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Discussion in 'SEE' started by Softhart, Oct 13, 2011.

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    The site Softheart linked to has a disclaimer at the bottom:

    The first announcement about this news was made back in June by MindArk, albeit it was done very hush hush by placing a short message on the MindArk site informing the partnership between MindArk and SEE had ended. We asked SEE to comment, and got a an official statement from Martin Biallas about the termination of the partnership.

    The SEE site most likely was just not updated earlier. Good to see they are still going ahead with their plans, and even added a new "King Tut" game.

    Curiously enough, the Planet Michael screenshots shown are still the same as before.
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  2. "Planet Michaelâ„¢ will be a remarkable social browser game inspired by The King of Pop, Michael Jackson..."

    Browser game?
  3. Tass

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    From CE2 to browser?

    Mh, they'll probably be using this: http://www.corex3d.com/
  4. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Very curious... well not really but interesting to say the least!! :alien:
  5. I hope that the Monsters game isn't a browser one.
  6. EwoK

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    TBH i'm really relieved that Planet Michael isn't coming to this platform.
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