Is Entropia a dead end?

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  1. Yes, it could be a problem, that's why it's important they are not too common and are limited. But i think the economy would find a balance even with this kind of loot without hurting any profession too much.
  2. Yes, some kind of categories connected to rarity would be good.
  3. Hi,

    Supporting. Hehe, I read it as such actually;-)

    Oooops, sry, didn't realize this was aimed at me. Sry, be confirmed that in no way ever it was my intention to make you "look bad".
    May be it's that I'm a bit picky about statements like your:
    Bye bye, yes. And you're not telling anybody to leave, with this? Might be my incapability to understand the meaning of your words, or yours to formulate in a way I'd understand. In case it's my failure I'm honestly begging for pardon, I did understand it this way, and even after multiple re-reading I fail to find another meaning in it.
    And, as you should know, such wouldn't be considered as welcome. We're not here to repel people from the game, we're here to help, within our boundaries, to make the game better and more successful.

    - A quick word to my "ability to cut and paste":
    It's a forum feature that sends you an alert whenever someone directly responds to your post. You should have received one when I quoted you.
    Additionally, if you use the reply button below the post you're answering, the forum software provides you with a full quote of this article, no need to copy anymore.
    Obviously, you used the "reply to thread" button top right, so I didn't get an alert.
    And so I missed it, and can only respond quite late, now. Sorry about this :/

    Have a good time!
  4. Hi,

    For me it has been a hard call wether to reinvest heavily or not.
    Alas I have made my decision to play Entropia long term while retired;

    So I have decided to take all my primary combat, mining and crafting skills back upto the 6k mark and all secondary skills to a similiar level as ESIs skill becomes available on the market.

    Doing this will take some time and money to do properly, so in the meantime until I have the appropriate skills back in place to play EU again at mid level (Lvl 50ish across the board), I will continue to play other games like Diablo 3 and single player games like Dark Souls.

    Never the less, back on topic ... I do not think MA is going to disappear anytime soon. They may be horribly slow at doing things properly, but they indeed do get them done eventually.

    Take care all and GL in Entropia,
  5. Since MA and the PPs have made this game not really the best game to play in the world, I do still log in from time to time, mainly to update my estate or go kill a few things if I'm bored, but I've started to expand my horizons. FYI, those 15/month games are starting to be f2p games... I've started a little list of those types of things and will add more to it eventually.

    Currently playing DC Universe some... not a lot, but some. If you see Comrade Korny flying around Gotham City or Metropolis, give a shout out! ;)

    However, that having been said, I'm really going to try to focus on doing more stuff irl instead of in virtual games so as to get healthier,and enjoy life more. I've given enough brainpower and time to this soul sucking virtual mind virus/meme previously known as Project Entropia... at least for now. I will still log in to keep account active from time to time, and may eventually get back in to EU fully, but in the mean time I have a lot of real world stuff to achieve, such as getting down to my target BMI sometime in the next 1001 days! ;)

    2012 is a time of great change according to those that buy in the Mayan ideas, and new age way of thinking. Suggest you make some goals like that for yourselves too. Don't let the virtual world continue to ruin your real world life. The time of evolution is here, embrace it!
  6. and a follow up on my brother not even 2 months later, he is no longer an avid miner. granted he was depositing 20-50 USD a day, buying amps and running out mining on Foma and Hell. He found a few good finds but is discouraged not because he didn't strike it rich, but because all his money would be gone in a couple hours And he would always do better than I would going out with him. He still wants to play but gets sick at the feeling that MA is just trying to bleed him dry. Sorry but that is just the way it looks to him, and I can't tell him he is wrong :(
  7. Well I normally do not sign on forums, but this particular topic made me want to say a few things.

    First off, I am a first gen colonist in Entropia. This means I was in Entropia back in the PE days. I was part of the second and third wave. I am also not an uber. I have played Entropia on and off throughout the years because life would interfere. Though the massive update did prevent me from playing for a bit.

    Regardless, the reason I am here is because I enjoy this game immensely. It offers things that other games do not.

    A point I prefer to address before continuing is this: Among forums and pages you would here about the "good old days". Newcomers often refer to these wistfully. In statements such as "I missed out on Calypso in its heyday" and other similar statements. The major difference between now and then is player attitude and reasoning. When I joined it has always, always, been stressed that you do not join if you are looking for a quick profit. Also it was stressed that just because you acquired the tools, weapons, ect... it did not guarantee a massive find, loot, ect... The reason for this is that it is based on skills and a bit of luck. If someone is constantly depositing and turned around around and went off hunting or mining right off the back. The return would probably be poor. I learned that lesson early on. I had peers with much higher skills and weaker/poorer equipment than me who would global or get better finds.

    With that mentally, most who played realized that you play for fun. There were no quests or missions. There were events that would change the landscape, for better or worst. I still remember when we failed to defend a city in a world event and now it still is in ruins. The ubers in this game are friendly too. I have met NEVERDIE when I was a noob and he just chatted and gave some pointers. It was not about the money, it was the camaraderie that made this game.

    The key to this game is to learn to balance and to figure out a way to break even. If someone is mining and is not hitting anything. STOP, try something else or save it for another day. You don't need to spend every PED or probe, bomb, ammo clip.

    Myself, I am a miner. I love exploring and I only hunt when my usual mining spots are depleted. With the current update it easier for me to mine. I would not trade the concept of it. Losses can happen, and I have been on dry spells since I don't deposit much. Still, if you conserve PED, Loot, etc.. for "rainy days" you should be fine. I went 3 yrs without depositing and breaking even.
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  8. Bizarrick

    Bizarrick Otherwise Engaged

    I just had to log in for this one, I just had to!

    Look, ever since I joined in like... VU7, I have always heard these wild stories of people being successful and read on past history of buildings and cities that were once great (or so they said) but were always desert.

    I always heard of a wonderful past and heard promises of an even better future.
    In my opnion, EU MIGHT have been great during Gold but has stagnated ever since.

    Yes, the playerbase makes it great but the playerbase is dying of boredom.
    There are fewer fun things to do without bleeeding money through your nose.
    There once were many news publications besides forums, there were jokes and vids and comics (besides mine) and all kinds of creative contests. Now? Well, as far as I know it's just hunting and PvP events and... maybe there are still races?

    Most are just über events, anyway. Cuz yeah, those who can actually afford it, live in luxury and joyful hedonism but, as has been stated, this can no longer be achieved through classic grinding and playing.

    I'd rather live a luxurious real life than spend the same money living a luxurious virtual life. Since I have no money to do any of them, I'll just sit back and let EU erode itself.

    Yup, I ragequit some time ago, while I 've seen some new events and more money-wasting features, I have seen absolutely no progress in things players have been specifically demanding for quite a while.

    I'm curious... is the taming system back, for instance?
    Have hangars been fixed?
    Oh! Do we still have to pay a high price to visit other planets?

    Quite frankly, EU has been horrid lie since the very begining.
    I tried to make the most of it and grew tired of it.
    I swore I wouln't deposit one single PEC and I never did.
    But, as MA only cares about money well, I really have no reason to care about them, really.
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  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    My main gripe with the "game" as well. I could easily spend the same amount of money in EU in an hour that I spent buying Diablo 3. The latter provides more fun for a longer amount, and I won't have to spend countless dollars to maybe have a chance to get some money out of the game.

    I still love the potential PE had, I just think the potential is being utterly wasted by MindArk. Well, good luck to them, but it won't be with my money anymore. I have started selling out, and will go spend my money somewhere where it actually lasts longer than it takes to earn it.
  10. Personally, unless something really drastic changes occur beyond the current changes. I will always have a special place for Entropia. Things change all the time. For better or for worst and Entropia emulates that. To me it applies the appeal of Second Life, The Realm, and RPG's with the added fun of being able to hunt and mine.
    (For those who are not sure what The Realm is. It is historically the first MMORPG.)

  11. Good replies all round so far. Thanks for the input all!

    My avatar has begun to eat "Newshoes" and grow in skill :laugh:

  12. Hi,

    Whow, interesting posts coming in! Thank you both!

    You might be right, but I'd think that this different "attitude and reasoning" might be based on the gaming environment, too?
    I'm a CND-Baby, means I arrived in late 2005. And it was another game back then. For a very long time I was able to get serious, long lasting fun for my measly 25 EUR/Month that I deposited usually. For sure, there was months when the money would run dry early, then I wouldn't hunt Atrax and Bery, but small Merp and Caudatergus instead. Rarely I was forced to do an out-of-the-line deposit to avoid starving.

    It was the time before regeneration was introduced, and back then you could loot nice MU stuff even from these nOOb mobs. The game was ways more "relaxed" than today.

    This has changed, and IMHO it's this that has changed the "attitude and reasoning", too. I feel like a Dinosaur now, still being here, still not even regarded as middle class, and still by far not an Uber. Seems I have wisely missed all of these "windows of opportunity", healing in lava pools, getting evade by tiny critters, looting awesome stuff of the "critter-of-the-month" etc. etc.
    No problem, it's not my style anyways. I was here, always, for the fun. For the immersion, for that what once was a great game.

    This has changed - I don't get the sufficient fun anymore for the money I'm able to drop. 25 EUR/month? 250 PED? I'm easily able to blow this up in close to 1h now, would I do similar challenging and thrilling hunts like in the past. And this is no fun anymore, and this doesn't benefit my "attitude and reasoning". Especially because today all of the "good stuff" drops from critters where you just doesn't need to begin with such a budget.

    Not fully agree with this. Once it worked, and this wasn't in the old days of forgotteness, this was when PE actually had a reasonable player base. IMHO. See above.
    But we don't have this player base anymore, thus lost the bursting economy of these days, the parameters have changed, today it's a gam(bl)e for rich people & old Ubers, and anybody else has to do rocket science of optimizing the strategy to be as eco as possible ...

    Easy to grow tired now, agree. And I don't deposit anymore, too, since quite some time. And I don't play anymore day by day - I play now every other week, to keep connected, and to preserve/ monetize my storage's value. Waiting for the announced big marketing campaign, maybe the crashed value of my once expensive gear might recover?

    Meanwhile, have a good time!
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  13. Quoting from two parts here,

    What I have to say I will probably get a lot of negative "No you don't" feedback.

    I have seen that the initial budget doesn't go far enough for my mid level goals.

    So far I have chipped in 73,500 PED worth of skill and it is nowhere near enough to get all my hunting, mining and crafting levels to the 50+ mark.

    (See my blog, chipping to 6k)

    I reworked the costs and it seems I will need roughly another 120,000 PED to achieve these levels at todays skill prices (Which are flucturating) and then another 50,000 to 100,000 PED bankroll.

    50k ped to craft weapons & mining gear (includes a number of each - P5a, Apis, Rutic Bett, Kesmek Bett, Smacker 3, Level 7 mining amps, TK320s, etc)

    25k ped hunting loot storage to build up stacks so I can recraft weapons.

    25k ped mining loot to build up stacks.

    Now if I ignore the hunting & mining loot stacks storage it is only 50k ped needed roughly, if I do it properly, I need 100k ped.

    So all up, I spent 7.35k usd, and need another 18k to 20k usd to play at the mid 50+ level I wish to play, comfortably.

    So I agree, much has changed, this has become much less of a game and more of a funds management system to enjoy entertainment.

    My hope is that after this 25k usd initial invest, that I can run the game off 500usd per month - Which for me is a really good night out with friends. Dinner, lounges for drinks and upstyle bars/clubs.

    Anyway bottom line is, this game can be played at various levels but don't expect much enjoyment/survival if your not willing to invest heavily for the level you wish to play at.

    For me that being level 50 needing around ~ 25k usd of which 10k usd is bankroll, 15k ped is skills chipped in since I started with 0 skill upon return.

    Take it easy and enjoy EU,
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  14. I should make it clear that I am not against Entropia in any fashion, sure it has its problems, and lots of them, but really it is a game more for the more financially free people at the mid and higher levels.

    The way I see it is like buying a car, first you start off with a small car ~ 15k usd (lower end play at level 30) then you have your running expenses - Fuel, insurance, rego etc.

    If you start out at a higher level, say 50, then your up for a family car ~ 25k usd, that guzzles more fuel, costs more to insure and rego.

    I think I will be happy for a long time to come running at level 50 - 80 ish range then look at upgrading the bankroll required.

    I hope I used an analogy that most can understand.

    But this 25 usd/month is just garbage if you want to properly play a fun game (imo of what I see as fun) without too much stress and time involved and playing as a super eco warrior - Super Eco is not gaming, that is just frustrating and painful lol. It kills the fun factor completely.
  15. Hi,

    shuddering reading your numbers. It's still just a video game, did I miss something?


    Shuddering. I realize I'm a starving church mouse.

    And here we have the problem. I'm not criticizing you in any way, you seem to be mature and might know what you do - but:
    • - There'll be not much people like you.
    • - If the game especially caters people like you, it further hides in a niche of an already niche, even deeper.
    • - This way we'll never again get the player numbers we once had in the glorious days after the CND deal, and never again the bursting economy.
    • - In the end it will not do any good to you, too. And to me, and to the game, right?
    What we'd need would be a better situation for the low-spenders, in my book. We just need more players to get the economy going, and such should cater those that come as nOObs, deposit at first, and try to move up the ladder. These are fraggeled these days, obviously. After a short initial learning phase, nasty risks in the day-in day-out gaming, but lowest chances to enjoy a reasonable loot - all the good stuff drops quite some more steps up the ladder, not before.

    What we'd need would be a better game for all the various levels, because if you cut the offspring sooner or later only a few big spenders will be left, and the bubble will blow up.

    And, tbh, I fear we're not this far from such a scenario. And it would be disastrous to you, to me, to the other participants, and to the game.

    Have a good time, and best luck with your plan!

  16. Yes this is the point I was trying to make, Entropia needs to revert back to the old systems of loot, distribution, etc etc.

    It is too much to keep asking for a bunch of financially free (richer) people to come in and play the game enjoyably and then let a larger ratio of smaller (poorer) players suffer (with the odd occassional smaller player being successful here and there)

    We need a balanced systems catering for all the spectrum of players.

    That is in essence what I was trying to achieve here in this thread ...

    Post # 109, which reverts back to post # 100 in that above thread on PCF.

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  17. Hi again,

    seems we wrote at the same time :)
    Tbh I'm playing another game that provides me a lot of fun and enjoyment, and I pay 5 USD/month if at all (can pay my "Premium time" in game coins) ...
    And I could even sell my 2 main avatars for ~ 300 USD, with no fear to get 'em banned.
    Smaller scale, but RCE allowed even if not supported, crazy ugly graphics, but an immense depth of game mechanics.
    Meanwhile I spent a multiple of my EU time there. It's just more bang for the buck.
    I still pay, but only tiny amounts anymore. Skill pays ;-)

    Agree. But it's the only thing left to a skilling up player that cannot drop a few thousands of USD. For years. And this is why we're loosing them all, sooner or later. As far as I can judge.

    Have a good time!
  18. EU is IMO going to survive :) Right now I'd estimate new players coming to the game at 12/week. This is from sitting around at noob areas and scanning for under 5 agility avatars in the more populated planets (It is by no means objective data, could be 1/week could be 20, I didn't spend the whole summer doing this). How many of these keep playing? About 2. I'd still say it's enough for now and hope it will increase.

    However I think that the fact MA actually started advertising (no comments on the quality of that advertising) is a good thing. The more people see the name Entropia, the better

    Space is cheap. Changing planets costs between 5 and 12 ped (depending on how you reenter planet after using a mothership).

    Apart from Calypso I'd say Arkadia has the best impact on newbies right now (and in some ways Ark is better then Caly). Cyrenne has great promise and if it starts separate advertising it could do very well in player retention. Rocktropia tried something nice a while ago with The Thing but the movie wasn't a success unfortunately and after a newb finishes the artic mission chain it can only start depositing to survive on that planet.

    For the future NI is a problem. Any player that starts there now will quit right away I'd say. It's pretty depressing. Maybe if MA'd take RT zombies and fill NI with them and make some survival mission chain....

    As for the daily number of players on Caly I'd say there's been a change in population centers. Some days I see as many sweaters in the outpost east of limnadian as there are in Nea's. Lots of people are doing Iron missions or simply waiting to have ped for them. What has been lost is having fun without doing any hunting. There used to be a lot more parties before VU10 and the people that attended those parties are still here but don't feel like doing that any more...

    Anyway ranted enough, if you don't make sense of what I wrote, don't worry, I don't make sense of it either...
  19. narfi

    narfi Lost

    It is possible to play at L50 on a 50-100$ a month budget and grow your avatar's PED card, Skill levels and Social Status.

    You are correct though that it is about PED management and you can not play at that level with 250-500ped on your card.

    If you study the game and deposit this much from the beginning or even the ~L15 range, and play wisely, then by the time you are at L50 you will have the bank roll and the mental skills to go with your Avatars skills to be able to continue playing at a progressively higher level with the same monthly deposit.

    I know its a fun project for you to chip everything into L50, but IMO its a waste of money.

    For hunting you need:
    Skills to max Apis/ARK30-Jungle/X1
    Dante Amp
    Pulsar 8(L) plates
    The appropriate low mu (L) uber armor if you want to grind unique dmg type mobs.
    The appropriate low mu (L) plates if you want to grind unique dmg type mobs.

    For Mining you need:
    Skills to max F106
    Skills to max lvl8/D-Class amps

    For Crafting you need:
    To realize that without monopoly prints you are gambling.
    Sure if you want to craft Apis, lvl 8, D-Class, etc...
    But all the prints you listed as wanting to use are maxed by around L20-25ish range. (and the end product can usually be purchased cheaper from a gambler than you could click them yourself)

    For anything you can do by chipping in to L50 you can do almost all of them in the L20-L40 range just as economically with the same success rates and chances to 'win'.

    'End Game' Hunting in Entropia begins when you max the Apis and buy a Dante.
    Everything else is vanity.
    Extra HP, Evade, Paramedic will help as you skill beyond that, but it is not necessary. (there are fair, honest, legal, and more fun ways to play the game which alleviate the need for those 3)

    'End Game' mining begins when you have maxed the lvl8/D-Class amps.(around L10? i forget the skill requirements, but its low) With the current system here is no need to use the vrx, etc... to be highly successful with a high turnover mining. If you have any turnover at all with those size amps, you will get the 'bragging' levels quick enough.

    'End Game' Crafting begins when you buy a monopoly print and invest into its use.
    The skill requirements aren't even very high for these, and again its not a case of having a crap ton of ped to throw at it, but more a case of ped management with the resources you do have.

    With any one of these professions, once you have the (fairly cheap) skills and the gear needed, 5k ped on your card is enough to grind if you are careful and wise.

    It is very hard to juggle all three professions at the same time, I find it nearly impossible to hunt/craft/mine at the same time. So 5-10k liquid is plenty at that level.
    Less than 5k will cause issues though and force you into costly mistakes, and that is where I see a lot of complaints on the forums coming from.

    Heck even at Stryker's level (lvl 150?) he needed less than 20k liquid ped to camp event mobs.

    During the Thing event I hunted the same HP size mobs as he did during migration. I cycled ~400k ped and did it with a starting ped card of 6k with sales and deposits of another ~10k during the event ending up with my original 6k still on my card and the 10k lost.

    That is not 'wise' hunting for me though as a large portion of it was during migration and the oils i should have been selling for 115% had dropped to near TT value. If it wasn't an event I would have broke even or profited, or stopped hunting when the MU changed.

    All this to say, I see new players on a daily basis having fun and learning the game.
    All the new planets have great opertunities for every level of player, space is fun, calypso has its old and stable markets.

    Life in EU is good, I am having fun, and everyone I interact with is having fun.

    Misery breeds misery, and joy breads enjoyment.
    The game is fun and so the people playing and interacting in the game with other enjoying it also enjoy themselves.

    Misery also enjoys company, and that is why threads like this always seem so one sided. It is a collection of those who are not enjoying themselves, but I strongly feel that they are not a good representation of the Reality that is EU at this time.

    (not meaning to offend anyone here, sorry if it seems that way)

    Good luck and have fun :)

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  20. aridash

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    wow. im pretty tired of reading your gratutious spending plans, but now you dismiss anyone who simply wants to play at a low level as not fun??? not gaming but frustration? thats the point isnt it, that we all used to have fun on $25 a month? get some reality and humility.

    besides your spending plan utterly contradicts your position that MA needs to change - if you are willing to drop that sort of cash, then clearly you think everything is OK and its worth it to you.
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