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Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by Tom, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Tom


    The Arkadia Pioneers have posted a sticky, Arkadia Import List, and in reading through the list it dawned on me Next Island could provide many of those items.

    Melchi, Alicenies, Cumbriz, Belkar, Narcanisum, Blausariam, Caldorite, and Iron.

    I also posted a suggestion on that thread to explore trading with Next Island since we are close sister planets and it may help space pilots avoid pirates who are watching the Calypso - Arkadia trade route.

    I don't mind coordinating anything on the Arkadia end. Let me know if I can assist getting some trading people together.
  2. Good idea but sadly those materials will be in high demand on all planets for a the next little while.
  3. Tom


    Very good point, Corey, however as it stands just about everyone is looking to Calypso (most people having originated there) as the source planet. And don't you think the pirates are going to be watching in going and out going vessels from Caly like a hawk? Heck, I would! This thread is about suggesting that Next Island can be a viable alternative as an importer and exporter of valuable commodities Next Island has in abundance--if key leaders can work together. Sure, retain necessary items for crafting, etc. And who knows, there could be openings for crafted items too as traders discuss who has what. As trade partners strengthen, you'll be well set once Next Island obtains its own BPs and ready to craft these cool, new items for other planets to use.

    I do of course defer to your experience in these matters and many others who have been in game for longer than myself. :-)
  4. I would agree with Corey on this point. In my opinion, resources such as Melchi, Belkar, Iron, Lysterium, etc. are strongly needed to develop the local economy first, before we can think of exporting them to another planet.

    What we need is more hunters and miners locally to provide resources and materials for the Next Island market.
  5. red


    next island lacks the population base for heavy industry. and, it also lacks any unique product that it can export (herb boxes and other greek terminal items don't count).

    I see nothing wrong with tom's suggestion of resource export until sufficient population exists to shift over. after all, FOMA is primarily a mining location and it has always managed to survive.

    the main island has all sorts of good resources that could be collected up and sent off. this just takes some focus and planning. next island's current lack of population can be used for its advantage. pirates will have a difficult time camping a trade route that isn't full of ships going back and forth.

  6. You bring up a good point. If Tom can co-ordinate the Arkadia end of the deal I could do the route, although trying to buy the ores/enmats in sufficient quantity on NI would be difficult to get at a fair price because of the small population. Now if someone wanted to work on buying the materials on NI, then giving them to me to deliver to Arkadia, or catching a ride with me and splitting the cost, something could be arranged.
  7. First, do we even have enough regular miners to supply on a regular basis? Second, I'm not sure how willing I'd be to carrying several K ped of stackables that could potentially be looted. It would almost require a scout vtol in front with the carrier vtol running slightly back. We would need someone on Arkadia to buy all or at least a large majority of the the loot in one shot, not have to put it all on auction and wait. It would require an almost set price or somewhat set price for each ore/enmatter that we bring over, which is many times hard to do. I think there is some potential in this idea, but would take a lot of coordination, team work, time, and thought to get it to work right. The biggest hindrance to NI is its economy. I know all the regulars know the potential this place has if it can get a steady economy. Its by far the most unique planet around. I've been thinking a lot about what could be done with this new space travel. The cost of travel has decreased quite a bit (only major cost is actually getting up to space), but the potential risk is large and increasing by the day I think. I agree though that NI to Arkadia is likely the least dangerous path atm.
  8. Tom


    I spoke last night with a trusted friend who is the leader of our Next Island Society, (General) Jon Mike Michael of WildD3amons Academy NI. Jon specializes in mining. When I asked him if he would be interested in exploring trade with Arkadia, Jon said YES. He would also be able to help with transportation once he can obtain a thruster attachment.

    On Arkadia, (General) Atlan Ion Leticron, an Arkadia Adviser, of Calypso Desert Rangers, is heading up compiling of list of mats (materials) and planets who can provide those items. The sticky thread, The Arkadia import list, is the central place information is being added.

    Some thoughts:

    1. Materials: I suggest first reaching some consensus on materials that Next Island may be able to export. Ion (on Arkadia) can then keep his list current. Also consider what materials Next Island crafters could use, from ore, enmatter, and even new blue prints of some Arkadia weaponry.
    2. People: Determine who can be miners (from professional to beginning miners), trusted intermediaries (traders, transporters, etc), etc.
    3. Begin communication with Ion and other trusted individuals on Arkadia.

    Keep in mind all the while, there is a slow building of people who are spies (I'm serious) and people who want to loot others' stackable items once a ship reaches PvP space. *Trust and reputation means a lot.

    Let me know what I can do on Arkadia to help take the next steps. I can directly PM Ion on the forums. He knows me from my posts and from chatting some in world.

    * Ion is also planning on compiling a list of trusted suppliers and traders.

    Just thought of this - if any space pilots do note a ship (with red mark indicating BAD karma) it would be good to share that information [date, time, location, estimated direction/activity, and name of ship owner) with the trade group.
  9. you guys are forgetting a big thing....... its lootable pvp, so any wools, hides, ores and Ens, are lootable... if it once was a stackable loot it is again.
    with a pvp zone entering atmospheres get ready for traps, and expect to be shot down every trip
    yes... expect to be shot down unless you are in a squad of fighters.....
    and the ammo loss defending a ship outweighs the cost of delivering people or items.... especially when people are inflating the economy on VTOL thrusters, and Quad wings... adding to the base cost of a trip...

    arm yourself.... and travel safe 8)

    also dont trade with any new avatar with the word pirate or anything close in name.... Alts are easy, and most ubers will have a pirate alt to avoid the rep problem.....
  10. Okay I just picked up an Interceptor so I can travel fast. Now I personally don't want to be running the mats between worlds for two reasons;
    1) I don't want to try and sell them on the other end having my PED tied up until I do.
    2)Their is no pilot gun on the Interceptor so I would have to bring along a co-pilot.

    Now what I can do is transport the trader/mat carrier to Arkadia Space station. With this ship we are almost certainly safe, if any pirate is out of range they can not close the distance. If they are in range then that's their mistake :)
  11. I believe those new Kismet Laser Light can be attached to Quad-Wing wingtips and those can be used by pilot?

    -- Hyssch --

    ps. I'll be traveling between Arkadia and Next Island, not regularly yet, but time to time anyway. Arkadia is my home, so if You're visiting Arkadia need a lift to Next Island and see this little noob standing nearby, feel free to ask.
  12. Oh ya thanks, yes I have that gun on my Interceptor now :)
  13. Great! You kill me in space and I am sending the mafia to your home!! :)
  14. Only kill pirates, people who shoot at me first and a select few people that I personally dislike. Of coarse so I don't feel like a pirate I will give these peoples items back, except their welding wire (if that's still lootable) just to be the ass who left them stranded on some space station :)
  15. LOL so which one am I seeing as every time you see me you have this desire to blow my ass up??
  16. Ahh when it's not in PVP it more like paintball, with a really big splash :)
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