Island Slicer Recipe!

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  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    This is our new Island Slicer, one of the new weapons coming on January 24th. This is a craftable melee weapon for hunting and defense in the Nesoi Makaron jungles. You can make your own with the blueprint, and the following Next Island crystals:

    Refined Zoisite Crystal
    Refined Aegirine Crystal
    Refined Okenite Crystal
    Refined Zincite Crystal
    Refined Lepidocrocite Crystal

    We’re working to get as many craftable new weapons into this release as possible. Our other planned weapons include an Elysian ranged weapon, for tropical Next Island, and the long-awaited swords for Ancient Greece.

    via Work In Progress: Island Slicer | Next Island Dev Blog

    PS... I also released the ingredients for the Sword of Courage... hopefully some intrepid players will take advantage of that as well.

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  2. there is 1 rare, and 2 uncommon on that recipe....
    it will be expensive to craft.... kinda like the paint
  3. Some information about the Sword of Courage can be found here.
  4. Thanks for the link.

    But I'm at work now and the entropiaplanets site gets blocked here, so could you please do me a favor and paste the recipe on this forum... ? If not, I'll check it later today when I get home.

    Thanks in advance !
  5. There you go :)
  6. Cool, thanks a lot !!
  7. Hi Meg,

    Can you already reveal whether any of the new craftable weapons will be Unlimited ?

    If you now say that they will all be unlimited, first thing I'll do this evening when I log in, is to spawn my Quad and head to NI ! :love:
  8. As a comment in her blog, Meg has indicated that "Slicers will all be (L) blueprints and (L) weapons".

    Regarding the Sword of Courage, things could be a bit different, because the picture shown on EntropiaPlanets does not indicate a (L) for the item. It might be a bug or an unfinished version though. We will see what happens.
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