I posted my opinion on their forum. Got locked & they called it intrusion.

Discussion in 'Monria' started by McCormick, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. I just stumbledd across a post on the monria forum, that made me register and start my own thread there, beeing called
    My Opinion about Monria and MindArk


    It got closed after 15 minutes with the following reply by "Dark Moon Enigma"
    monria post 2.jpg

    monria post 1.jpg

    The thread that made me register was already locked, but I felt like I need to explain myself to the Monria community as well. The post of sluggo made me wanna explain myself to them. He asked for it. I tried to be calm and polite and honest.

    Once again people only SEEn the negativity and I got told to not share my opinions there again.
    Im awaiting anhithe's reply and already thank them for their warm welcome.


    Here is my original text :


    I only registered to reply to mastermeshs thread about my video, realizing, it is locked.
    So, here I am.

    If I really need to explain the last 12 years of Entropia, how MA failed, lied to us, nerfed the system and broke many promises, then you got to work on your own 1st. Not knowing about "the past", doesnt empower you juding my opinion about Entropia and Monria, by simply calling me whiner.

    Maybe you know my blog about Entropia called "Content of Oblivion" ? I cant post links yet.

    Calling my Keyboard Rambo or whiner is by far the most simple solution to avoid any conversation with me.

    Why call me out or advice me to leave the game if I dont like it ? I never ever said I dont like it, I only say its getting kicked with feet. I repost this now and then, as people only tend to SEE the negativity in my words. Nothing else. Because its easier for them.

    Why would I have to buy an LA and show everoyne how to do it ? I play for free since the Terminator sale and cashed out all the money I deposited since 2004. I play with my CLD money now. I dont even have to complain about bad loots, as I play for free.

    I should happy, shouldnt I ? Well, Im not. Here is why.
    MA fired most of their creative employees after the SEE incident. Noone is left to develop/finish stuff.

    If you havent realized that by now, stop reading and keep gam(bl)ing. Its better for this thread and better for my CLD income, believe me.

    Lets go : (why I keep mentioning SEE)
    SEE only payed the 1st of 6 installments a 1 million $.
    Then, because of swedish law, MA "got Calypso back" (wasnt easy and they still payed money to SEE afterwards) and sold Calypso to its own playerbase instead. (CLDs)

    SEE, there is even more to the story :
    In short :

    German guy "Hartmut Krebs", state secretary in the Department of Commerce and his chief financial officer "Jurgen Schroer", made some deals with Mr. Biallas about amateur versions of "Star Trek" and "Titanic" (1998), using amateur actors, going on world tour with this project. @_@

    Biallas : "I can not held beeing responsible for the possible econmic risk" *tadaaa !*

    The "projects" failed fast and "Hartmut Krebs" and his friend had made a loss of 60 million Euros by then, and was taken to county court in Duesseldorf (2005) by his ex-employer, to pay a compensation of 8 million Euros, because they could have warned about such huge losses way earlier.

    Should someone have been aware here ? Maybe.

    Neverdie introduced SEE to MA back then and nearly got fired as well.
    Now hes becoming "The President of Virtual Reality" via a simple facebook vote.
    You think thats good for Entropia ? You think its a good advertisement ? I dont.
    Here is why.


    If you followed this game closely, you already know its based on publictiy stunts only and never ever started real (mass) advertising. They dont need it and they cant handle 1 million users anyway.
    If you dont accept that, stop reading here.

    The days of "Treasure Island" are over.

    MA and their investors/shareholders make enough money of some dozen hardcore addicted gam(bl)ers. Thats how micropayments work. Screw the average 5$ depositors and go for the big ones, that play since 10 years or longer and have a steady phat wallet. MA does not need ads.

    But the game needs ads. 6 planets and a huge empty space require more then a dozen of hardcore addicts and some 5.000 active accounts. Because it will be nothing, but empty space.


    You want a solution instead of complaining ? From me ? By buying a LA and show everyone how its done ? I play for free already. I made it. I just dislike the way this once fantastic MMO is beeing treated. And I say it clearly. I will never again put a single $ into this game, if MA keeps this slow and silent update policy with no communicatiion at all. I bet you realized this as well by now. But many of you ingore it or simply dont care, as you only go for more hunting, as you need more skills and better equipment, to be able to compete with the other phat wallets.

    As I said, nothing wrong with it, as I only gain from these people. But its a bit sad that the sci-fi aspect got lost and turned into this grinding festival with event after event after event. Which bring a lot of PEDs to my account. But PEDs alone arent everything to me in this a sci-fi universe. I made many many friends around the world since 2004 and alot of them still play, but are mostly inactive or idle, or some of those hardocre addicts.

    But hey, screw the alienated, immersive sci-fi environment with a excellent background story.

    I agree, it is not needed in this grinding festival anymore. Its sad, as it indeed once was an adult, immersive, alienated sci-fi MMO with a RPG factor on top of it. I admire your effort, new Monria team, very brave of you, but you will go nowhere with MindArk and wont make your money back, without drastic changes, that you will never be able to fulfill anyway. MA is your god from now on.

    Seen the "Petition to remove Explosive BPs" ? Why remove it ? Its good for my CLD income. Who cares for economy, bad loot and markup ? I dont, as I play for free. Screw this, I AM suddenly happy ! ;D

    If you you are happy with MAs current product, I can do nothing about it. But just because you like it, doesnt mean I got to accept it as well. It also doesnt mean I have to leave this game. Always a great attitude. "Go and leave if you dont like something".

    Dont SEE me as whiner, but as someone who is fed up of MA politics and views and tries to transport it out to the masses...the masses we will never have. ^^ I still love remnants of this MMO and sometimes still enjoy exploring, hunting and mining. Just for the giggles and because I dont have to pay for it.


    Out of nowhere the Stable arrives at Monria. You think the new owners "worked for it" ?

    You think Akoz & His Investorfriends werent able to "ask for a stable" on Monria in a timeframe of 2 years ? Do you know how many LAs Akoz alone owns ? How many "Hunt on my land and win prizes" things he did ? You think Akoz and his Team fell asleep hoping for Monria to be the holy cow ? By doing nothing ?

    If you really believe that, then you still need to learn. Maybe if anhithe initiates the sale of Monria one day...

    I wont go bezerk on MA here as it wont help the situation. But if you still dont understand what Im trying to achieve here, then only time will tell (you).


    The communication died. The development died. If you call me a whiner for complaining about a half assed space attempt, compet beeing the money-making machine, empty towns, Promised Citizenship System, Land Plot System, waiting 3 years for taming to return, Hub Culture, Planet Employability, Empaticus, Next Island, SEE Virtual Worlds, Creature Control System, Battle Octagons, New Oxford, Oculus Rift support, The Egg (7 years), Mindbank, Cashcard, Gigantic Sports Stadium, Towns turning into shopcontainers only, Tower of Pandorra, bought 3D models that dont fit into this sci-fi world, cars from the 80s, boats and helicopters from GTA, MA giving their PPs a hard time, robot factory, the massive ads lie, GNN Brazil, MOL (money online), MA hyping bitcoin, the casino with Entropia Textures to lure in the hardcore addicts, Fishing System, Golf Course, Athena Spaceport Realistic Texture update, Beverages, Scanner nerfing, Axe1x0 nerfing, Shop Design competition, promised landing pads on the malls, NASA, ESA, New Promotion Video with a real actor, Space Pirates, Warren Buffet, refferal links, re-re-re-re-designs noone ever asked for, same clothes different names & cheaper price, returning bugs, glitches, the ingame companies, xfire, ingame voice chat by Ericsson, empty buildings with no use...just to name a few, then I dont know why you do it.

    If this all doesnt matter to you, because you prefer grinding the events or simply dont care for an indepth storyline, then fine. Be it that way. But dont tell me Im completely wrong. Maybe you are ?

    Ya, its all the past, but its happening again and again. If you dont understand that, it doesnt even make sense calling me a whiner that looks for his 5 minutes of facebook fame by bashing MA.

    Do you really think Monria reflects the Cthulhu Mythos ? What is it that sucks you deeply into believing it ?

    Id really like to hear about it. Or are you here to hunt, craft and mine only ?

    Where is the diversity of ores on planets ? Universe wide trading. Space missions anyone ?

    Im not omniscient, but Im not doing this for fun or because Im bored, or because I have issues in reallife or because I want to defend myself. I made my experiences inside and outside of Entropia, since 2004. And I post how I think and feel about it. I cant make everyone smile about my words, but that was never my intention anyway.

    Please forgive me my CLD bragging, but I have reached my goal. Beeing able to play for free.

    That I dont like the way this MMO gets treated, often gets misinterpreted by the people that SEE it as "negativity" that just was made up to scare away noobs and shed a bad light on Entropia. But remember, we dont need noobs. Those dozens hardcore addicted gam(bl)ers with phat wallets are enough.

    The new Monria team will make its own experience with MindArk and Ill be more then happy to SEE a great outcome, but I doubt it will happen. I dont know it of course but....good luck, you will need it.

    Thank you.

    Yes, there are still parts that are fun in this game and its hard to leave it behind. But imagining having to put in 250 Euro each weekend, as I did the past, because I also wanted to support this world, makes me shiver nowadays and will probably never happen again, as I dont SEE a reason to support this messy game right now.

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  2. stable mathew.jpg

    1st post calls it "probably a good investment". Has no idea of monthly "income". Keeping in mind how empty Monria is.

    Immediately believes Monria is under "very good managment now".

    Holy sh!t, if a standard, err, "event" and a stable make people believe again after 2 years of silence, thinking the old team never reached for stuff like events and stables...then you are doing it right MindArk. Lead the blind. WOW. LOL.
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  3. hmmm... surprised you got Monria's forum to work at all. It's laggy as hell for me, so I quit reading it at all. (ep is a bit like that at times too, but not too often - they just shut it down about once a week for server maintenance here I think?)

    I suspect others do similar and leave the monria forums due to lag. If a simple forum can't load in a few seconds when you have extremely high speed internet, there's really no need to visit it. Odds are you don't want to visit it anyways in cases like that as the admin probably have no clue what the hell they are doing, leaving their server, and ultimately your browser as a result open to trojans, worms, etc. Clue the Cthulu music. da da daa du daaa

    as far as 'disruptions' go, I didn't think anything I posted on that forum was a 'disruption' but rather open conversation. Of course, I'm not sure that the admin over there 'understand' regular open conversations that take place on normal forums based on the amount of posts on various community forums you see from him/them in the past.

    I count 10 total threads started on pcf since 2006 by Anhithe.
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  4. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    Anhithe did respond to you posts..

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  5. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    Also, as an aside.. If I owned a Forum and had a thread posted in the way you did (six posts in a row in a rant format) I may have locked it also..

    Just sayin..
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  6. My 1st phrase already was the apology for the 6 posts. I could not post a "wall of text" as a new user.

    Good to know there are more people around that would just lock me up for my words. :sneaky:
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  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well.... I bookmarked this page under a title "McCormick being awesome" and if ever I personally receive negative remarks about McCormick I will direct them to it and the content of oblivion and the youtube channel.

    But... to talk about Monria for a moment since it sounds like we can't talk about it on their own forum for fear of a perfectly reasonable thread being locked (a mistake - they should think of the traffic/interest it might have generated), I have to admit, having seen this I am worried...

    OK actually I lie. I got worried about Monria a long time ago... that concern was cemented when it was sold and has been re-enforced by what I have read just now. The problem is with all this stuff is that we don't really know what it going on. Why Monria was created, how much of it was done by MA, how much was paid for additionally, what external CE2 artists were used, so on and so forth. So we have a new owner, great! But as Mr McC rightly pointed out, it was sold by one of the most dedicated and experienced players there is after a huge amount of initial development effort. Why? If you can't smell a hole in the hull then I hope you like swimming.

    Similar to McCormick I really would love to see Monria develop or at least become more "finished" even if the area is never dynamic in the future. A simple set of well written, well produced missions/story chains and rewards that are not based on tiny odds (and broken by bugs) enough to reasonably fill the (area) space available, full ulitisation of the 3D assets already there (no plonked and ignored stuff) and environment bugs (holes and what not + mob issues) fixed. Once done, call it a finished product. It is based on a folklaw or myth anyhow so this will not age. Basically Monria SHOULD be a "Hunt the Thing" but for mystical stuff.

    But... it didn't happen. For whatever unknown reason exists Akoz and co failed to finish the job. I fail to see how a smaller team (individual?) will have any more luck persuading MA, who are showing all the signs of being starved of development staff for their own projects, let alone anyone elses to allocate staff to working on fixing up monria and making it what it should have been.

    Yup this is sad but I think it is a likely reality. In an ideal universe MA would have folks on hand to help out and make sure their customers are happy. Nothing would be better than a success story with solid public scrutenisable evidence about how someone invested in Entropia managed to run a successful business. But it can't happen, there just isn't the resources.

    I respect MA, really I do. They keep going and they don't give up. They outlast so many other MMO's. That said I will continue to not let up on them when they do a piss poor job and will continue the (mostly) gentle ribbing (and occasional pissed off outrage - normally once a year) as long as I can stay interested. That will be 12 years next month, I'm almost a Teenager!

    As always, MA is a mystical unknown box. We can speculate funds are tight, we can speculate staff resources are tighter, we can speculate that there are some fat cats scooping up most of the benjamins who would be better off, if they still believe in something, scaling their pay down and investing in their own company to do it right. I know people who run their own companies who do this because they care more about growing their company than short term rewards. The thing is, it is only this, sheer speculation and guess work. It is fun for a while but in the end it is fruitless until someone on the inside blows the whistle on what is really going on*.

    Anyway, to roll back to the new guys who have Monria. Of course, fingers crossed for them but really I think the most likely outcome is that they will soon be selling again and likely keeping quiet about the problems as much as they can hope to get away with. I'd welcome any posts here from the new owner though to shed light on the side of the story that they can tell us about. Everyone who ever has anything to do with MA though seem to fall eerily silent so somehow I doubt the owner will ever be able to tell us about what they are doing 7 days a week to improve monria.

    The first rule of fight club is that you don't talk about fight club, that being said, I also know the truth is out there...

  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I should add that I really liked Monria when I first went there, and was actually sad to read McCormick's recent report and watch his video that indicated there were problems now. That said, I became frustrated by the amount of untapped potential and didn't like that the development of the story was linked to killing hundreds of mobs that are too high level for me anyway (if it wasn't bugged that is, which it seemed likely it was). Proportion is needed. Players that want to kill 1000 mobs will do so for some big ticket item or tangible reward as in the iron challenges. Players who want story will do a little work on killing mobs inline with their skill levels but no one wants to waste hours and dollars just to read the next effing paragraph. They will quickly give up and go read a book instead. All the Entropia developers need to wise up on this one. The best mission I ever did was an entirely story based one I found on Calypso. I just had to talk to this guy and he told me a story. it was great. I could have handled running the odd errand or killing a few mobs for him to tell me the next part sure, but I'm never going to want to spend hours eating sprouts to ge to the dessert. This is the connected world we live in now. MA and co need to realise that different people want different things, trying to force someone to do something they don't want to do for an excessive amount of time is NEVER going to work.

  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    MA never struck me as a company that would properly invest, but always as one that went exactly for the instant gains. The CLD plan was exactly that; long-term revenue was sacrificed for a quick cash injection. My guess is that prior to trying to sell the same thing to SEE, they looked for investors, but somehow failed (Let's be honest, their annual financial reports aren't exactly an incentive to start pumping money into the company, and the value of their shares seems to have decreased dramatically over the last few years).

    And if MA is investing in growing the company, they're failing to do that, too. The company is actually shrinking. They claim growth in players, but where are the new people? Are these new people players who come in, and of whom 90% will have dropped off within 6 months? Where's the additional revenue these new players are supposed to generate?

    Back to Monria, is the new owner of Monria aware of runes-gate at all?
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  10. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    Are you Banned or not able to post on that Forum now? I thought that thread just got locked.. :dunno:
  11. That thread got locked. I did not get banned. Never wrote that.

    My "Good to know there are more people around that would just lock me up for my words." was directed towards you. :)
  12. The problem with all those community-building efforts is - to maintain group cohesion above natural levels, they need an external enemy, and if they don't have an enemy, they invent one.
  13. The real problem is MA itself. Not a forum or its moderators. They are just tools, to control the playerbase, that dared to start a post there.
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  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    There are plenty of new players. My friend was at Thule... I watched tons of them coming past. Plenty of people about in the newbie areas and in the chat. I do think there is quite a stream of new folks.
  15. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    I got that.. Just trying to understand how "Locking a thread" is locking you up.. Can't you just start a new thread?
    Not trying to attack you really, just saying your approach on this was like a bull in a china shop. If you were looking to collaborate with them you may have had a more gentle approach.

    Again, Just sayin..
  16. You mean like "May I start a post about my opinion about Monria and MindArk here ?"

    I already discussed this matter with anhithe in private.
    I do fully understand that he doesnt need any kind of negativity while just starting his MindArk adventure.

    But the negativity is real and not just a grumpy McCormick.
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  17. The steady new tester arrivals and/or 2nd accounts, that usually die very fast.

    The real growth stopped somewhere around 2008 and 2009 and afterwards CryEninge alone might have lured in some more (active) players between 2009 to 2010.
    It is no secret that we neither have 1 mio. real registered accounts, nor more then 5.000 active ones and only some dozen hardcore addicts with phat wallets.
  18. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    How about "Here are my past impressions and opinions on Monria and Mindark. My hope is that by arming you with this knowledge you may not fall into the same holes/traps."
    Once that was stated, you could have gone on forever with a huge rant and it would not have upset them in the least as it would not be aimed at them. Would have even been more powerful in that you could always hold it over them that you warned them.

    The approach is sometimes everything in these things. You can go from being the Grumpy one to the Wise one we know you to be. :sneaky:
  19. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I don't believe either of these options to be true. By observation I could see they were not 2nd accounts or testers. They were making mistakes and asking questions

  20. That would be the "new testers, that (usually) die fast" :rolleyes:

    Of course there might be many among these that decide to stay.

    Like, the Sweat Camps these days or Orthos Oilrig (now shut down). Some names stay longer, others get replaced very soon.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
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