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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Knuckles, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. As most of you know I got my account banned temporarly for the 2nd time the 24th of October for "verbal abuse and stealing a dancefloor". It did come as a small suprise though since I didnt verbally harass/abuse nor steal a dancefloor. Here is my small little story

    I was told on IRC that Mindstar9's farewell party was being held in Corinth and I thought to myself "this could be fun" and decided to log in for the first time in a week. I wanted her to hear my farewell and see if anyone would go into a hissy fit of me being there and low n behold. As soon as I said "farewell MS9!" the crowd turned hostile with people calling me gay loser and that I am a homosexual on dial-up with inbred parents. See it yourself below for a example


    Remarks like that is stuff I find amusing especially when they are unprovoked. Me saying "farewell" a few times lead to various hostile remarks from the crowd and then they started saying I would get banned for being there since I was "harassing". I countered with "all I see is abuse from you people" and a few geniouses said they would send screens and make supportcases. Even her highness said

    Now before my story continues. Lets go into minor details how support has been working lately. The last few warnings and bans handed out in the game have been for "violating ingame experience" and they been based on no evidence other than multiple people reporting. Last few months I have had friends get warned and tempbanned for pvping in pvp without any abuse. Policy seem to be "If 3 people report it = true"

    Back to my story now

    Since the hostile crowd is saying they are reporting me I start to think that "these douchebags will probably get me a warning or a lock" so I just keep my cool hanging around and not respond to anything thinking this would be enough. I've made sure I been taking a few screens of their abuse plus saving the chatlog thinking this would come in handy incase of a supportcase vs me. After some idling my wife gets home and we go shop for food n beer

    The day after I have a email from Entropia Support saying the following

    I made a supportcase few hours after reading the email asking support what I have done and they replied

    This reply made me laugh for 2 reasons. I didnt verbally abuse anyone and you cannot "steal" items dropped in public since the person dropping it gets a warning. I picked up a few randomly scattered boards though,old habit I got.

    Anyway, I tell support I demand to see what kind of evidence they got since I didnt verbally abuse anyone and they refuse to share any info. Not even if they got a log,a picture or anything like that. Its starting to piss me off that they only listened to reports without evidence so I tell em I am gonna attach screenshots of their abuse and chatlog from the whole evening to the case and I did attach a screenshot of Jeffe calling me a gay loser. I couldnt attach the chatlog since support only accepts jpeg in the interface for uploading.

    I ask support for a email to a supervisor since the guy handling my case dont seem interested at all in any kind of information of evidence I got speaking FOR ME. I get a email to Lina (Support Supervisor) so I email the log and some screens and that email was sent the 26th and I have yet to get a reply. Instead, my ban escalated from what seemed to be a lock that would be removed as soon as I send in a ID to a lock that is 30days including the ID. I dont know why but maybe asking for what proof they got made em do it. That doesnt seem right nor fair for a modern company though.

    I bet some people who werent there would say "Oh Knuckles probably ran around spouting profanities" but there was a few people there who has approached me both during the abuse and afterwards saying they saw no abuse from my side ,only from "MS9+company" side and they think the ban is bullshit.

    Its also come to my attention that Ms9 has multiple MA avatars on FL and also some on Skype so maybe this got something to do with it. I also like to add that MS9 told Justin at BSFZ that I didnt take the dancefloor. Would be nice if she would tell support that also since they are hellbent on the idea from their "investigation". Another minor detail is that Justin was present at the location and he said he didnt witness any harassment from me at all,only harassment towards me from the start

    Disclaimer: Only reason I posted here instead of ER is that MS9 has a official account here so she can talk her side of it without using alt account. I've attached the chatlog from the evening 100% unaltered and unmodified to this thread so people can judge for themself. Takes a few minutes to read though

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  2. The stealing bit is bullshit, what you drop in public is free for anyone to pick up.

    I'll read the chatlog first before i comment on anything else...

    ... but: Why did you go there in the first place??

    /Edit: Nice user title tho
  3. LOL, I can relate, of all the peops I can genuinly relate. And you know what? I dont hate you man, never will. :nunchucks:

    BTW welcome to EPF. Trust me, you will wanna behave here;)
  4. I wanted her to see my briefs a final time
  5. Did she want to see your briefs? Was it party-crashing? You are lucky to get a temp ban . I am a lifer. Ye your "cell-mate Bubba":handjob:. Ye bitch take it like a man and scream for pappa! Now we know why you hate shin, he he he he he;) LOL Public virtual ban-prison violation of an inmate in progress here. Move along!:spank:
  6. Minor difference is that I didnt bombthreath their office
  7. Symatics! Now shutup bitch! Bend over one more time for poppa! This is gonna be a long.....long...long Night!
  8. Will you two stop flirting ? :D

    Thing Is .. I wont miss this purple crap :P

    But .. I do belive she was great for the community, and because of that, i will be sad to see her leave !

    Oh and .. totally did not deserve a ban imo.
  9. I wish the people who said they reported me had the balls to present the evidence they showed MindArk. I put my cards on the table. Lets go:boxer:
  10. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Here are the facts Knuckles (and everyone else)
    There was no question in anyones mind why you were on the pier at the party, and exhibiting a less subdued chat this time around doesnt negate that

    There was absolutely no dance floor on the pier that night whatsoever, so you or anyone else claiming that your ban was based on picking up a few dance floor boards is bogus the proof is in your own photo

    The dance floor that was built by Kruts and Jeffe from Irken Invaders was on the party island west of Corinth, and was created entirely of purple textile squares, mind essence, and weapon cells as shown here and here and you were not on the party island Knuckles

    Your 30 day ban from EU was not based on your presence at this most recent party, but a history of harassing behavior that clearly violates the EULA, and has nothing to do with picking up dance floor boards

    Case in point on Friday night July 10th at midnight in-game time, you were waiting on the pier at Corinth Beach with only one mission in mind to ruin the launch of my radio station

    You proceeded for well over an hour, non-stop, to not only harass me, but my guests, and interfere with the activities that were to take place on the pier you focused everyone who arrived on the pier, and continued to do so even when asked to stop

    Your chat was rude, insulting, flaming, and downright nasty, and filled with lies

    You continued with your best effort to push me off the pier, as well as others

    I have a private folder at a site (other than YouTube) that contains 33 chat screens, and 7 videos showing the extent of your non-stop disruptive behavior, and these were forwarded to MA Support for viewing on July 13th

    While I received the standard cut n paste response about how MA takes this type of disruptive behavior seriously, and that it would be dealt with, they obviously didnt do anything at the time ... could be because it was a Summer vacation for most

    However what I and everyone else didnt know, is that there was an MA employee present on the pier the night of this most recent party I only found out when that person chatted me

    I was asked questions based on what was taking place on the pier, I gave my historical accounting of your harassing behavior (based on evidence), including what took place on July 10th, and I was asked to forward everything to this MA employee

    Everything was then forwarded by this employee to someone at the top, where evidence was reviewed, with the resulting hammer being dropped ... obviously the evidence was compelling enough to warrant the consequences
    The interesting thing is Knuckles, that you openly brag at ER about your escapades, and have openly admitted in a post that your mission is to grief me out of the game. Also, you not only openly admit to trashing the JSA forum with porn in July of 2007, but even give a means for people to see just how nasty it was, and brag about it. On top of that, you openly posted recently that you wished the JSA forum wasnt read-only, because you want to trash it again. In the past, you even invited others to participate in this intrusion as well.

    There was absolutely no question why you were on the pier during this most recent party, and you know that, no matter how subdued you tried to keep yourself. The reactions of the people on the pier in chat were based solely on your historical behavior with me (and perhaps their own experiences) , as well as many who were at the July 10th launch of my radio station.

    You have a history of bad behavior Knuckles, as evidenced by getting banned not only from multiple forums, but from in-game as well not to mention the continued support cases submitted for being disruptive of other peoples game play. Obviously, you dont feel a need to be accountable for this, but rather defend your actions as innocent, and externally blame others for your misfortune.

    Now, my question to you is what exactly is it that Ive done to warrant this type of treatment again?
  11. Oh, well, If you put it like that.. Ban deserved imo !
  12. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I need to correct one thing ... I was unaware that anyone was trying to build a dance floor, or creating an "MS9" out of mind essence, because I was in chat with the MA employee, as well as a gazillion other people in PM's, but ... according to Knuckles' own chat log, he had a good ol' time picking everything up. I know what the rule is about dropping stuff, but there's also such a thing as common courtesy, and this just further feeds into the obvious reason why Knuckles was on the pier the night of this party.
  13. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

    if you ppl are so idealistic and "by the book" then why dont you file a support agains the persons that used "homosexual" as insult.

    That if anything in that chat log was against eula and against the laws in some of the countries even.


  14. I was following the rules
    That I got banned for being called a gay loser by Jeffe? I was behaving and yet got called names by your "friends"?​

    Exactly! Yet Support claims I stole the dancefloor. Odd isnt it?​

    I got banned for something that happened 4,5months ago? Thats bizarre​

    To the nonintelligent yes, it was actually to see if you would do any live streaming and have a fit over me being there​

    Sexy pose made by MindArk is harassing huh? There were no activities there btw besides dancing​

    I beg to differ,but often I reply the way I am met. Tbh I am quite sure I didnt say anything offensive​

    Stop the presses! Pushing! Whats next,gonna whine about me standing on your head? ​

    MA support cleared me from any wrongdoing. No warning,no emails, case closed​

    They say that if you do fake reports also. Standard cut and paste​

    Pretty obvious he crossed the line between being a participant and a vigilante employee​

    This strikes me as bullshit, I was deemed innocent and I was not flaming anyone at the pier in October so why should I be banned for it now? No new evidence surfaced so no point in opening it up​

    Same person that dont care about my evidence? They only want 1 side of the story​

    Thank you for tracking my and reading all my posts on EntropiaReality. I did that before EULA changed to involved "other known medias" btw. Another reason for it was that you had been harassing multiple people with subtle threaths about follow you or else​

    So for just being there its ok to be called various stuff like "gay loser" and similar stuff and also be banned for months old stuff no one cares about? Its almost like you are defending the abuse from your toyfriends​

    I am only banned from forums owned and operated by Neomaven. Shocking huh? Last time I disrupted someones play was in March 2008 as a example​

    I dont treat you differently than anybody else​
  15. I am actually godsmacked about a MindArk employee caring jack shit bout sexual harassment and other various degrading comments. I would really like to get his name so I can file a complaint

    Its extremely odd to go somewhere,without harassing someone and yet be banned for something old that wasnt actuall harassment

    PS. Ms9. Show your video and screens and then judge if anything I did or said is worse than "homosexual idiot on dial-up with inbred parents" or "gay loser". Such hypocricy
  16. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Knuckles ... you weren't cleared of anything ... MA was slow to respond, WAY too slow, as usual, and we all complain about MA support, but ... this time, the history of your behavior just put everything over the top for MA, and obviously they just got tired of it. You can justify your behavior any way you choose, but there is enough evidence out there to show a consistent pattern with intent of what your motives are, it's really that simple. It's just a shame that an MA employee higher up than support had to intervene in order to set it straight, rather than support doing their job as they should when someone continues to exhibit the types of behaviors that you do.

    Oh, and ... with regard to the dance floor, or any other decoration that was attempting to be created that I wasn't aware of because of being in multiple PM chats and minding the radio software ... your own chat log Knuckles is proof that you were picking up everything that was laid down, so denying this is rather futile, don't you think?

    And for the record ... I only answered questions and provided documented evidence, the MA employee did what they did of their own choosing. They didn't cross any line, but were unaware that the incident in July had not been taken care of as was mentioned. Again, probably because it was vacation time and it all got shuffled into a pile because of so many support cases.

    Also, I don't know where you get that I was threatening anyone about follow me or else, because that is absolutely bogus. For those who were harassing me in posts, PM's and in the rep system at EF, I absolutely did go to 711 and ask for help to get it stopped. It doesn't surprise me that some people don't feel they need to be responsible for their disruptive behaviors, and that they blame others for being banned from forums.

    With regard to one side of the story ... both have been told, evidence presented, and decisions made ... bottom-line. Again, you obviously don't think that your continued and consistent behavior over time that clearly disrupts people's game-play and enjoyment within EU warrants consequences. Guess MA thinks otherwise.

    Bottom-line is Knuckles ... you and others can justify your behaviors any way you like, but the evidence is definitely out there to prove your intentions. And ... behavior you have consistently exhibited with me in-game is clearly an intent to disrupt my game-play and enjoyment of EU, which is absolutely a violation of the EULA.
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  17. Actually, both of you are far from being saints - there are plenty of people hating either of you.

    What bugs me tho is that you have nothing better to do than bringing out this shit on a forum that has hardly opened and will be judged by bullshit like the one you post here - can't you folks wait with that crap until EP is an established forum, ffs?

    And don't go telling me that MS9 doesn't post on ER and Knucks can't post on EF and therefor this crap has to be discussed here...

    Anyone but you doesn't give a flying fuck about your little love affair, so get the heck over it already - what you do is SO not fair towards Lykke & Peter who work hard to get this place going.

    Same goes for the "Shinobi chronicles" and the "HW vs. Sap" shit btw...
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  18. I know she has a ER account but she wouldnt post as "Mindstar9" by replying

    Also,fuck yeah I know I aint a saint. Never intended to be one but its odd to be banned retroactively for pushing people off a pier when people stealing items for 500k ped same month werent investigated
  19. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    We're going to let this thread stay for the time being, though I will ask everybody involved in refraining from turning this into a mudslinging contest or an insult fest.

    Knuckles - You and I had our runins in the past, but I promise you that you will not get treated differently here than anyone else. I do expect that you will follow the rules you agreed to when you signed up, and that you will try and remain constructive.

    With that said, it seems to me as if you are directing your frustration over getting banned at the wrong person. MindStar is not the one who decided to ban you.
  20. Ye I have to agree with wizzszz on this one, take it to ER.
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