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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by SevvyS, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Without prejudice:

    Unfortunatly.. I feel forced to make this thread, regarding a past soc-mate, and society banker "je jak bam" .

    jak has been in-charge of the Dawn Daemons society bank for a long time (with-out any problems, untill about 4-5 months ago), and i belive has over 30kped of members peds (I no longer have access to the forum to confirm exact figure)

    Across the last 4 months, there have been numerous requests from members of DD to "withdraw" peds from the "society bank", almost all requests go without reply for weeks (even tho jak logs, and reads the thread).

    When jak finally does respond, there is always some excuse about his hectic and unbelivabley busy life.. so busy he can't log on to hand over peds to whom ever requests it.

    It took me i think around 2months (I cannot get exact dates) of requests to finaly get 500PED withdrawn from my balance.. which in the end did not come from jak, but from another member who paid it out of the peds generated from the LG LAs, to later be reinburst from the peds in jaks posession.. per jaks request.

    Now for the last month, I (and other members) have been trying to get our remaining balances.. which he has told me on two occasious would be sorted "that evening" yet, he's not kept to his word.

    The leader of DD has also requested that all funds from jak be handed over to him.. But jak refused claiming it would complicate things further.

    I hope he will read this, and decide to do the right thing.. but from the way hes acting, and all the excuses he comes up with, im pretty sure the peds are not on his account.. perhaps "borrowed" and cannot afford to re-deposit at the time.. If thats the case, i wish he would say so. I belive someone did request to simply see the peds, which also went without response.

    So.. Hopfully this may speed him up somewhat.. its been almost 5months.
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    That sucks :( hope you get it worked out.

  3. Without prejudice:

    Why do you guys always try to sort out your soc internals in public?

    :umn: :umn: :umn:

    Seriously, i don't get it - unless such threads only serve the purpose to defame the person in question...
  4. Who guys? What do you mean always?

    Like i said, we've been trying to sort this out for 5~ months, within soc. Its not working.

    Obviously he will not like this being public.. so yes, thats exactly what its to do.. why else?

    Soon there will be a clear answer.. he's either going to pay up.. or never pay.. pretty sure we wont have to wait another 5months to find out if he's scammed us or not.
  5. EMW


    <removed by admin>
    ffs dont make yourself the next brooklyn, seems u maybe slightly less blinkered than that? by the way ''you guys'' doesnt apply, sevvy left the soc as have many others over the last few months! if it was a fap that someone aquired thru a mistake etc as there have been many instances and posts which have ended in '' the right'' outcome, you wouldnt be coming out with such sh*t, in my mind this is no different! a person(s) have been ripped off and community back up is being sought!!! or is this forum not part of the community!
  6. 2nd thread of that kind from you - hardly any other posts...
    (and we know where the first thread ended up)

    Seriously, i'm sick of these scammer threads.
    Don't give your stuff/cash to others - it's really that simple!!!
    But you and all the others will never learn, or you simply love the drama way too much.

    You obviously confuse me for someone else... :headscratch:

    I don't give a damn about the circumstances tbh - it's always the same shit, people give gear/cash away and when it doesn't come back in time they cover several forums with their whining - and it's always the same boring story with the same boring ending: Don't give away your stuff.

    I see it as MA does: There are no scams, noone forced you to give away your stuff, all trades are final, so wtf you mean by "you sold him your modfap for 0.00 PED"??? There is no such thing as "lending" in EU.

    The forums are hardly the right place for all that - or are you really that naive?

    Set him a time limit (better: let a lawyer do that) - if the cash aint back by then take him to court - simple as that!

    (And did you notice that there were no phrases similar to "take it to the forums" or "post a thread" in the line above? There is not a single case of "Amagawd, they made a post on teh forumz, i better give scammed shit back asap!!!" in the entire EU history)

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  7. Whizz, if such threads bother you so much, then what exactly are you doing in the Scammers section ?

    All posts i see from you, include some kind of unreal self importance.. nobody gives a FUCK what you like or dislike, so just move along like a good boy :)
  8. EMW


    I truly cant be bothered reading what you just wrote, i am however sure that when you come out of your bedroom and show mummy, she will put another gold star on the fridge or a cookie or something! well done champ!

  9. And you think anyone gives a flying fuck about your society banker ripping all you all off? Or about anything else you post? How long do you suffer from these delusions of importance already?
    I've seen your big mouth on EF already, you really seem to think anyone cares 'bout you... you're one funny noob...


    And EMW... some kids really have trouble with everyone when they finally reach puberty - if you refrain from your main hobby as keyboard warrior i am sure you will reach the end of puberty w/o any major wounds - i wish you all the best (and get your hair cut ffs, that emo look is really disgusting) :)

    And for the records:

    You were stupid enough to become the victim of a scammer - isn't that shame enough? Noooo, ofc not - you turn round and tell everyone, because you're so proud of it....

    I don't get it. :banghead:
  10. indeed this is why i laughed quite abit with the whole cK scam thingy.

    people do silly stuff when large amounts of $$ are involved.
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    If it is not possible for people to post to one another normally here, we will close down this section of the forum. It's seriously starting to look like too much trouble, and frankly, I have better things to do with my time than run after people and attempting to keep the peace.
  12. jak


    To: Admin: Hi and thanks.

    This thread was brought to my attention as I'm "je jak bam".

    First, this is not the first time Savvy has spread such or similar confusion or false rumers. Like all rumers, they are false and have no weight.

    I took on the responsibility of the Soc bank for DD as the most trusted member of DD and that is still true. There are a lot of peds in the Bank mainly from LG taxes and all the peds are safe and of course will be distributed to those that the peds belong to as they request/need them.

    I've had real like issues that have prevented me from spending much, if any, time in Entropia; and thus there have been some communication difficulties however NEVER has there been any trust issues except Savvy trying paint false rumors around.

    So, as this really is not meant for "public", I'll end this discussion and if any have any questions just ask anyone in DD, as it is their peds and I as the banker have the responsibility to them and of course will uphold it.

    Sorry this drama had to wast your time! :D


  13. Finally someone with a healthy common sense! :)

    Time for a :locked: imo - and Sevvy... you maybe better think twice before you post a thread like this again, you don't wanna end up like Hardwrath?!
  14. **edited**
  15. wizzszz, you came here to be an ass, just look at your first post.. what kind of response do you expect? Look, im goiing to put you on the ignore list now, you mayaswell do the same to me, since we clearly do not want to read eachothers posts. And i would suggest you add the "Scammers" section to not show up for you, since reading this obviously causes you so much stress.


    Dean, fully agree, we should never have trusted jak with the peds in the first place.. or anyone else for that matter. But we did, and we have tried to sort this out in private for a good few months.. And its not working.. As you can see from jaks response, he does not want this out in the public, which is exactly why it is. We'll atleast now get a clear answer.
  16. This is a lie, this is the first time.. I have never spread any rumours, infact, when another member first suggested you may have scammed us on the DD forum, i made a post saying that i dont belive it.

    This is a lie, Most peds are infact not from LG Taxes, as those have been going to a different member of DD. Also a lie that that we can withdraw any that you have, as people hve been trying for a months. Always an excuse, or always you say you will do it later "that day".

    You could well be having a rl issues, tho you must have the busiest most issue filled life to not possibly be able to respond in a thread, after you log on and we see that your reading it.

    Another lie, it was not me who first thought you may have scammed us, infact another 3 members spoke to me about the fact they thought you scammed us, even before i ever came to belive it. If you look on the DD forum you will see who first posted this "rumour" which was the first place i heard it.

    Countless tiems you were asked to just give a Date and a Time (ANY date and time) where you will be able to log-on and distribute requested peds, never would you do so.

    This would never have been made public, if you paid people even 2 months after a request.

    And to anyone, please do ask members of DD or DDx about this situation, they will only confirm what i have written here.


    So there is alot of lies in your post jak... for what reason ?
  17. This is your second thread in this section that's heading in the wrong direction, but you refuse to learn something from it...

    However, care to point out where in my first post i was "being an ass"?
    From my PoV, it was you and EMW attacking me over... yes, what exactly: Just me stating that i don't see much sense in a thread like this?

    It looks more like you and EMW came here only "to be asses" - or what kind of reply did you expect from me to a post containing nothing but insults?

    So you agree with Deanos post, which contains nothing else than him stating he agrees with me... applying simple logic that would mean you agree with me then (if A = B and B = C we can deduct A = C)?!

    However, if you don't want me to reply to your threads try to keep em free from whining, unfounded accusations and stuff that shouldn't be dragged into public and such likes - otherwise i will call you out on it again, that's for sure. IMO, this forum section shouldn't exist anyway, as people will only abuse it. (Thx for proving my point btw.)

    And you and EMW directly jumping to insults after my first post is not exactly a sign of maturity either btw - or is your first reaction always that you just try to suppress unpleasant opinions?

    And again, can't you lot sort that out in PMs? (Or on ER if you really love the drama that much...)
  18. This message is hidden because wizzszz is on your ignore list.

    So if any of that was addressd to me, then i wont be replying :)

  19. Too many unpleasant questions, i know - easy to dodge them like that, easy but cowardly...

  20. I dont have access to all the requests anymore, but here is my last request, in the Friends section of the forum.




    I blanked out other names, as i have not yet spoken to them, to see if they wish to comment.

    Worth noting, across the time of that thread, jak logged into the forum many times, yet no reply.
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