for everyone. And thinking you can use that as a target is really immature.

    We can ban people here but we try not to. If we ban people it WILL be if they consider this forum as their personal attacking playground or the place where they believe stepping over the rules given over and over again is alright. And let me make it straight once and for all - no moderation is made because of 'personal feelings'. We are moderating after the rules on the forum, which are created to be able to fit as many as possible. If some doesn't fit in, that is too bad - but that goes for everywhere I believe.

    As mentioned before, there are other places where atticking others and making fun of them on their behalf, bashing, verbally abusementetc. is ok - but that is not here. Members on this forum actually told us, that they are tired of some places constantly negativity and personal harassments - so we made it clear from the get-go, this is not that kind of a place.

    If you do not like this forum or if you are not agreeing with our moderation, that is fair enough, but then I suggest you find another forum.

    Thanks for the coorperation
  17. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary


  18. Chopper dont try do admins job, theyre quite capable and the geeks are on the case lol.

    The more rules and restrictions in the game, the more Mindark ruin their own game and more peops will leave for good.

    I have personally experience irritating and pestering avatars in game clowning around and being overall childish attention seekers. Mabe it is about time MA does something about it, still have to refer em to my EPS idea. Another reason for the nececity of a Mindark run Entropia Police Services.
  19. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

    The easyest thing in the world is to convince people that you actually care about them. You see, 95% of time people think only about themselfs and their own problems, thanks to that you can make more friends withing 5 minutes by becomming interested in other people and their problems then you can in a 1 year trying to get other ppl get interested in you and your problems and people dont care about you until they know how much you care about them..........As the false and fake hyena i am, i would know. Been there done that, got friends

    If your (color will be cencored anyway) friend used the same tactics towards you i woulnt know, you tell me:)
  20. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    m8 I was J/K
    Did you see the silly :p:p icons there?
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