Interview with David Post

Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by Softhart, Mar 24, 2011.

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    I'm telling Danielle that you called her "devolved" :O

    :P :P :P

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    I have to agree though, this is a nice place to hang out.

  3. Statments like that tend to scare guys away, after all a guy really would not want to "meet the folks" if your mom is a raging troll :)
  4. Meg

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    Yeah, well, when I meet someone I want to bring home, I'll make sure to sell it differently!
  5. that interview was above par for second life interviews, the graphics really dont need to be much better then that, though they can be, its just a matter of the filmer and the filmers computer.

    i for one think david post needs to buy a sim on second life and build a mini next island over there, that way he can invite people to the mini sim, and get them into what next island really is about, then they can transition better into the entropia platform after a while from learning what its about from the second life sim.

    this is totally doable, and i think if david wants to get people from second life, then this needs to be a must thing to plan for in the marketing scheme.

    i used to play second life and code stuff over there, so i could maybe help a bit if i try to relearn the linden scripting again.
  6. Tom


    Excellent find, Softhart! I'm familiar with Dousa Dragonash's informative interview style and David shared some great things about himself, his vision, and the mechanics behind NI. Wonderful. ...And I'm one of those people who have played Second Life for several years, yet I now choose Next Island for my exploration and fun. Of course, each platform I believe has it's pluses and minuses. Would be curious if there could be a system where people could transfer PEDs to Lindens or visa versa.
  7. I googled this and found this thread on the Calypso forum and this site. The thread is a year old but the site is still there
  8. Tom


    Thanks SylverDragon. Great Googley-woogley. The question I guess was dreamed up as David was talking about certain things up and coming on Next Island (comedy club open mic, etc.) and I was thinking, "well that's already in Second Life..." Don't mean to go off topic from the interview on this post. Appreciate you finding this info!
  9. Yes, I agree. Each one has its plus and minus. I happened to like SL of course there are the parts I don't. I would be thrilled if they used the same $ exchange. But I know that would never happen. I would also be thrilled if they brought in some of the social aspect of SL, maybe I'll get that :)
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