I Love Stars

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  1. I Love Stars

    Last night with my astronomic club we did an event at a town close to where I live, which was a Great success.
    Many people came, and I really love to share my knowledges to kids and "older kids" :)

    Here is a pic done done by a member of my club,
    of the galaxy M51 "the whirlpool" galaxy, which is at 27 millions light years from us...
    Just the next door :)


    I'll post more pics later if you want.

    Enjoy, Ak.
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  2. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    nice pic. I'm surprised you managed to get such a clear pic from land. When I look up here in England all i see is usually clouds lol.

    Can't wait to see more pics.
  3. When you want to watch stars, try to watch when there is no cloud, it helps :).
    And if you want to be dry, don't go out when it rains... like in england lol:)
  4. M101 Pinwheel Galaxy
    21.7 Millions Light Years

    M101 Galaxy.jpg
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  5. Nice photo of that galaxy. Reminds me of my time with WOLAS (West Of London Astronomical Society) some years ago. What telescope did this member use?
  6. Celestron C11.
  7. Going by SE results, that's a fairly impressive scope!
  8. New Astro Pictures

    Here Alex, one of my star addicted friend, and his C11 télescope


    The Crab Nebula M1 ~6500 Light Years
    Taken in the past 10 days, in the cold and with a quite full moon.
    We might do other tries later in warmer situation and no moon...


    And a view of the M42 Nebula ~1350 Light Years
    and M43 Nebula in Orion ~1600 Light Years
    But yeah, we will redo those pics in warmer times...


    M82 Galaxy (The Cigar Galaxy) ~12 millions Light Years distance from Earth
    In the area of the Big Bear Constelation


    NGC 891 Galaxy / Caldwell 23 (C23), estimated distance 35 millions Light Years
    NASA Link C23

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  9. The Abell Cluster

    And there are still people thinking there is ONLY life on Earth ????

    This picture, like many similar ones are small fragments of views from the earth
    of the thousands of billions galaxies of the KNOWN UNIVERSE

    Our Galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy is estimated 100 000 Light years wide, and approx 400 billion stars
    So imagine each star with a system of ~10 planets like us...

    Abell Cluster.jpg
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  10. M51 Whirlpool Galaxy NGC 5194
    Around 27 millions Light Years
    7h of pause, 40 pictures of 300s stacked


  11. NotAdmin

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    These pictures are fantastic. I'll never get tired of seeing how marvelous the universe in general is. Hubble, Cassini, Voyager, JWT are all incredible achievements by mankind, and the images we received and keep receiving from them are truly wonderful.

    My grandparents were alive 100 years ago, when flight was still extremely immature. If we had told them that in their lifetime, we'd put people on the moon, various devices on other planets, and launch spacecraft that would fly to the edge of our solar system, they'd have possibly burnt you on the stake.

    Just look at the difference in even fairly recent images. Reddit the other day showed comparisons of the "Face on Mars", with one taken in the late 1970s, and another one in the early 200s, and the amount of visible detail was immense.

    Please post more :)
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  12. Pictures made with an Evscope2 that my astronomic club purchased end of last year
    Instal and uninstal it is very quick, compared to other systems that need attention and time
    The result is pretty satisfying, that's a cool toy for events

    2023-02-17_M51 Whirlpool Galaxy_23min.jpg

    2023-02-17_M101 Pinwheel Galaxy_51min.jpg
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