Inside the Creative Kingdom bringing Hollywood to Chiang Mai

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    Saw this postedon EF, and thought it would be worth repeating the article and link here.

    Originally posted at SkyscraperCity here.
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    Another post on this topic

  3. Fri, Jun 18, 2010
    The Nation/Asia News Network

    Creative Kingdom, a US-based film production firm, yesterday kicked off construction of the Bt20-billion ($861 million) Chiang Mai Movie Town Project, or CNXWood, saying they aim to be a regional hub of film-making.

    :puke:Kicked off construction? Really folks, after seeing Rocktopia you still hope for additional planets?

    Asia is weird! Use the google to look up Malaysia's "Information Super Corridor" Asia isn't bad just weird, it's not like western countries.

    It just won't happen anytime soon. Ie 15 to 20 years

    Cia Fact Book

    Major infectious diseases:
    degree of risk: high
    food or waterborne diseases: bacterial diarrhea
    vectorborne diseases: dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, and malaria
    animal contact disease: rabies
    water contact disease: leptospirosis
    note: highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza has been identified in this country; it poses a negligible risk with extremely rare cases possible among US citizens who have close contact with birds (2009)

    School life expectancy (primary to tertiary education):
    total: 14 years
    male: 13 years
    female: 14 years (2006)

    Yea, this will happen soon. If they can keep the same government for 5 years running.
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    This sounds more like a RL, brick-and-mortar project to me than a virtual one.
  5. Precisely my point they are short lived there, especially the grandious ones, like this.
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    ah well at least cyrene is still going ahead; a crew of 60 seems pretty good too!

    Looking forward to whatever story they bring to the game

  7. Einstein

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    Made in Thailand!! Must be good!!!

    cKI are the only ones that keep my hope alive for the future a little bit.
  8. Same here.
  9. Einstein

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    I think are the only ones that really want to make cool game. The other planets are more like marketing tools for products. Movies, music, whatever ... . I think cKi wants to explore more the gaming business and want to find out if they can be succesful. I'm also pretty sure that if they are succesful, they will be quick to cut MA out of the picture.
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    Couldn't agree more.

    I just uploaded 2 new concept art images of creatures to the wiki page: Cyrene Concept Art.

    Would also be great to have some more questions for Cyrene Creative Director Ed Robles in this thread: All you ever wanted to know about...
  11. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    arent you lieing on a warm beach now, drinking cold Beer?? :headscratch:
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