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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Knuckles, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Quoted from ER:

    Well thank god!

    I listened to the newscast thing on the premier of her channel while I was trolling her party in corinth and the soundquality can be explained as her reading the news while sitting in a bathroom taking a shit since it was like a bathroom echo.

    Good riddence MS9, I hope you focus on something you are good at but I guess you havent figured out what it is yet cuz I sure as hell havent seen any talent yet

    Knuckles the post of yours above is damning and clearly shows motive with intent.

    For the record I would like to point out Mindarks leniancy on Knuckles for EULA breach. It is surprizing and I am a little pleased. Knucks! Have you any idea how lucky you are? Do you love playing the game? Make good use of your second chance when your ban is lifted. hone your in-game social skills and behave. I know that MA wont be so leniant on you the next time you rock the boat. Be sweet towards MS9, give her a flower in-game damnit. Charm the ladies and make friends with MS9 and do a team hunt together. There are nicer and better ways to get attention. have you mabe ever considdered getting a bit fanatical about CL? There is a good way to go. Be always mindfull that there is a human beings with real feelings, just like you, behind every avatar you encounter. Dont bully the girls and make em cry, kiss them and make em cry. you will get a different reaction;) Just ask Emma the Guide about me and mabe she will tell you how I made her feel;) Phew! Such a hottie. You gotto admit, taking a second look at MS9 Ava, shes quite the hottie too, dont ya think?
  2. One thing to both of you (or the 3 of you) throwing mud in here

    Stop being so freaking forum whores - get a life and get your hormones down again.

    You guys are SOOOOOO boring... :puke:

    If MindArk had any senses they would ban the both of you - but they know that if they do that, you will ruin all the forums on the web about Entropia Universe. The Forum whores at EF already ruined that, now leave this alone for God's sake!
  3. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    tom, Now THAT is a fitting smiley!
  4. I never said I was innocent, only that I was innocent THIS time:woohoo:

    I think my mudslinging is directed towards the right person because who else could take 33pictures and 1 video crying about being pushed off a pier a few times?
  5. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    She might have taken the pictures but in the end it's not her to decide what kind of punishment you should have!
  6. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    This is exactly why god invented karma :rofl:

    Seriously.... "I was innocent THIS time" ? :lolup: That is so schoolboy lame it's scary.
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Knucks, as stated before, this is not the place for mudslinging. You stated that you joined this forum to be able to hear MindStar's side of the story, and we're perfectly willing to provide you with a platform to do that, as you can see. Again, though, you'll have to do so without personal attacks or snidy comments.

    And regardless of what you think, it still was not MS who banned you. Blame MindArk. The chatlog you posted also clearly states, you were asked by several people to stop whatever it was you were doing (my guess is they meant you picking up stuff). You did not, and in such cases, the only real option left for anyone to do is to submit screenshots and other evidence to MindArk.
  8. People told me to stop or to go away since I was in what they considered THEIR PART of Corinth where I wasnt welcome.

    Do you understand how idiotic it is to whine if someone picks up a few items that was dropped when you get a warning while dropping it?

    Biggest issue here is not me getting banned again. I dont mind that,as you can see the week before the ban I was pretty much on a break anyway.

    The big issue is the crybabies who whine over emotes, outfits and other stuff and then reports for it so MA feels compelled to do something since X people reported it. Whats gonna happen next time I am in a town? People will say I invade their space by using same auctioneer and if they get together they will get me banned again since support dont really care about evidence. They ACT without it.

    There are several examples the last few months where people been banned for a week or 2 for simply pvping in pvp since they got reported for violating experiences from the guys that got killed.

    In the end though, regarding my case. Banning me for something noone cared about in July is kind of bullshit. The mindark guy at the farewell party obviously did not care about the actual verbal abuse from people there. Maybe its ok to run around calling people "Gay losers" and "faggots" but simply pushing selfpompous dilusional people off a pier 4months ago is harassment. Every time I been banned so far I been reported by the same people who call me faggot,gay loser,"N word" during it. In a perfect world the reporter should be banned also or both go unbanned with a warning

    If MindArk dont act on it within 1week of actual events,it should mean it wasnt over the line. Also if Karma would work perfectly ingame then there would be people banned for exploits and thefts in most top tier socs. Now lets put my pushing and being a pain in the ass to some in perspective to stealing a Mod Merc or various other stuff.
  9. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    You seem to enjoy being an ass to others in game Knuckles, I've seen it on multiple occasions. The drone mobtrain was one, you mob trained a soc m8 of mine 3x in a row and then cried about us calling you an asshole? and that was only one of MANY that day for you, wasn't it? grow up man. You also found enjoyment in trying to ruin a soc event in a ring by storming in and laughing when killing people with TT fists. You then cried when we killed you with LR's saying "I only had an ep 41" But you thought it was funny to kill people that "only" had TT fists?
    You are an immature, insecure person who does NOT learn from your mistakes.

    <removed by admin>
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  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Once again, please try and discuss without insulting one another :wise:.
  11. Knuckles, <removed by admin> shit seems to happen around you a lot? coincidence? Hanging out as the iritating, anoying clown, does NOT win hearts and minds. When will you realize this? You blame MS9 for no imagination. Use yours and try some different social skills. Show the community your decent, nice and proffesional side that is pleasant enough to want other to have you around.

    Why dont you get fanatical about CL and shine? Or anything else for that matter, manny historical examples to go on. Take Zorg, ask him tips on his success, or take up a proffesion seriously. I am holding up hope for you. ye keepin a virtual candle lit for you Knuckles.
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  12. Stave

    Stave Guest

    Shouldn't this at least be moved into the black hole section?

    After all this is what its for right?

    I dont mind stuff like this here, just please dont let it drag over all the Crap that has caused me to stop reading EF, you guys know exactly what shit im talking about.
  13. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    You are very right, Stave :wise: - so I moved it to The Black Hole!


  14. How many times are you gonna cry about old stuff? If I dont remember wrong you were one of the big rascists out there spouting all sorts of abuse when my stray drones went for you. If I run mobs around and someone decides to be a asshole about it then guess what,I become a asshole towards you. The guys who didnt spout abuse got kept alive by me fapping them which is pretty hard when I had 15-20drones on me naked. I was the first and only one banned for a mobtrain. Others have done repeated mobtrains harassing players without punishment like that nbk guy or Star.

    Was your boxing event in Billys btw? You cant complain about it since its in a pretty public pvp arena.

    I act immature though, its called a image. I am actually quite reasonable and I am definatly not insecure. <removed by admin>

    The most important thing here for me, is the issue of a MindArk employee thinking racial/sexual harassment is less worse than shoving someone off a pier
  15. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    You remember wrong m8 :nana:

    I think you were pretty hammered on both the occasions I spoke of so I'm not suprised your memory is a bit blurry :tiphat:
  16. Very possible. Luckily I aint the only alcoholic ingame. We're straying from the main problem here (for me anyway)

    Prescibated old stuff being used as evidence again even when I dont break rules to punsh me
  17. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    One thing you sure don't understand that just because an area is "public" it doesn't mean you are automatically invited or wanted there.
    Would you pitch your tent right next to another campers tent on a "public" campground and proceed to do beligerant annoying things and claim it was your right to do so just because it was a "public" place?? I guess you would if you wanted to get a black eye! :boxer:

    Why do you expect people not to complain when you set out to irritate them? You have pissed people off for such a long time now that OF COARSE they are going to be hypersensitive to any of your antics.

    FFS why can you not listen to people when they ask you to STOP what your doing and leave them alone?
  18. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    Naa.. not straying at all here.. I get pretty hammered in game as well, But I don't try to deny or minimize what I did in game while drunk.
  19. I told them they cant be in 1 of the most popular spots ingame and say its offlimits to me. Infact I even told em to go to a apartment if they dont want me in Corinth.

    Hypersensitivity is the cancer that has been ruining the game for years
  20. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    Wow.. you are SO inconsiderate. you really only care about yourself? Your way or the hiway eh?

    Answer this..
    Can people do anything in a public area and ask you to not be there?
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