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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by SevvyS, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. what can i say: hwuwhahahwhwuha , looks like there is one more of uncountable number of ppl scamed in EU. Keep in mind that this is real money and it is the reason why u can trust only friends IRL, he scamed u cuz he was smarter, society member isnt a good reason to trust ppl, so keep that in mind or u will be raped again, and nect ripp-off might be much more serious.

    P.S i have an idea, we need a section in this forum where would be a list of top 20 scams in EU ever, would be nice to read the biggest one xD
  2. Here's proof that i did not spread anything, and at first did not belive he "scammed" us. (As requested by Admin) More screens coming once i edit them etc.




    Another member asks for details be handed to him.




    Some of his excuses and responses.




    His response after scamming alligations and replies:


    The message he talks about on EF, was a message i left on his profile, since he was not responding for days on our soc forum, even tho he was logging in.. as far as i remember, it said "When will you pay the peds to the people you owe in DD?" Or along those lines..


  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Thanks for that. What I asked Sevvys is to ensure that this section of the forum will not be one where random accussations are tossed out, which potentially end up in burning innocent people at the stake.

    We *do* believe that scammers deserve to be tarred and feathered, and that other colonists ought to be able to educate themselves on who to avoid, but we insist that no scammer claims are made without proper evidence backing the claims.
  4. Continued..



    I have many more screenshots if anyone wants to request anything.. I may have it, just not posted.

    What i personaly belive, is the jak has withdrawn our ped, needed it for RL purposes.. with all intentions of paying it back. Either that, or he has actully scammed an enitre soc !

    I just dont understand why he refuses to pay any peds out.. All peds that have been paid, have come from the member who recives all LG tax, jak has not actully paid any peds out from the Bank Fund for 5months~

    Also he has clearly lied in his response here, by claiming i started the rumors, and also that none other feel the same way.. why would he do that ? :\ All a bit strange..
  5. Atlan Leticron

    Atlan Leticron Postmoderna pixel pusher

    I read all the posts and only can conclude one thing.

    So far I learned that the truth is in the middle.
    And about that i am usualy 99.99% right.

    So therefor SevvyS and jak are both on my Black List and I will pass that on to my soc members untill there is realy proof that one or both of them are scamming.

    Sorry But I cant be carefull enough about those things.

  6. I added alot of screens, you may not have seen them.. But if you look at the screen shots, and then look at jaks message.. its very clear he lied.

    Also there will be other members posting soon, apparantly having problems with the email verification ?
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I assume you mean vodka. I had the activation codes resent. Ensure they check their spam folder, as the mail might inadvertently end up in there.
  8. How long time is it to be a scam?

    I have been requesting MY peds since November along with other DD players and have been ignored or telled it will be done "this week".

    More then once i have gotten Pms from people both in and who have left soc asking if i think they will ever see their money again.

    It has been ingonred for too long to let it slide and if you have clean flour in your bag its should be no problem repaying all what you owe the people this week.

    There is usally no smoke without fire and the way you handeld this it clearly suspicious also with the way you stalled to pay money to EMW and Looser.

    Pls send the Exell files to YQ if your too "busy" like you had failed to do at requests before.
  9. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    Def a bad situation, all the time u took to write why u couldnt shouldve been spent doing the sheet, or IG given people monies owed as requested..
  10. jak


    OK, I was not going to come back to this forum, but Savvy decided to post some link in my EF account, that I chose not to follow, I assume it was a link to here, but I do not trust Savvy, thus did not follow it.

    1) Savvy states that I lie about him spreading rumors? And in the very same post he spreads more rumors? Anyone reading that should see the obvious.

    2) In the DD forums, I give my IM, my email, and my cell phone number. Yet Savvy did not use any of them to contact me, instead he feels posting in a public forum is correct. Might he have other intentions than just getting his peds back? Maybe for him it is fun or a game to try to de-fame or cut others down?

    3) In the same screen shots Savvy so kindly provided I clearly stated that ALL the peds in the bank are still on je jak bam, and they all are. ALL the peds in the Soc Bank are in the bank and NEVER get touched, they belong to those that own them and I have the utmost respect for this.

    4) I've kept EVERY commitment/promise in Entropia since starting in 2003 and I always will. Anyone that knows me trusts me and knows that I'm VERY meticulous about peds belonging to people and that they ONLY go to the person. I keep my promises and I have pride and fine Savvy's behavior very rude to say the least.

    5) Since the beginning (of Savvy's frustrations?) I've told Savvy he had access to his peds through Yq, and he was able to get them, but he did not.

    5) Savvy has 127.84peds in taxes from LG still in the DD Soc Bank, these peds can be gotten from Yq, or anyone in DD that wishes to deal with him. I personally do not want to ever deal with Savvy again. You wander why? I find his "style" of sorting things out just pisses me off and if I were any other person I'd just say feck him and take his peds. Fortunately for him I always keep my promises and thus will get his peds back to him.

    Lastly, I do not intend to come back to this forum, if anyone has anything to take up with me, please message me on EF and I'll be more than happy to clear anything up.
  11. jak


    Vodka, Please email me, if you do not have my email please get it from Yq off our forums. You know me, and I've had thousands of peds in items etc. from you and I've ALWAYS gotten your items and peds back to you.

    I really can not tell if you are just listening to the rumors Savvy has created or what... :\
  12. jak


    lol, I said I would not post here anymore, and I will not....

    I just want to say, keeping the "book keeping" on the LG taxes for 2 LAs, and for over 60 members of the DD Soc's is not easy... I had/have real life crap in the mix too, So yes writing in the forums and all that wasted more time, heck it is 2:20am here and I'm wasting time writing this when I have work at 5am... :\ then my second job after that and a lot of other crap I'm not going to write in a here...

    So, yeah I'm not perfect, like anyone else in this world, but I am honest and I do keep ALL my commitments and promises I make.
  13. So Sevvy created all this drama over 127.84 PED?

    That's a bloody joke, i'd rather have given him the 127.84 and not deal with this stupid thread...

  14. Sad but true. Sevvy will ofc get his peds and he can get them from the one that helped with the SS from our forum. After ofc proper documentation on DD forum as always.
  15. Sevvy is only asking for his money (Dawn Daemons owes him). What is the problem?

    There is nothing else to say, you dont need months to give back money lmao.

    Sevvy posted here to get back his peds, and it worked when it lasted 3 months of message on DD forum without result.

    And the problem is that he isn't alone, I saw Vodka and Henxy fighting to get back some peds.

    One advice : when you dont have the time IRL anymore, just give the work to someone else.

    I dont think Jak is a scammer but he should have be more smart and respectfull with Sevvy.
  16. Great news that you finally sorted out everyones peds.. was not just about my 120ped.. But still, you've yet to actully disprove any alligations.. If anyone wants any of their ped, they have to get it from the LG taxes, which has nothing to do with your account.

    Ofcourse your going to deny all alligations.. and after months of requesting, i posted that should it not be sorted within a few days.. that i would make it public. And you had logged onto the forum within those days, so i can only assume you saw it. Yet you dident even reply.

    You seriously left no other choice.. and it got results :)
  17. I dident create any rumor.. i heard from others.. and as i've said allready. you've not disproven anything.
  18. Yes it was a link to this thread, to get your attention.

    Well im saying that these are not rumors.. and you still have not proven yourself.

    I had contact with you, via the forum.. why would i have needed contact in any other way? You said a few times that you would sort it out, but never did. Besdies, a friend of yours told me you were never on any IM's

    If they are all there, why so much hassle in getting them ? Some people have waited even longer than i have. And some are still waiting i belive.

    I think its very rude to make somebody wait months to fufill a request.. especially when another member requests you hand everything to them, so they can take care of the requests. Like i've said, i posted on DD forum that i would make this public, should you not sort out the issues.. you logged in many times, i assume you saw it, but chose not to reply.

    I did get peds from Yquem.. what im questioning is the fact that any PEDS that were given to you (15k + 35~ x 500PED) are actully still on your account, all the excuses you make, and your ability to post long replys explaining your sitation, but not actully logging in for 2minutes to handle someones request.

    You have never dealt with me in the firt place, this is the issue.. If you would have simply paid peds, as it stands, even 2 months after a request.. none of this would have had to happen.

    So to clarify... IF you would have been able to find 5 Minutes in an entire 2-3months to pay people their peds.. this entire situation could have been avoided.
  19. Clearly this is about more than just my peds.

    But your probably right, as leader of DD, you maybe should have come up with some soloution.. but you've shown time and time again your not capable.. at least this seemed to get the problem resolved :)
  20. O_o Uh-oh, he said "Jehova"!!

    *goes looking for stones*

    Seriously Sevvy, you've just violated the magic "more than 3 posts in a row = obsessive" rule!

    Maybe you stop creating drama over measly US$ 12.78, take a chill pill and give Jak some time and a chance to sort things out before you carry one spreading more unfounded accusations and rumours?!

    From what i gathered, you can get our cash from Yquem or any other DD member, so what? It looks like you are just posting this because you left under "not-so-nice" circumstances and try to defame your former soc mate(s) just because you are miffed... :cry:
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