Is Entropia a dead end?

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Viperstrike, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Quote from another persons post in this thread: "The problem is EU is a bad game in almost every aspect."

    Ok, now that just isn't true, lol

    All I can say to that is "bye bye, and I hope you have fun in the $15 a month mmos".

    If you read any posts on EF or the other forums you could see why EU is the way it is, skills are the name of the game and like in real life you can't pick something up for the first time and be good at it. If you want "game mechanics" like that then go to a cheap ass game where everything is worthless and you can look back years from now and find that you might have met some people, spent a lot of time thinking you are a big shot in a game full of fake worthless crap, oh or illegally sell your account (boy and that's just so cool to do).

    I don't like the fact that the loot has dropped like it has, you can thank the deeds and just flat greed for that. But there isn't any other game out there like EU where you can get back something after the time spent other than "memories".

    EU a bad game? NOT A CHANCE.
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  2. Hi,

    I'd not sign this statement ("EU is bad"), but I'd say that EU is by far behind the possibilities.

    We have an insane fat and demanding game engine, but get beaten by any other Java-based Indie game when it comes to landscape realism.
    Well, maybe my machine just doesn't run the "Very high" options - I run in most possible high settings, I suffer lag for beauty, and still it isn't what I get with full 60 FPS in other, better coded games.

    We have an insane fat and demanding game engine, but still our avatar movement and key press responses feels like a snail in concrete. Try WoW if you want to see what's possible today regarding this! Or try the Crysis demo, to see what would be possible using this engine.

    EU is badly coded, and MA doesn't give a common dung about it. When you come to EU even from some modern low-cost games you'll feel like teleported back to the 90's.

    Telling people to leave this game hasn't been considered a good idea in any EU-forum ...

    Have fun!
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  3. History repeating ! :)

    Very well written. But MArco has left the building. This will go on and on and on and so on...even if MArco would return x'D

    This is not a bad game, but it gets kicked with feet again and again and again and so of detail missing...I dont want to go into details anymore...blablablabla. ;)

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  4. I think a good indicator of people playing is the number of active auction listings. I noticed a 10% reduction on calypso but noticed an increase on the other planets.
  5. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    It's always interesting to have such a diverse offering of perspectives, and the reason I believe that we do is because our approach to this universe is so subjective. However, I'm not one to be naive to how "dynamic" it can be, nor to how it can have such impact and influence overall.

    I used to be rather vocal myself, especially when I felt quite passionate about something, which again, I feel we all do at one time or another depending on how much we're affected by a certain situation.

    I don't think Entropia is a dead end. I agree with Alric that there's no other virtual environment out there like it. I also think it's an opportunity to challenge ourselves to engage in game-play the most efficient way possible while progressing, however ...

    I'm also fully aware that there are struggles with loot returns, and this is something that hits the core of our game-play. Economics is a very sensitive area, especially when you're dealing with a real cash economy, so balancing is of utmost importance, and something that captures our attention most readily.

    I don't think any of us really know how many players are inhabiting our universe, and perhaps it's less than in the past based on whatever gauge one uses as a measurement, but we are also experiencing the Summer months when people are less in the universe, and more active in real life spending time outdoors.

    What I do think however, is that we will always be in a state of needing improvement, and that we will never be happy at the rate that the improvement happens ... whether it's bringing back old systems, implementing new (promised) systems, getting rid of the bug infestation, or balancing loot returns ... it will always be something, but I don't think Entropia is a dead end.

    Just another perspective to add into the mix. :smile:
  6. Thanks for all the replies.
    I have been tossing up if to come back or not.
    I have saved hard to get off to a good start again ~ 10k usd.
    But will spend it slowly this time and hunt small I think.

    See you all around I guess in the near future.

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  7. Hi,

    It is not yet, quite sure. We still have some die-hard people that have some serious coin in this game. They will endure until the bitter end, always hoping for a turn for the better, always hoping for the long gone "good days [tm]" to return one glorious day. I'm one of these, I admit.
    But one day we'll realize we have waited for too long, I guess, will face another nerf we can't stand anymore, and the following withdrawal wave will kill MA. Probably.

    Few companies seem to be ready to walk on "mined ground" like MA does. I'm playing another game where I can sell game money (or stuff) for real money, can sell my accounts for real money, and it's acknowledged by the powers that are. They just don't offer me a way to do it, I do have to care of it myself.
    And this game doesn't offer me "jackpots" - any mob killed has a certain, predictable range of stuff to loot, there's no "amazing sword of troll slaughtering" to be looted. But you are able to craft such yourself, if you accept the challenge, and find others to help you on your quest.

    The main problem MA has is, IMHO, that meanwhile all of the game is high-stake gambling. There are ways to escape this, but doing so will make the game rather dull and boring. I know, have been there, seen this. Still am there ...

    Really doubt any company will walk this fine path - you can bet that as soon as you enter the radar you'll get law-suited into oblivion. Is it, maybe, this why MA is still hesitating to fire up a serious Ad campaign?

    And is it, seriously, such a good idea to build your game on gambling, these days?

    However, yes. Don't we do this already? But, if we do this, don't we see that this isn't any path to success? Don't we see that any and all of the high MU stuff is looted by the high stake gamblers?

    I looted a serious amount of GSI from young/old Caudatergus/ Atrax once, try this today.
    This is why I'm not sure at all if Entropia is still alive and kicking, or sick in a more or less deadly manner.

    I've helped not only one new player staying in, talked them into oblivion until they finally deposited, gave them gear in the value of some serious PEDs. Did they stay for long?

    One of my pupils is alive today still. Thank you, my beloved friend, you have been chosen as my heritage once I cannot stand this anymore. Just, please, don't drop before me!

    Strange. Have a good time!
  8. Hi,

    to be hurting honest:
    Don't come back, use the money to get you and your family a better living.

    This is a game and a gamble, and there's not really something to win that you haven't paid before.
    You're playing against an almighty bank, and against quite some ppl like you. If you're not loved by the RNG you'll lose.

    But - it's just a well meant advice. If you want to burn PED's, feel free. I'll appreciate when collecting them.

    Have a good time!
  9. Hi Xandra,

    Don't get me wrong, I am not going to whack in 10k usd all at once.
    I intend to skill naturally and play for fun only.

    I am not interested in making any money, this game is purely for enjoyment only.

    I have started a small blog in the blogs section of my achievements and total deposits to make those achievements.

    Also I have been around almost 5 years, since mid 2007, August to be precise.
    So I have seen many of the ups and downs of the game.

    Take Care,
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  10. I would prefer if they moved away from the big ped globals/hofs and instead used globals based on rare items. Some items can be flagged as rare or very rare, and when we global we get this items showed in the global window, "Mr. Chippi Pippi looted a rare Shakasi Black Viper Helmet". But the ped values of the items will be low, just like a "ordinary loot", the real value will be the item and the possibility of a markup on the value.

    That way it would be a bit less like gambling, because you don't directly get any big ped wins from MA, only indirectly if you can sell the item to other players. With a set up like that, it would be much harder to claim it's "gambling".
  11. well it's nice to see that you were able to cut and paste. I wasn't telling anynone to leave, I was saying that if you want those "game mechanics" you will have to go to a $15 a month mmo, lol. I love how people love to shape things the way they want to make others look bad, well,, good luck with that. lol
  12. leeloo

    leeloo cOloRmAnIaC

    maybe EU got too many new planets to fast.. not enough new players came with them to fill it all up. ppl spread out too far now
  13. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    The message you mentioned would be a good idea. People been asking for that quite recently.

    Not sure how the rest of your idea would be different from what we allready have. They removed actual peds from loot years ago and we only receive stackables and items. Did you mean we get 100% return? i.e. then no gambling aspect at all but on quality of items looted. Rare ones having value?
  14. ...and Calypso got kicked with feet. :'(
  15. I was aiming for a system similar today, but with less variation in the tt value loot return. Let's say a system where the loot on a "avarage" hunting trip would be somewhere between 70-90 % instead of a 50-130 % system, the loot would have the same avarage loot, but we less extreme. Instead big globals and HOFs in tt value, we would get more rare items that maybe would have some markup value, more "silent" globals.

    Of course more rare items would make the items less rare and would effect the markup downwards, so it's would demand some clever system and balancing to make it work, if possible at all. But one way is to have "super effective" limited weapons in the loot, with very low decay and high damage/ped.

    For example, a "super effetive" gun "A", with a tt value of 40 ped, could have decay that are only 25 % of a normal gun and a damage/ped (included ammo cost) that are 4 times as high as a normal average gun. The value of the gun would be about 40pedx4=160 ped.

    I think the key to a better loot system is more rare limited items. People hate limited stuff, but we need them to be limited, because if they are unlimited the would fast be to common and would destroy the balance. With a "super effective" weapon and other limited items MA can give away high value loot, without directly giving away tt value/peds. That would make it harder to claim it's "gambling", because you don't directly get a high payment in cash (ped tt value). Of cource, as long as we can get rare items in the loot, you can claim it have a gambling aspect.
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  16. narfi

    narfi Lost

    40ped TT * 4(1/4decay) * 4 (4x the dmg/pec) = 640ped


    They have kind of done that with the recent Eomon gun I think which had a TT value of 1ped, but was more powerful than an apis and was good for a thousand ped hunt. (i dont remember the exact numbers)


    ps. the main issues with weapons like this is that players who loot them would tend to sell them for below their mathematical value. This leads to a reduction in mu of all comparable guns, which would destroy the crafting profession, which in turn would destroy the mining profession, and in some ways even the hunting.

  17. Hi Airboy,

    I hope you don't mind, I have requoted your post here ..

    Link >
  18. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Ok that makes more sense. A system like that could work and I think would be better than what we have now. At the moment it's the extremely low returns despite using a "good" setup which can hit players really hard.

    For your idea it may be usefull to have diff grades or categories of good loot. For example the gun you mentioned could come in five different versions. The better ones becoming rarer. This may help with balancing?
  19. I think the title of this thread should have been worded properly by myself, being " Is Entropia a dead end ?"

    I wonder if admin can change that, I must have been really tired when I made it :S
  20. In today`s form yes "Entropia is a dead end". EU need changes, RCE need changes, otherwise it will be same poor-return-casino-shit for next 10 years.
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