Is here a place of free speech?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by helena, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Mega

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    Damn!! I feel hungry now. :rabbit:

    Best job in the world.... :biggrin:
  2. one week later and the support case is still open without any response...
  3. Mega

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    Dont know about others, but I've not paid to speak here!


    Free Speech rules and dictators' are found hiding in a bunker / hole / large drainpipe!
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  5. Hey wait !!! That's my turn to ban someone, I can't resist, I want to ban him !!!!!
    Really Pathetic people, so called PCF moderators, another demonstration of tyranny and silliness...

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    Also in Hippy communes, as the Serbian guy did, gotta admire creativity. :D
  7. Mega

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    Nice catch

    New rule on PCF:

    2.16 Enjoy The Forum

    At all times you will post your happy thoughts about Calypso and Entropia and never use the frown smilie. Anyone posting negative comments about the forum, or about our lovely, helpful moderators will receive negative reps, then abusive personal messages and then a week, a month and then six months ban from the forum. Your posts will be deleted and sometimes the whole thread if we dont like it. If we leave the heavily edited thread in place, we may (at our discretion) post some snotty reply after your ban is applied so you cannot respond. Have a nice day!
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  8. First of all Hello all :)

    All thruth Behind CLDs, MA needed money asap, ND got someone to invest 1 Million on MA.
    MA announces sale of PC, sale fails MA announce they will replace Calypso sale for CLDs, Unkwon Buyer buys 25k CLDs ( .
    All CLD´s Sold :
    and you can say that 2.4 million was payed to SSE and not 25 millions The rest went here:

    I think a company like Mindark should act in a more transparent way.
  9. Welcome e-soul (bring others)
  10. Ciitiiiizeeennnshiiip Syyyysssteeeeeemmmmm !!!!11²³³
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