I posted my opinion on their forum. Got locked & they called it intrusion.

Discussion in 'Monria' started by McCormick, Mar 17, 2016.

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    I would love for MA to get their fucking act together, and stop lying to people. Be it their partners, their customers, or heck, even themselves.

    Their game once had so much potential, but due to MA being a collection of incompetent twats, that potential will never ever be realized. There's absolutely no innovation happening. All they currently seem to be able to is a poor attempt at copy/paste stuff other games do. The storyline is a massive clusterfuck. There's no coherency in anything they do. It's all very short-term lame attempts at cashing in on the next big thing, and hoping that they somehow manage to drag in enough new suckers to keep the ship from finally going down.

    And if you really think that I spent thousands of dollars solely in an attempt to shut MA down, you're insane. We're not anti-MA, but apparently we're one of the few EU forums where anything non-positive is still allowed to be discussed.
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  2. VF said it all.

    I post what I think. I cant please everyone with it. Its as simple as that.
    If you think I made all the postings, my blog and the videos to "shutdown" MA...think again.

    The times of constructive criticism are over. Everybody, especially the noobs, should be aware of "the other side" of Entropia. Some people advice me to post solutions, instead of complains. Seriously ?!

    I mean, look at those ignored "whishlists" or bug reports on the other forum. The "ideas" started to repeat since 2009, as new (and old) people arent aware, that all of these wishes have been posted in the past already. Again and again and again. Bugs stay unfixed for ages, as they have no priority.
    Look at the zero communication between the community and MA.

    Just have a look at their "latest announcements" and you will SEE, lots if it didnt make it into the game again, or is only half ready, or has been forgotten already.
    It doesnt happen every time, but way too often by now.

    You like to play in such a world ? Because not everything is bad ? I do...but think it is handled like sh!t these days and I say it in public.

    Of course it is easier to ingore everything and just do the daily grinding. Ignoring bugs in graphics, sounds, textures, story, the whole system.
    Go buy your 10th buff and kill 10.000 Argonauts. Craft away 5.000$ in Explosive Blueprints. Register at the Entropia Casino. Yay, thats whats this sci-fi MMORPG is about now.

    If you like it, fine, but I have experienced a true, alienated, immersive landscape back in the days, that had the most beautifull storyline with a unique concept attached to it.
    I wish it would become such a great product again. And just because MA wont do it, doesnt mean I have to stop pointing at various things.


    Why dont YOU post solutions, instead of pointing at us, who speak their mind ?
    You and your "you scare away the noobs" agenda, claiming this is a Anti-MA forum.
    What are you really afraid of ?

    I explained myself to you various times by now.
    Havent you learned anything over the past 5 years ?

    If you havent yet understood what I am trying to achieve, then it wouldnt make any sense explaining it to you again.

    I have said everything twice. Maybe go cry at the other forum, where you begged to get unlocked and post how bad we are.
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  3. Not sure about how unique the story is as it's a redo of many, many sci-fi stories on a lot of different levels. Almost a copy/paste of quite a few stories involving aliens and robots really... stories about humans mutating in to something else and then coming back to attack the humans for shunning them, stories about 'alternative universes' you find in a wormhole type of thing like the orbs...etc...

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mechanoid_Invasion ...
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battlestar_Galactica_(2004_TV_series) ...

    , but I get the gist of what you are saying in that it was somewhat new in the mmo world at the time it came out as there was no competition following suit.
  4. I meant the RCE thing, beeing the unique concept. :)

    The storyline has indeed been used gazzillion times by now.
    But having it in a MMO, that you are beeing a part of, mankind forced to leave earth (hooray for settlers in orange clothes),
    having Akbal Cimi next to you...quite cool ;)
  5. Thank you for that post. Exactly as I said. Please re-read your post many times and you just may understand. :)

    Why am I hard on you you ask here? Well, read the OP topic. You asked why, more or less, why your thread was (ok) locked down and I told you. Sorry. But I just have to speak my mind.

    We must be getting old here. "I remember in the day..." Well sorry those are LONG and gone. Well, damn I been tell you this for the last, what has it been..4+ years now. Yes you been doing this more than 4 bloody years day and and day out...MA was, SEE could have been. Sorry. Never going to happen and SEE was only your friend in hopes you be depositing. :)

    So as I said, and will say again, come on please just live a little and get over all this and have fun in life. This of course I hope isn't your fun to bitch all day?

    That's all my saying.
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    Not much on topic, but since the general development of EU has been discussed here too:

    EU is a product, a product has a life cycle, and a life cycle has an end. While the question is when and how will it end the development is pretty clear:
    EU can certainly go for a long time still due to its gambling aspects. To the gambling character new content and features do not matter much, cycling PEDs in hope for some HoF excitement and seeing one's name on the board and global trackers is the thing. It doesn't need any game development which is something MA neglected anyway, maybe a new bunch of pixels with the same old mechanics thrown in once in while is sufficient and the cost for that are a fraction of the cost for servers and maintaining the platform. So as long as the gamblers pay for the upkeep of the system it'll will probably continue to exist. One thing is pretty clear: in the end all PEDS will be gone.

    Of course the gamers will be gone long before the gamblers. When EU respectively PE started it was the age of MMOs and EU discussed like one of the next big things. Unfortunately it launched in an already desolate condition, for example denying that a quest system is essential which was only corrected ~10 years later. And that is clearly a symptom of EU: about everything developed after launch was mostly inspired by trends that were already on the decline when MA implemented them in a sub-standard half-hearted way, for example User Generated Content. Today it's certainly the most feature-rich and content-rich EU there ever was but it's a patchwork of settings, development stages, content and features, disjoint, overlapping, disparate, clunky and overly complicated, the later not for sake of a variety in gameplay but instead interfering with gameplay due to the lack of general direction and elaborated design. Since the launch of EU the gaming world has changed dramatically and developed fantastically but it seems like MA is not a part of this world. EU fell and keeps falling behind the standards of today's games that are so innovative, so joyful and so comparatively cheap. Damn, look at the epic story-telling in The Witcher 3, the challenging boss fights of the Souls series, highly successful games like Stardew Valley developed by one single person. If you are a gamer, why playing EU.

    Lol! I guess that's pretty much a secret still. It's kind of unfortunate that so many incidents are not known to the broader community, but if they were anyone with a heart and soul would certainly develop a very very negative opinion about MA. Thus far, my friends, just believe the ones who know.
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  7. Short but true.
    MA does not want EU (anymore) and they dont have the employees (anymore).
    So just let it run like this, till the end.
  8. I made my experience in here.
    I will share it with everyone else, repeating myself as long and as often as it is needed = as long as Im a part of EU.

    It happened in the past and it happens now and it will happen again. Because of MA. Thats what people need to know.
    Noobs shouldnt be like "Oh, a bugged/nerfed/glitched item. Oh bad communication. Oh a broken promise. Oh they lied to us. Ah well, sh!t happens...it can only get better"
    Its not that MA have learned their lesson by now, did they ? Its not just the changes or MA trying to turn EU into something else.
    There is more...and its getting repetitive. Big fat repetitive BS ! Thats what I want to make people aware of. Nothing else.

    Of course YOU cant hear it anymore after 4+ years. ;D
    But new players might be interested in it.

    Others keep repeating how much money they make in here. Others keep repeating how much joy they have by doing 18 hours of pure grinding.
    Others keep repeating how much they love this game. Others keep repeating how unique EU is. I keep repeating and updating what went wrong and why I dislike it.

    That's all what Im saying. Ty.
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  9. But now there is one small difference between them and you here. The biggest is that you have not liked MA and how they have operated since what was it? 2004? So for the last 12+ years you have been trying to tell everyone over and over that MA is bad. You really need to think about this one. Anyway back on topic, the issue here is that your crying isn't enough that you need to seek out new players and tell everyone every day that MA is bad bad bad. Most look at you, as I, and have to ask: ok? Um..then why are you still playing if it's so bad? As this thread started out, you flooded the Monria forum with your hate and then posted here crying that it was locked down not understanding why?

    I said it before and I will say it again: yes MA sucks. Get over it and live a little.
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  10. San


    I've been wondering what to make of all this for a while. I must say, I am also rather taken aback by this scene. Opinions on various MA decisions aside, I find this appearance a far cry from the expectations I would have of the person behind a "big name", someone who, at least at some time in the past, has earned fame and the community's respect. You come into this world inheriting in your mind the image of those that were before you (2007 was my first EU birth). With the degree of immersion which makes the fascination of this game, you don't recognize the human being behind an avatar until they let it slide. Then you discover that everybody is just cooking with water, is a fallible human being like all of us, might have this or that issue. And then the big names come tumbling down from their pedestals. The question what makes someone so passionate about hating the creators of this game that they would proactively carry their course into every partial community that comes into existence, is a very valid one. What the hell has happened to you, Mr. McCormick?

  11. I still love this concept and the past does add a lot love to it as well. I still play occasionally.
    I dont like how they kick this product with their feet since 2009. <- My opinion
    But Im glad Im able to play for free, cashed out everything I deposited since 2004 and dont have to put money into this Moloch anymore.
    I wont put a cent in here ever again, if MA keeps misstreating this gem, like they do since 2009. Events and buffs and boring space and bad MU with (L) items and untradeable stuff, doesnt make a full MMORPG with RCE.

    Telling the truth and posting MY opinion = Passionate about hating the creators ?!

    Did you even read my post above yours ? Or is your judgement based on my Monria Thread only ?
    Why guys like you always interprete my writing as "passionate hate towards MA" ?
    Your writing skills are nice. No offence, but what are you, some kind psycho analyst with story writing abilities ? :wink:
    Get back on your own pedestal, then we can start to discuss. :beerchug:

    Guys like you come along talking about pedestals and worry about my life and health, asking where all the negativity comes from.
    Negativity, thats all you SEEm to be able to extract from my posts. As I said, the times of constructive criticism are over. It simply doesnt work.

    Look at all the "oldtimers" that got banned or asked for self-deactivation on the other forum by now.
    Because they wrote what they thought or gave up, because it did not change anything since 2009, because it became impossible to reach for MA.
    Or the Expl. BP poll ?
    You are correct, I inherhit my thoughts as well and try to point out, that it is happening again and again and again. And it will happen again and I wont like it.

    And those people that suggest me to quit in this case...jesus... I play for free ! I have nearly 200k skills and clothes and equipment, CLDs, AUDs.
    Skills will increase and I can buy more AUDs and CLDs over time. But that alone wont make me happy. But its enough to make me stay and moan about how MA fucked this "Universe" up. They reach for so many things at once, that they forget what they grabbed in the 1st place.

    Let me continue making noobs aware of what lies (are) ahead and what kind of truth awaits them.
    There is nothing wrong with it, in my opinion.
    But please, feel free to try to change my mind with your excellent writing skills. :drool:
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    Norbert Cartoon Head

    I can SEE (damn i'm doing it now :D) where both of you are coming from, there have been opportunities missed over the years by MA. Also the direction taken from original PE to where we are today, but at end of day MA have to keep the lights on. I love EU but also worry about direction game is headed, rare finds list is mostly from strongboxes, Crafting hofs 95% explosive ammo, more non tradeable bound items, buy/upgrade from MA direct items etc etc.. Auction is really sluggish, mark ups low, hunting loot diluted by shrapnel, component drops for caly weapon bp's non existent BTAU's etc; i could go on. Just feels from a players perspective that there is a huge problem balancing, and somehow the love/direction has been kinda lost. Seems like devs have forgotten about overall economy almost, feels is a general lack of activity to increase demand and overly concerned with cutting down opportunities in game rather than creating new ones. More focus on buy from MA direct, buffs for instance would have been a great way to increase economic turnover, make new craft profession and increase use of low used resources, oils etc.

    Just to say again i love EU and will always attempt to adapt, but something to me at least seems missing in the game mix. Ofc that could just be nostalgia mixed with a side order of retrospect, but in no way a lack of care and love for game.
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  13. San


    Thank you very much for the reply. And thanks for the compliment on my writing skills, it means something since English is not my mother tongue.

    I have not been able to pick up everything you ever wrote over the years, so certainly lack a complete picture. That some pieces get picked up from others' criticisms is inevitable. We obviously share a few griefs about decisions taken by MA, Calypso, and "the other forum". I am and always have been wary about putting a lot of money into a game which I could never see as serious investment. I am depositing small amounts irregularly, and I consider it spent for entertainment. Like I might otherwise spend on pubbing and clubbing. I could possibly get roped in to splurge a bit more on virtual gear if there was a windfall, but I will never forget that they can pull the plug at any given moment for any reason. Or none at all. Nothing we associate with "value" has any real base in here.

    That's it from my side. I don't question the reasons, motives, and hopes of others, which likely are different from mine. I might tell them when asked or prompted, but I don't see the point of going to a webspace I haven't been before just to shove it to everybody. Whether this impression is right or wrong, it likely has made that impact on the Monria folks, too, and prompted their reaction. To me it seems just out of character for someone who has been here and not quit for so long, unless some especially bad experience has turned into a chronic peeve. I can't imagine it has to do with money alone, since you were able to recover all your expenses which is better than most can hope to achieve. I wouldn't know how to recover the money for all the beer I poured into myself over the years, at least not from within the same system. After all there is manpower and infrastructure behind all this, and the money to pay for it has to come from someone.

    That they advertise it as a money making opportunity doesn't help, of course. For everyone who makes money in here, several others have to spend. Is this the lie you are referring to? But this behaviour is not specific to MA. The world is full of misleading advertisement and one grows up learning common sense and controlling one's own desires, or will be a sucker forever. If that happens, I have nobody but myself to blame. It has happened indeed, and some bad decisions were pretty expensive. But others around me have been worse off.

    I am not trying to change your mind, nor do I assume anything which applies to me applies to you or anyone else. I'm just trying to understand it. I might learn something.
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  14. What Norbert said.

    And if you havent tried my blog from my signature yet, feel free to....dont just SEE it as a simple list, but as they way MA handles this game and its players.
  15. 6 people started to mention that Nazis are bad. They never stopped saying it, just to get over it and "live a little".
    No MA arent Nazis. Just in case you thought I said that.

    Im still a part of this MMO. Since 2004. Hence I post my opnion and my thoughts. And I will continue doing it.
    I dont care if you and "most others" think Im wrong.

    Since 2009 not 2004. Thats when MA started to troll the community and kept repeating it since then.
    People that joined in 2010 cant know that, so why would it be wrong to tell them about it ?
    Why would I wait until they maybe realize it in 2012 ?
    And its not that I run around and shout at everyone to go away or dont deposit. Jesus.

    Why I still play ? Because I can. And becasue I want. I already explained it above you...I can play for free and dont have to deposit anymore.
    I still have equipment that I like to use. Yes I play now and then. As I still like some aspects of this MMO.

    Why again your "Why u no quit ?!" or your infamous "You need to deposit to post your opinions ?"
    Why would I support a game with my money, a game that I think is getting misstreated ? Why ? While I can just play it for free...legal !
  16. Well I haven't been as hard on you lately due to the fact that as I told you if you play the game then you can bitch about it. So yes when you did start to login to the game least year or so I stopped 'picking on you' The only reason that I am 'picking on you' now is due to the subject of this thread where you are asking why your thread over on Monria was locked. More if you just would stop and read what you stated here you and what others have told you as well maybe you can understand.

    At the the end I think the best way that we can move ahead as of this point is if I just sided with how SEE would deal with you:

    Man you are so right duded. MA is so fucked up. It is simply crazy. Hopefully with your heard work here MA will change and you will be able to deposited again soon and enjoy the game.
  17. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well.... not seen a thread this heated in some years. Kinda reminds me of the old days! :D

    Just to roll in with mytwopecs.com (no longer exists) I like San's last post. Very well written indeed. Also sounds like we play in a similar way. I can get away with equating the money to other forms of entertainment as I am a low level player who mainly explores. It will never be as cheap as "other games" because well,... Steam but that is fine.

    As for my usual backing of McCormick of course, here it is. I can't see anything wrong with a new player discovering what he writes or creates in videos. TBH this will probably do MA a favour as it provides a means for a player to get more interested in the game and its history. This means they are more likely to be retained. Also as he says, it isn't like he goes around spamming Rookie with negativity or something.

    Couple more things. It is important to keep logging in to criticise but you don't need to deposit. Just have a go. If you can do that for free, fair game to you. I (personally) for example would never criticise Explosive ammo crafting because I know nothing of it and its affect on the game or economy. I just pick up hearsay.

    As for what to do about MA. Well there seems to be a lot of confusion about Mr McC's agenda. One could say, what does he hope to achieve? Well his blog and videos if nothing else provide a chronicle of the past, things that would otherwise be forgotten or brushed under the carpet. Someone once asked for an in game museum. Of course MA would never do that but we have an archive outside of the game thanks to the likes of McCormick and anyone else who runs a site that archives entropia's history in some way shape or form.

    Of course the follow up to that is "what good is an archive or someone who keeps banging on about the past?" Well for one thing it helps stop history being repeated. It is a sad state of affairs but I, like many others, used to post "what if"'s or ideas threads. Time went on and we all learned the hard way that MA don't or can't act on these threads. They just put them in the big book of "To Do", if we are lucky that is! I have to admit when people go hey lets do something that someone suggested in the past I have tended to tell them it won't happen and even sometimes link a post from a decade ago.

    This doesn't solve the problem of "how do we actually get MA to do what we want them to" I admit. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that really, or rather I think the answer is that Entropia needs to be sold to someone with the inclination or resources to do a good a job. I am not sure what the problem is with MA, there is always the speculation of "MA don't care" or "MA have no staff" but the reality is that people don't really know that for sure (unless there is something I don't know about?). The only person I know who has been to MA's offices is Az and that was years ago. Until there is someone on the inside who can illustrate what is actually going on reliably we just have to keep on guessing.... or rather we don't, we can simply give up because speculating is fun but ultimately fruitless

    All this said, unlike McCormick, there are some (many?) thinks I like about Entropia today and I feel some of our nostagia for the past might not actually be a good thing if we could have everything back the way it once was. I'm down with the graphics for starters - my gripe isn't what there is, more what there isn't. Example being I am very confused about the lack of day night cycles at the moment. To be true, when MA tidy an area, it is generally very nice. The area North of PA for example or that robot instance or Thule. I guess they just don't have the resources to things that fast... just a guess though.

    I sometimes think about how much I have to do at work and how sometimes people ask me to do something and I never get to it. Then I imagine if I was working for MA they maybe feel similar. A million possibilities and no time/staff to do even an 8th of it

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  18. So as it turns out.. Dark Moon Enigma is actually Mindstar 9.. So McCormicks super Monria Video thread got locked by ... Mindstar 9... oww the drama.....


    Gimme that popcorn... !

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