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Discussion in 'Next Island' started by JSpree, May 18, 2013.

  1. I came to Next Island from Calypso. I have been playing since it was Project Entropia. I love the game. I would have made Next Island my home , I love it there. But, it is dead, which really is a shame. It is a beautiful area with so much potential. So many great shop areas, great places for an apartment. It would be much better for new people to start there, it would have a flourishing economy, then people could explorer the other planets from Next Island. Instead Calypso has new people starting everyday, the shops are over priced to start and not real close to Camp Icarus. I hope someday someone will try and get Next Island up and running again.
  2. Yes, it is very sad. They were starting to turn things around there just before the funding quit. It's too bad they poked around for over a year, or I think it would be flourishing now. I miss it there and hardly play anymore.
  3. Yah I came here for the first time and still intend to get some globals on this planet. It's bloody gorgeous and I already got a Wild Boar global =P if anyone is around actually I'll start the "Unique Mob Global" quest thing I do on the other planets. Cyrene is the only other planet I've not started. Unfortunately, the mobs that would only ever global on 10 ped globals won't do so as NI was dead by the time that idea came out :(
  4. I am sad about the state of NextIsland - it is my favorite 'other' planet - but given the dire circumstances I find it is still strangely appealing. I've been gone over a year before my return the other day. The scenery is still gorgeous, and still a little cheesy at the same time - mostly in a funny, good way. Then, because it is deserted, it has a creepy 'abandoned-theme-park' vibe to it, which is kinda cool. That the place is overrun with Pigs and Monkey's is oddly appropriate. It is, quite unintentionally, the perfect deserted planet. (It's also like a private game - having a whole server to yourself.)

    Having a good time in spite of it all - but hoping for a revival one day.

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  5. well yah, its still a planet and I intend to get some solo globals and intend to tell people about them =P

    I can't wait to get back to Ancient Greece once I've levelled sword enough ^^; I'm 20 (hit) and really didn't level it as much as other weapons but my main is 47 ranged blp hit, so I think I can raise up sword quick. Then I intend to global on as many mobs as possible. Just wish I had more funding for it, getting unique solo globals is not good for general loot =P unless you get lucky on a pop dragon I suppose.
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  6. I'm not spreading my globals around very well - 1 on Wild Boar, 4 on Chimeras (1 a HOF) and 32 on Portal Guardians.

    This last one was interesting though...

    2013-07-22 -- Portal Guardian Raider 85 PED .jpg

    Always curious when a loot image is slow to load...

    PRINT SCREEN 2013-07-22 23-20-48.jpg

    (Chronicle Shin Guards (M, L)

  7. I added a Storm Drake to my still-short list on a brief visit 10 days ago :)

    2013-09-02 -- Storm Drake Young 155 PED .jpg

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