Planet Arkadia News: Iron Missions - Discontinuing Soon

Discussion in 'Planet Arkadia' started by EP-Newsbot, Aug 8, 2022.

  1. Hi Arkadians

    I would like to let you all know that in the next VU, the Iron Missions will be discontinued.

    Please note the next VU will take place at the end of this month, early September 2022.

    Please note that communication regarding this has also been mentioned in the Dev Talk 002

    Best of luck reaching your goals. After the VU, we will discontinue the Iron missions manually and it will be done without prior notice but it will take place after the VU.
  2. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    On the one hand I appreciate this, something that was wrong gets corrected. On the other hand it's sad that newer players won't have the same opportunities as iron missions era players, from that perspective it's a massive nerf. It would have been better to transfer the current "score" into a new system and give everyone the same chance.

    Where can I read the details as mentioned in "Dev Talk 002"?
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    yeh a score transferral should have been possible... but hey ho... laziness
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Or at least offer players to "buy" the rewards for iron missions they haven't finished yet. Players save weeks/months/years of grinding, pay less than they would have to pay in decay + ammo to finish the missions, MA/PPs still get a part of what players would spend while doing the missions. Everyone happy. Except those who see clicking the same pile of pixels a million times as their purpose in life.
  5. Early September would be the beginning of the next month, right?:confused1:
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  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    They are gone? I'm happy that I never got into "iron missions", saved so much time for activities more pleasant. Spending hours of stupid clicking just to slightly increase one irrelevant stat in an irrelevant online game seems very strange...
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  7. And continue to administrate a forum about an online game you seem to hate is even more strange :)
    No offense, Ak.
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I disagree. We're all here or at least the folks relevant to this comment because we are interested in preserving and tracking the progress (past and present) of a game we once loved and may continue to at least hold some liking for, even if only a little.

    There's nothing strange about that in my view.

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  9. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    It's ok to be strange and I don't hate it :) I'm frustrated with the decade-spanning fail of its developer to exploit its full potential, by amateurish carelessness and by instead wanting to exploit their potential customers pockets as easily as possible, regardless the morale level of such operations.

    One source of my frustration is the very core mechanic that's unchanged for decades: clicking the same bunch of pixels thousands of times bare of any involvment of skills for no other purpose than causing decay and ammo consumption and not achieving any other progress than gaining the the ability to click another bunch of pixels for thousands of times. Also refer to

    And I enjoy working on websites. I prefer to feel productive while keeping myself busy with my favourite form of media.
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  10. San


    I don't know, you either like the game or you don't, no point quibbling if it has enough other fans. The less monotonous aspect of it is in the players' money management. Not saying it can't be improved but lacking a better concept, this is where its challenge is. I for sure can't say I've mastered that sufficiently, but they did survive those 10 years of alleged failure. Haven't we known this for a long time, why does this keep coming back?

    The iron missions simply got superceded by Codex. Same grind, just different reward structure. It grew out of player requests for a better mode of mission point distribution in teams, and they fulfilled it in a bigger way than expected.

    (Could tell my story of working with websites and how the excitement got lost, but not quite ready for that and not here.)
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  11. Wistrel : Very often you seem to wonder what is the feature I talk about, and also you are off topic (and i could show) because you're main interest in this game seem to be watching yourself with various clothes and do screenshots...

    Tass : Did not even know that iron missions were existing (Easily a good 10 years ago), just after the new map and VU 10.

    and seem wistrel saved you as you are answering immediately after wistrel's post,
    when it was full silence for few days even i saw you read what I said.

    Honnestly, How Can You Both Argue If You Never PLay ? This Is Even More Strange....
    * I never give negative icons, when I see with sadness that's the habit of people who don't know what they talk about...

    Ohhhh My Lord You Are My Boss And I Will Follow You Wherever You Go = Sheeps ! Sheeps ! Sheeps !
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  12. Is this a joke ?

    Honestly, .... very hard to find something to say SO MUCH your comment is an incredible level of bullshit, from someone who killed 11 mobs in total (Time to call the guiness book mindark, or just have a HUGE LAUGH) and I can CLEARLY say have NEVER NEVER NEVER been playing in a game where you pretend you "once loved and may continue to"...
    At least to writte tons of blablabla about a game where you clearly know NOTHING, you are VERY good...
    After, no need to wonder why I met people in game who told me certain EP members are really full of BS, and I was reacting this is not true, until I realise, THE SAD TRUTH...
    Another forum lover happy to say "hey i wrotte 153 847 post and i am so happy" but i know strictly NOTHING about the game we talk

    Each time you fall from the sky asking if i am sure of the things i post.

    Anyway, why do i bother to WASTE MY TIME to answer to you, I thought you were a real player, but no !!!!!


    at least use the word "irrelevant" lol, is perfect for you, but so pathetic...

    Yeah, I just cant believe i read all your blablabla posts since 2014 that i registered in this forum,
    after beeing invited by my GREAT FRIENDS McCormick and MindStar + Razor.

    WoW the sky fell on me today...

    Two things are infinte :
    The Universe and the Human Stupidity,
    and I'm not sure about the Universe
    Albert Einstein
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  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Please keep things civil.

    We all have our own ways of enjoying our gaming experience, and I happen to like it just like that.
  14. Sorry me, I thought this forum was dealing with a game called Entropia Universe
    Seems it is not the case
    @ Mindark & Planet Partners : don't bother posting news and links, noone cares here...

    So we have an administrator (who's name hugely sounds like swedish (again)) who feels powerful (classic) because he is admin (too bad there is no wanker icon or i would place it here), but have NO knwoledge about the game and doesnt play neither, well why not...
    And a bunch of members who DO NOT play or who did a brief appearance many many years ago, and who managed to kill 11 mobs in 8 years (you're ok, you must be heavily exhausted wistrel, do another 6 years break lol) but who are professionals in talking in the vaccum about a subject where they know strictly nothing... while you watch yourself in the mirror lol, probably the smartest thing you are able to do...

    Ahh but that's true, this is a forum, where people are free to talk
    So go on guys, talk....

    PS : To NotAdmin, you are someone I appreciate, we had several pms together.

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  15. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Yes, the forum does deal with Entropia (and other games). Yes, we have free speech. That doesn't mean that name calling or flaming will be tolerated. EntropiaReality did that, and it created an unhealthy environment, unfortunately.

    Tass is German, and has spent more hours than I can count working on this site (and the wiki). Initially focusing on content, but he pretty much runs the site nowadays out of his own pocket. He might not actively play anymore (neither do I), but he is still paying people for Entropia related videos, and out of the admin staff, he's the most active one around. He did the articles on the Eggs, and the release notes, and I can assure you that neither of those would be done quickly or easily.

    As for your digs at Wistrel, she has always enjoyed the exploration part of games (and EU) more than anything else. Why would she not be allowed to enjoy the game in that way, exactly? She is in the game, killed mobs (presumably in self-defence), and whatever EntropiaTracker shows is not the full picture. She is also helping us behind the scenes with site improvements, and has proven herself quite valuable in that.

    I'm not telling you what to do (far from it), but I'm hoping you can treat them with a bit more respect, because even though it might not be immediately visible, they both have freely invested their time into this website.
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  16. There is a LOT of stuff tracker does not show... some may be low level mobs, some may be on planets that there is not enough trackers for. It's always funny seeing folks pull up tracker to point fingers at others. Remember the old saying, when you point a finger at someone you are pointing several more back at yourself.
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  17. San


    Made a screenshot of that. Thank you.
  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well this got interesting. :) Not quite sure how I triggered the investigation with post 8, and while I thank @NotAdmin for the nice comments about my attempts to contribute, I feel the need to set the record straight.

    It's a long term joke (at least in the socs I've been) to refer to oneself as noobs. Case in point, years ago, whenever me and my socmate il formed a hunting team, it was always called "Small noobs in diapers". It was funny. il was actually fairly high level (certainly compared to me although I'll grant that this isn't hard =D) but the point was we were hunting low level stuff that I could handle. It was fun, we enjoyed each other's company as much as playing the game. My non - grindy approach I think acted as a breath of fresh air for il. He could chain hunt bigger mobs on his own but if the plan was to play with others, it was nicer to take our time, chat between each mob, fool about, have a laugh, even spend time at the end working out the results and if we made any profit etc. It was allegedly a society of traders after all so an abundance of skills were not especially guaranteed, nor were they guaranteed to be absent either.

    Anyhow that was a bit of a digression, the point is, there's no need to defend my lack of globals or other accomplishments in game. My suspicion is that the record on Entropia Life is entirely accurate. In fact there are globals on there I didn't even know about (I'm a purist and have my threshold set at 50ped reporting - as it should be). So yes it's no secret that I'm a noob in that regard, always have been, always will be most likely, since I can't imagine my play style or available time/desire for hanging out in Entropia will change much going forward. If it's any consolation I always think or desire that I will hang out in Entropia more... but often something else comes along that I'd rather do - normally seeing friends or working on something constructive, or just life, chores and hobbies. You'll laugh but even my friends joke that I don't play games much. Even more funny they moan that when I do, its a (in their view) "shit" game like Entropia =D.

    Eventually, the desire to return to Calypso builds and I'll blow an afternoon or two in there, as you say, for the most part wandering around in different clothing/armour, in essence going for a virtual walk in the wilderness. I guess some would say it's a bit weird but I have a thing about changing attire to suit the environment/time of day, or even a reflection of my real life conditions. I dunno, I guess it's just part of the escapism for me. It seems to be every few months at the moment and for the last few years to be honest. I regularly get those "you've not logged in for a while" messages from Mindark.

    So yes, in conclusion, it's entirely true that I'm a low level noob with just a mere handful of system notable kills to my name. It's also true that I had a 3 year break between vu9 and 11 (I didn't like vu9 and it was a while before I had a ce2 capable PC) as well as multiple shorter breaks. Other things one might want to know about me are that I've always maintained an interest/enthusiasm for the game since 2004, have been active on the community forums, have contributed to Entropia advertising materials and have written magazine articles for player made publications, as well as fan fiction.

    If this makes me irrelevant, honestly, so be it. I don't mind. I'm not here to be significant. I'm just here because I want to be.

    I hope you can accept this but I don't mind if you don't.

    Last edited: Sep 7, 2022
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