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interested in ghoul armor or blueprints (M)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by JustinCS772, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. been looking around and just not seeing or getting any response anywhere from anyone on who has these blueprints, what blueprints they might drop from, or anyone who is selling (blueprints or armor) or making it anymore. Ive no illusions on my inability to afford them anytime soon but Id like to know where or whom I may go to when I can, maybe I can slave it off by helping them hunt by fapping them or giving them all my sweating from nea's till a certain amount...SOMETHING. but alas no one even responds to my inquiries about its existence much less where or whom to seek

    :search: [help] :( ](*,)
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  2. I know of a few that have the blueprints for crafting Ghoul armor, that's not the biggest problem. Ghoul requires a very rare ingredient; Tridenite Ingot, which is a very rare find. You will probably need to get 21 Tridenite Ingots to be able to get a crafter make a full set of 7 parts Ghoul armor for you (usually 1 success out of 3 tries, therefore you need 21). From only checking the markup at Entropedia (might be even more ingame), 21 Ingots would cost over 16k PEDs to buy. And probably it would take a good while to find enough.

    An easier way would most definitely be to buy an already crafted set from another player. As for the price, I think the last known trade was for around 20k.
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  3. well Id gladly find the ore if I could, or earn it somehow, either way requires someone to say they have the armor and willing to sell and so far no one is confessing to either. Id even consider buying the blueprints and slowly hoarding the proper ingredients myself, just cant get anyone to say they got them or how they got them or sell them. they are literally NOWHERE in the game market
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  4. Now I don't know your profession level in Armor crafting, but it's a lvl 13 BP so I'd say you want to let a skilled crafter do it for you. BUT as I said in my first post, an easier and faster way is to buy a set from a current owner. I am not surprised you are having difficulties finding people with a set and even more someone that is also willing to sell it, it is simply a darn good and quite rare armor. So they are not out on the market very often.

    Luckily for you though, it happens to be someone selling a 6 part (only lacking foot guards) Ghoul armor over at EF at the moment:

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  5. great, 2 peds down 19,998 to go then
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  6. if you bought me a set Id be your avatar slave for life to earn it
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  7. I suspect I would have to be my own slave in that case, I would be constantly telling myself, to "pick that up", "tidy that mess", "don't leave that there", "paint that house", "use a coaster" and all kinds of things. Don't think I could take it particularly when I start hitting myself with a skillet!

    Whatever happened to the skillet?
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  8. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Here let me help you with that :D
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  9. Ahh, there it is, thank you :).
  10. so does anyone know the crafting path to ghoul blueprints, its would seem (besides the 20k sale) that there are no other avenues other then to try and slug it along using sweat sales to fund my way up to a set of ghoul armor. and Ive done it before to get my goblin and then my ghost set ( sans the footguards as ppl want WAY too much, so I use rascals ), and even my full set of 6a and 5b plates. I was serious about willing to work for them so I guess Ill have to work for myself.
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  11. Oh I can assure you skilling up all the way yourself to a level where you can use those blueprints, as well as purchasing them will alone cost A LOT more and take A LOT longer time than if you just go buy the set for 20k from a current owner.

    I don't think you really understand how much you would save by letting someone else craft it for you, or even better buy an already made set from someone. If money is the problem, heck, sweat until you got 20k peds worth of sweat, even if it takes a lifetime it's still a faster and cheaper way than skilling up and make a set yourself. :rolleyes:
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  12. well

    1: I could never justify paying 2,000 USD for a set of in game armor


    2: I have no way to depo anyways even if I was willing to dish out that kinda cash in our lovely world economy
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  13. Alright, Ive done some of my famiously imfamious research adn even though I have discovered data on where I have a pretty good chance of obtaining ghouls rare mat I ALSO noticed how close phantom armor is to ghoul *sans the really nice electrical resistance :(* and so I am willing to entertain the idea of buying phantom blueprints or provideing mats or just plain whoreing myself out for either ghoul OR phantom armor
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  14. alright, apparently no takers. so how about if I provide the mats for my missing ghost foot guards. Id buy enough for maybe 3-5 runs if I trade in some of my saved gear and I will take 1 pair and you can sell the rest as they have a 350-400 ped markup at the moment. Id also arrange for rascal mask mats for a friend as we both havent seen a non L type on the market for some time
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  15. (although Id consider it a great kindness and help if 3 or 4 or 5 were made an extra pair come my way to help my funds out some)
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