Khorum Coast LA (Arkadia) Opening and interesting revenue sharing plan

Discussion in 'Calypso Missions and Events' started by Wistrel, Mar 24, 2022.

  1. Wistrel

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    Spotted this on FB/PCF:

    Thought it was an interesting idea. TL;DR is that the new owner is allocating up to 100 shares to players who hunt on the LA every month, with allocation being 1 share for each 1kped's worth of globals earned. Each share entitles you a minimum of 0.5% of the profit with more being allocated if less that 100 people get total globals over 1k ped. Streaming on youtube also can get you share allocations.

    I'm guessing the 1k qualifying threshold is to stop too many claimants coming forward and it being too much admin to manage the handouts [realistically speaking, passing PEDs to 100 players every month in person would be quite a chore].

    1k ped is too much for me but for regular hunters it might be doable. I find the concept rather interesting though regardless

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  2. Do you get shrapnel on Arkadia in loot? Also, what if you don't earn 1,000 peds of globals for a given month? Can you add it to the next months globals, and so on and so forth until 1,000 peds is reached?
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    Hmm... don't think he mentioned about stacking contributions from month to month... My gut feeling is to say no, he probably not going to allow that, assuming his reason for the limit is to keep number of people he has to interact with down low/managable. This said though, a person who accrue's 500 a month is only a burden of 6 times a year max as apposed to 12 times a year max or less even... so maybe... especially if he doesn't get to the advertised max of 100 very often...

    Dunno... maybe ask him. Can always say no but I sorta get a vague impression he's looking to be adaptive with his plan, which is probably fairly sensible all things considered... it would be prudent to imagine one couldn't get things 100% right the first time around so he might be open or even expecting to vary the rules as time goes on.


    PS yeh I think Shrapnel is universal... that said... last time I was on Ark... I'm not even sure shrapnel had even been introduced (to the game)... dunno. Been a long time!

    edit: Just caught up on his thread. Sounds like being adaptive to how things work out is exactly how he plans to run things and the thinking behind 100 was primarily to help with the maths. So indeed it seems likely he might consider a monthly score roll over or even a lowering of the threshold to obtain a share. An interesting move is that shares always count towards the coming month's profits not the one just past.
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  4. Great, if shrapnel is universal then at least that would cover the ammo cost, so that's good, and if it turns out that he would consider a monthly rollover, then that would help as well if I decide to go in for this. Reason being I'm not globalling anywhere near a 1000 ped a month tbh, in fact globals seem to be very illusive lately.
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well I only ever had a few over 50ped but then again I don't hunt much so no surprises there.
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