Is Deathifier still around?

Discussion in 'Deathifier' started by Zibster, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Does he still own TI?

    Does he ever log in?
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  2. I am still here :)

    I don't own Crystal Palace though, never have - that's Buzz's property.

    You won't see me online much however I am on from time to time to maintain my properties (TI, OLA's, etc.).

    - Deathifier
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  3. Somehow I knew you would respond. :)

    That's right about Buzz. Well good luck with everything.
  4. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    I see him lurking around here from time to time, he's really silent though most of the time :)
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I thought Deathifier owned 3 coins or whatever it was called on Arkadia? And presumably still Treasure Island?
  6. Hes alive and probably only logs in to cash out ;D
  7. Nah it's mostly to maintain things, keep an eye on what's going on, answer questions and chat.

    I'm not on as often as I used to be because I lengthened the time my properties can run unattended to let me focus on other projects and the update cycle for Calypso seems to also be slower and has far less in each update for me to examine.

    - Deathifier
  8. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    Do you ever come in for a hunt these days? :shoot:

    Btw, may I ask about 8 Coins as Wistrel mentioned? I assume you still own it somehow. I also assume there might be no upkeep there? What made me curious a while back is the fact that 8 coins is part of the BIG event land areas but Treasure Island is not.
    Also, the fact that your website don't show your entire empire results in these threads and questions ;)

    Anyway, nice to see you're around! Good luck with whatever projects you're working on!
  9. No it's been quite some time since I've gone hunting or mining although I still have all my gear and missions active and so on.

    No comment.

    The website is wayyyy out of date and really needs an overhaul, however in the past I've found it really didn't get used much beyond a way to contact me and I'm not sure what to do with it. I've been thinking of reducing it right down to just some basic info and the contact form, updating the images, getting rid of the news (or at least most of it), and I think that'd be enough for the time being. Not sure exactly when that will happen though.

    Thanks, they're going well :)

    - Deathifier
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  10. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    If he hasn't disabled notifications he'll get one if you tag him like @Deathifier
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I actually saw him log into EU very recently.
  12. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    He does log into this forum now and again (as this is only real forum) . Why you ask Theprophet? Is nothing to ask him I don't think or just ask here public
  13. I am still around.

    That was not me.
    Any activity on my account since around April 2018 has not been me.
    Furthermore, since 1 April 2018, any access to my account and activity on my account and/or in relation to my assets (including Treasure Island and my various Outback Land Areas) has not been authorised by, or agreed to by, me.

    If you have seen my account login to Entropia Universe, and particularly if you have received any communications from my account within Entropia Universe, please take a record of it and forward it to me so I can review it.

    - Deathifier
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  14. @Deathifier

    I dont login frequently anymore, but I have seen you logging in as well now and then.

    At least this explains why you didnt answer to my messages ingame anymore.

    This sounds beyond fucked up...holy shit...feel free to share more details...Ill hand you this screenshot in advance.

    I took this screenshot today (20.5.2019).
    So, the last last login of your avatar happened recently. And various times before.

    death login.jpg
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  15. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Wow, sounds like quite a mess, I hope it'll turn out well for you in the end.
  16. Sounds like a big game breaker. So the once biggest investor in EU lost his account for undisclosed reason, and Mindark still using it to turn his assets to MA Official Annex. So it's no longer just David vs David, Mindark is in as well. Hoping to hear more of it soon

  17. Do we know for sure that forum Deathifier is the real Deathifier?
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  18. *bump* x'D

    He could post on other forums, that this Deathifier is the real one...but who knows, if the other forum Deathifier, is still the real Deathifier...and he hasnt been posting for 1 year by many unanswered questions in this always.
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  19. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Has he got a registered business for his Entropia shenanigans? Maybe it has a registered address he could be contacted at.
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