Entropia News: Introducing Entropia Unreal Tokens

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  1. Introducing Entropia Unreal Tokens

    This year’s Merry Mayhem event will feature the introduction of an exciting new lootable item!

    Entropia Unreal Tokens can be looted from all creatures in the Merry Mayhem event instances. After the launch of Entropia Universe Unreal, the tokens can be converted to Entropia Unreal Shares on the Entropia Exchange.

    Entropia Unreal Shares will receive revenue sharing based on all activity throughout Entropia Universe. The current plan is to release 1 million tokens/shares, with each share receiving an equal portion of 1% of MindArk’s revenue (calculated after Planet Partner revenue split). For reference, based on 2021 revenue and activity, each Entropia Unreal Share would have earned approximately 0.0425 PED per month. Note that the revenue share of Entropia Unreal Shares will not negatively impact any other shares on the Entropia Exchange, nor Calypso Land Deeds.

    Entropia Unreal Tokens will also be a major component of the rewards in the Twentieth-Year Entropia Universe Anniversary (TWEN) event planned for early 2023, and will be lootable from all creatures throughout the universe. Tokens will also be used as prizes in various events during the ongoing development of Entropia Universe Unreal throughout 2023.

    Happy Hunting during Merry Mayhem!

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    Pretty soon MindArk won't have any revenue left due to their pathetic attempts to find more ways to get people to stay in their shitty casino. How about instead of this sort of shite, you focus on making your game actually enjoyable?
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  3. That works out at 42,500 PEDs a month, or 4,250 US$ shared between the entire player base.
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